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Memories of Glass This time slip novel draws from Holland s darkest period of history to create a stunning true story novel that captured my attention from start to finish It s 1942, and Josie Van Reese and her best friend Eliese Linden partner to rescue hundreds of Jewish children who were set for deportation to Nazi death camps In current time, Ava Drake begins to suspect that her great grandfather, William Kingston, was not the wonderful philanthropist he seemed to be but instead had hidden secrets that would blow their family apart Heartbreaking, yet uplifting, both Josie and Eliese played a critical role in saving hundreds of Jewish children from extermination Multi layered with its time slip threads each revealing roles that the main and secondary characters played during this atrocious time period Choices were made that would affect not only their own lives but the lives of those who surrounded them It also highlighted the fact that these choices have consequences that can affect further generations Friendship and faith were what allowed the Dutch people to help one another throughout this devastating period Written with a pace that gained momentum with each page carrying me through til the very end This is a book that will long stay in any reader s mind I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publisher through NetGalley Opinions are mine alone I was not compensated for this review. I m totally impressed by this beautiful story that captivated me from page one and stole my sleep, because I couldn t stop reading Wow, just wow A compelling, complex story based on real people and events of WW2 Amid the onslaught of Nazi occupation, the brave Dutch people shine as stars as they use their resources to quietly fight the Jewish Holocaust Digging into the past reveals a mystery that might just unravel than one prominent family s reputation The truth will set us free This book had me holding my breath sometimes, and brought me to tears than once It was very well done, bringing all the characters stories together and creating a moving drama with some suspense, and a complicated mystery The dual timeline worked well in bringing Ava s family history to light, and in telling the story of Dutch heroes who bravely worked in the resistance, saving children especially They used their gifts for good instead of evil It was quite inspirational The legacy of love and faith, self sacrifice and courage was a direct contrast to the evil and greed in both past and present It all came together perfectly in the end, leaving a hopeful message The darker the evil, I think, the brilliant are the flickers of light If readers like stories that are well researched historicals with complex characters, they should enjoy this book Highly recommend 5 stars An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley All opinions expressed are my own. Originally posted on Inkwell Inspirations The past often has a way of creeping into our present With a powerful and compelling style, award winning author Melanie Dobson creates an extraordinary time slip novel that demonstrates the strength and determination of the human spirit In Memories of Glass, Melanie Dobson shares the courageous story of the heroic men and women who risked their lives during World War II to rescue countless Jewish children from the Nazis During this time of extreme evil in the world, countless lives were lost as the Nazis began to carry out Hitler s Final Solution, while many brave Dutch citizens joined together in the resistance Memories of Glass weaves the historical and contemporary storylines together as Ava Drake s present day work as director of the Kingston Family Foundation leads her to a coffee plantation in Uganda and, ultimately, the dangerous search for answers about her family s history during World War II in Holland The stunning conclusion to this novel leaves the readers filled with compassion and hope for the future Memories of Glass is a story of forgiveness, resilience, and the silent heroes who fought against the Nazis The author shares the message of God s forgiveness and grace and the reminder of God s love no matter the wickedness of man Melanie Dobson is a favorite author of many World War II historical fiction readers because of the incredible way she ties her contemporary and historical storylines together, her strong and courageous heroes and heroines, and her ability to weave the characters faith seamlessly into her novels Memories of Glass is highly recommended for fans of World War II fiction, and readers who enjoy time slip novels by authors such as Heidi Chiavaroli, Rachel Hauck, and Sarah Monzon.I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers and was not required to write a review All opinions expressed are mine.Additional Quotes Books, she once said, are the best legacy They outlast one s life and shed light on the past when truth is hard to find God is going to use you to bring people together instead of tear them apart He desires redemption, not pain, for His children. A few years ago, I read Chateau of Secrets, by Melanie Dobson, the story captivated me from the beginning and I became a fan of Melanie Dobson fiction My father was born in the Netherlands just after the end of the second World War, so I was immediately intrigued to read of the culture and perilous climate that my grandparents and uncles would have lived through during the occupation of Holland as well as the work of the Dutch resistance Memories of Glass is a split time novel and Melanie Dobson does a wonderful job of weaving the lives of her characters together I found myself trying to figure out how all the characters were connected as I eagerly turned pages The plotline is complex and it was a little difficult to keep track of the characters at the beginning A list of characters and a short description of them at the beginning of the book would have been helpful to keep them straight Themes of faith and courage leap from the pages of this story as the characters of 1942 fight to save children from the growing, evil Nazi regime I also enjoyed the mystery of the glass bottles mentioned in the preface and how the glass tied everything up in the end If you enjoy reading fiction set during WWII or if you read Chateau of Secrets and enjoyed it, then you will enjoy reading Memories of Glass.Memories of Glass, by Melanie Dobson will be available for purchase from your local or online book retailer September 3, 2019Thank you Tyndale House and Net Galley for the free advanced reader copy of Memories of Glass The opinions expressed here are my own. I enjoy books about WWII, and I enjoy Melanie Dobson s