Momma Said, Hit em Back!

Momma Said, Hit em Back! Momma Said, Hit Em Back Is A Poignant Story Of What Happens To People When Poor Decisions Are Made Based On Anger, Misjudgment, Unforgiveness, Lies, Envy, Ill Reputations, And The Consequences Of What Happens When Their Lives Spiral Out Of Control If You Read With An Open Heart, You May Find A New Awaking In Your Spirit

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Momma Said, Hit em Back! book, this is one of the most wanted Cynthia Amis Dickerson author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 116 pages
  • Momma Said, Hit em Back!
  • Cynthia Amis Dickerson
  • 28 August 2018
  • 9780988988705

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    This is a fiction book, set in Memphis Tennessee, in the 1990 s The story is about 26 year old Louvious Johnson, who is wrongly imprisoned for murder He comes from a black American family, who live in a poverty stricken neighbourhood known as the hood , amidst the struggles of gang land crimes, drugs and alcohol This is a story of incredible courage, about how a young man, from a tragic background is able to completely transform his life for the better.I was blown away by the storytelling The voice is strong, has attitude, is right on, and humorous without trying to be I could almost hear Cynthia reading her own story out loud, as I was reading it The scenes of violence, the descriptions of life in prison and the hardship people suffer, were incredibly vivid I thought Cynthia wrote with a masterful confidence She also writes fabulous dialogue.There is so much emotion on this book I have just picked out one quotation that was of interest to me I hadn t realised the anger that I guess many prisoners feel Rage is what I feel most of the time I m mad at Momma because she was irresponsible and didn t take care of us I m angry at my Pops because he was a deadbeat I m angry at them fools that killed my brother, Tae, because they was supposed to be his partners I m angry at Quita because she influenced me to do the wrong thing The characters are very strong in this book Momma features prominently in the story and here is a description of her that is a great example of Cynthias powers of description Momma came to the school that morning just before lunch time Tat turned out to be one of the most embarrassing days in my life Momma showed up with some pink, wrinkled up pajamas and some dirty, runned over bunny rabbit house shoes Her latest wig, one of many wigs that Momma wore, was twisted to the side She had a 40 ounce of Suds Momma only drank Blue Label in her hand She was there to see Ms Saunders because I called her a bitch Instead of Momma telling me not to call my teacher names, she walked over to me in front of the whole class and said, Stop cussing that bitch out before I knock the shit out of you To make matters worse, Momma set the beer down on Ms Saunders desk, took of her filthy house shoe and hit me dead in the mouth Ten she said, Yo black ass is gon get some when you get home The protagonist is Lou, who as the reader I developed strong feels for, very early on His plight is clear, and he is a good man Strong, consistent, thoughtful and sincere, he dreams of a better life for himself and his girl I am stripped down to my underwear I m cold, I m sore and don t feel nothin I m not angry, I ain t scared, and I m not depressed I feel absolutely nothing The silence is different though I don t believe I ve ever experienced this type of solitude I try to recollect when I have ever been alone with no noise I realize for the first time that I really don t like to be by myself Why have I never been alone with me Am I that bad Do I like me I hate myself I never ever knew that about me I need to get out of here I bang on the door screaming for someone to let me out As the story unravelled, this book very quickly drew me in Although it is inherently a sad tale, there is a lot of good here too, and some of the writing is actually humorous I really wanted to know what happened and felt sad when I turned the last page I felt sad for people who have to suffer the miscarriages of justice I loved the twist in the story and Lou s personal achievement in turning his life aroundWould you recommend this book Yes This book is a different sort of book It is a crime story, a psychological story and a story of hopes and dreams I thought it was extremely well written.

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    Title Momma Said, Hit Em Back Authors Cynthia Amis Dickerson In Collaboration with Marian Matthews NancePublisher C.A D M.M.N.Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Review Momma Said, Hit Em Back By Cynthia Amis Dickerson Marian Matthews NanceA quote from this read by the author Momma Said, Hit Em Back inserted paragraph from Chapter 20 Don t wait If you know that you are tired of sinning and living a worldly life, give your life to Jesus Christ Repeat these words I know that I am a sinner and I need a Savior I believe by faith that, Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins God please come into my life and show me how to live for you What I liked from this novel.I received this novel from the Author Cynthia A Dickerson at a Book Festival in Memphis where she opened up the book and started reading to me I found this novel a short but very fascinating in that it definitely left me wanting to read this novel to see what all it had to offer I am so glad I did because I did find this read indeed a excellent read of redeeming hope for this young man named Louvious Johnson Being accused of a crime and spending fifteen years in prisonhe walks out a free man What I loved about this read was how the author was able to bring out how Louvious to was delivered and saved while incarcerated I found this novel a very good one is that you are able to feel the release as this character walks through it all and in the end becoming a.well I don t want to tell to much other than to pick up this is a excellent read of Momma Said, Hit Em Back This was beautifully brought out of what can happen if you listen and be lead by God will You will feel the pain and struggle of this young man and in the endwhat a new life that has been given to him The reader will be left wondering about the mother Louvenia of this young man Wow, she was quite a character I am sure we will find out about her in the next novel by these authors Momma s Journey to Hell and Back My Overall impression of the read.Besides this being a excellent read the authors also give the readers food for thought as they present us at the end of the read with a workbook that transforms the individual reader through introspection and group verbal stimulation that will bring about the insight to resolve internal and external problems Would I recommend Momma Said, Hit Em Back YES

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    This is a very different kind of novel I thought it was of a biography until the very end It is a very masterful tale of a family who live in the hood The whole family loves to fight and won t take anything off of anyone Not surprising that one of the boys is killed in a drive by shooting and another winds up in prison This story is well developed I love the discussion questions in the back of the book 10 questions for each chapter I won a copy of this novel on Goodreads

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    I rate my book five starts, good for discussion group for at risk young people The book covers problems that face the young each and every day Read with an open heart and mind and be ready to change attitudes and behaviors Great tool in a therapeutic setting or spiritual youth group The novel is relevant with short chapters and discussions questions after each chapter Excellent on the edge of your seat book

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    76 pages of someone rambling in a book with scripture rolled in Was not impressed This one does not belong in a major bookstore but a church as a handout Pass this one fast. You aren t missing anything.

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