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Monsters & Demons Seven Warped Fairy Tales Of Ordinary People In Extraordinary Circumstances With Terrifying OutcomesArrazielNeglected, Threatened, And Bullied By Her Family, Fourteen Year Old Jessie Obtains A Book With The Power To Command The Demon, Arraziel, And Takes Her Revengebut At What Cost Click ClackStrange Noises On The Roof Of A Rustic, Romantic Getaway Are Keeping Talia Awake When She Pesters Her Boyfriend To Go Shoo It Away, They Both Find Out It Is Not A Friendly Forest CreatureLegionRoy Harper Thinks He Is Hearing Voices And Seeing Things That Are Not There When A Cruel Co Worker Pushes Him Too Far, He Finds Out He Is Seeing Things As They Really Are For The First Time, And Accepts His True Calling To Lead A Demon CovenLive ArTMr Sandstein Commissions Aspiring Artist Elsy For A Mural When He Tries To Cheat Her, Her Art Does Not Let Him Get Away With ItThe FortunetellerWhen A Terrible Tragedy Takes The Life Of John S Fiance, A Fortuneteller Shows Him How He Can Be With Her Again When He Completes The Dark Deeds She Demands, He Finds Out She S No Fortuneteller, But A Demon Feasting On SoulsHarveyAlec And Christine Are Become Impatient With Their Son Mason, Who Keeps Waking Them Up, Complaining He S Scared Of A Clown In His Closet When They Awake One Morning And Find Him Missing, They Realize Their Son S Fears Were Real, And Have To Find A Way To Get Him Back From The Evil Clown That Has Captured HimThe NestEvery July Th, Three Best Friends Use An Abandoned Building To Finish Off Their Unused Fireworks By Blowing Up Snakes That Occupy The Building This Year They Find Something Unexpected Underneath The Old Building The Snakes Mother

and get Rising The Second Death Prequel and two short stories for FREE.Brian lives in the suburbs of New York City with his wife, who is far too good for him, and his two vivacious boys who challenge his light saber skills on a regular basis The Monsters Demons Horror Anthology he wrote in 2015 spawned the Second Death Series based on the story, Arraziel , from the collection Arraziel was rewritten into a prequel novella called, Rising The Second Death Prequel There are three books planned in the series Book One, Watchers of the Fallen, and Book Two, Queen of the Fallen, were released in 2016 Book Three is planned for early 2017.Brian also enjoys American football, BBQ, 80 s Rock, craft beer, and the occasional small batch bourbon not in that order specifically, though he wouldn t complain about that sequence either.

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    I absolutely love when I come across a new horror author that is as good as Brian Rella His book of stories Monsters Demons was a great read that had many twists and turns, and endings that I didn t see coming The story Arraziel was so good that it had me wishing and hoping that it will be expanded into a larger work, or that there will be sequel stories.Just when you think you know what will happen, Brian takes you down unexpected roads His writing is crisp, concise and just right for the horror genre So many times I feel like I get lost when authors are describing horrific events and actions, trying to imagine what the monsters look like, or trying to wrap my mind around the actions taking place Not so with Brian s stories I could easily visualize every horror and action taking place.He has been likened to Stephen King and I wouldn t disagree with that assessment however, I also think his stories have a Lovecraftian feel to them as well If you re looking for some great entertainment in the horror genre, you won t go wrong with Brian Rella I m very excited to see what this new author has in store for us next I received an advanced review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    This collection of several creepy horror stories that in my opinion are as many twisted trips into spooky stuff, make for a good evening s entertainment if you are a fan of the genre Each of the stories, real page turners, have bizarre twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end And then you are still surprised Most anthologies have a few strong stories, and some that are not as engrossing Monsters and Demons is a surprisingly even collection of horrorish tales from an author I had not read before, Brian Rella.I strongly recommend this book for suspense seekers If you re not squeamish and can appreciate a good scare, then I m sure you ll find a bunch of stories in here that you ll enjoy.While, as a rule, I m not a fan of short stories this was a great little collection I think my favorite stories would have to be Click Clack and Arraziel and I think both of them would be great as standing novels But even the rest of the stories are fun These quick, dark reads provided me with plenty of entertainment Well written, well edited and well told I m looking forward to trying something longer by Mr Rella.Pick up Monsters and Demons collection My copy came from Story Cartel in exchange for my honest review and nothing .

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    I enjoyed reading this book, the stories in the this collection had a good plot and I feel some of them like Arraziel and Legion could be turned into Novellas with the way the ending are open ended just like any collection of short stories some will be stronger reads than others, this holds true with this collection as well I enjoyed reading the whole collection, and would definitely read again There are some stories that I like than others Not that the others are bad in anyway I just connected with certain ones upon completion of this collection of short stories it left me wanting from this author With this being his debut book I am excited to see how his writing evolves.

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    i got the ebook in exchange for an honest review while the stories in this book are very good and enjoyable i felt they were the start of bigger stories which made them difficult to read as i felt bits were missing

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    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Of the seven stories included in this book, I have to say I only enjoyed 3 4 of them.Don t get me wrong, the ideas were very creative and the plot was great My main problem with the stories was that they were of telling rather than showing Especially for the horror genre, I think it s important for the reader to really be immersed in the story However, I saw the character s fear rather than felt it I loved the ideas behind the stories but I just felt they were a little lacking for me.The one story that did give me chills was Harvey Definitely could have been executed better, but of all the stories it was definitely the best written.The other stories I liked were Legion and The Fortuneteller Arraziel had so much potential too.I still look forward to reading from this author, with hopes that his writing will only get better.

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    I received an advanced review copy in exchange for an honest review Personally I really enjoyed the book and found it hard to put the book down It was packed with adventure which is something I really look for in a story and Chapter 1 in particular was perfect in laying out who the characters are I really enjoyed this book and reading it.

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    I read two of the stories, didn t care much for them Started the third one and couldn t finish it, don t like these books

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    Fantastic novel of short stories Brian Rella, captivates his readers right away and makes this a hard book to put down Harvey and The Nest, were by far the best shorts I ve read in years.

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