books, so I m not surprised that I loved this book It s a story that will stick with me for some time, and it should, as this is about a part of history that shouldn t be forgotten.Dobson has crafted a powerful time slip novel with well developed characters who show strength and determination when faced with unbelievable circumstances This book is a testament to the numerous men and women who risked their lives during WWII to help save others in the case of Memories of Glass, children While many people have heard horrific details about the Holocaust, this side of the Holocaust is not as widely known The story weaves together Ava Drake s present day story, as director of the Kingston Family Foundation, with the historical angle, where she uncovers secrets about her family s history in Holland during WWII The conclusion is one that will likely leave the reader feeling a bit hopeful.Themes of forgiveness and resilience are key, as well as the message that God s grace is always present Faith is woven throughout It s obvious that Dobson did an extensive amount of research for this book I also enjoyed the Author s Note, which gave some insight on how the story came to be written.Some of my favorite quotesGod is going to use you to bring people together instead of tear them apart We ll never be satisfied in here by relying on someone other than God to heal us Hatred stops at nothing to destroy, but love can break through the root of evilDisclaimer I received a complimentary copy, but I wasn t required to leave a positive review. I did ultimately find this book extremely interesting, and though I certainly learned much about Dutch resistance and the Nazi occupation, I found the book difficult to read The characters were interwoven through the generations, the setting moved from Holland to South Carolina to Africa to Portland Oregon and back to New York, and the setting and year did not appear at the beginning of every chapter When I was at about the halfway point in the book, I had to start over, making copious notes of family trees and connectedness What, after all, does a coffee plantation in Uganda have to do with the Jews who were shipped East during WWII One hundred twelve thousand Dutch Jews were deported during the Holocaust Five thousand survived, but nothing was ever the same for those men and women who came home This book is a testament to the fact that, before you start digging into your family s past, you d better be prepared to confront all the information.Published by Tyndale Press, pub date September 3, 2019 Reminiscent Of Diane Ackerman S The Zookeeper S Wife, This Stunning Novel Draws From True Accounts To Shine A Light On A Period Of Holland S Darkest History And Bravest Heroes As War Rips Through The Heart Of Holland, Childhood Friends Josie Van Rees And Eliese Linden Partner With A Few Daring Citizens To Rescue Eliese S Son And Hundreds Of Other Jewish Children Who Await Deportation In A Converted Theater In Amsterdam But Amid Their Resistance Work, Josie And Eliese S Dangerous Secrets Could Derail Their Friendship And Their Entire Mission When The Enemy Finds These Women, Only One Will EscapeSeventy Five Years Later, Ava Drake Begins To Suspect That Her Great Grandfather William Kingston Was Not The World War II Hero He Claimed To Be Her Work As Director Of The Prestigious Kingston Family Foundation Leads Her To Landon West S Ugandan Coffee Plantation, And Ava And Landon Soon Discover A Connection Between Their Families As Landon S Great Grandmother Shares The Broken Pieces Of Her Story, Ava Must Confront The Greatest Loss In Her Own Life And Powerful Members Of The Kingston Family Who Will Do Anything To Keep The Truth BuriedIlluminating The Story And Strength Of These Women, Award Winning Author Melanie Dobson Transports Readers Through Time And Place, From World War II Holland To Contemporary Uganda, In This Rich And Inspiring Novel Hatred stops at nothing to destroy, but love can break through the root of evil Melanie Dobson is a master at this type of story dual time line, one period set in a very dark period of history during the Nazi invasion of Holland, and another in the present day when a young woman stumbles upon her family history and has a great deal to learn about those dark days This one reminds me some of The Zookeeper s Wife, with characters determined to do their part in the middle of all the atrocities and hatred spreading through their beloved country Dobson knows her way around this Her research is impeccable and it s a story that needed to be told, based on fact My thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for a preview copy of this book via Net Galley The opinions stated here are entirely my own. Dobson Catching the Wind enthralls with her latest, a historically accurate novel laced with the narrative of Dutch resistance to the Nazi occupation.Twenty seven year old Ava Drake is the director of her family s Kingston Foundation After a recent trip to the opening of the foundation s library in Amsterdam, Ava starts to suspect that there may be some Kingston family secrets from World War II.After leaving Amsterdam, Ava travels to Uganda In Uganda, she meets Landon West, whose sister has applied to the Kingston Foundation for grant funding for Landon s coffee company based in Portland, Oregon Ava and Landon share a special connection as together they care for Faith, a Ugandan child who has become ill with malaria.When Ava returns to the US, she questions her grandmother Marcella about William s past, but her grandmother refuses to answer her questions.In an alternate story line, Josie van Rees is working for the resistance in 1942 Holland She assists her brother Samuel in whatever tasks are necessary to help combat the Nazi roundup of Jewish people Josie also works in a children s creche At the creche, she cares for Jewish children separated from their families by the German soldiers.Josie s friend, Eliese Linden, is Jewish but has been able to avoid being transported by the Germans thus far She assists the German soldiers by registering the Jewish families they have rounded up She begins fearing for the welfare of her young son Hein and considers sending him away to safety Eliese also tries to hide as many children she can without risking detection from the occupying soldiers.Dobson s plotline builds and moves swiftly forwards as she cleverly intertwines the present and the past in this fascinating book filled with faith, sacrifice, love, and suspense Fans of historical fiction will likely devour this novel in one sitting as they search for other books by this engaging author.https 20 You can also connect with Melanie at

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