Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's FarmRead to the kids over weekend breakfasts I enjoyed it and they did too but I felt like it lacked the specific charm of the earlier books It was nice to be on a farm but it seems strange that she s all by herself with children only coming over occasionally for their cures The stories in this book were fewer and longer and almost seemed accidental for the most part where Mrs Piggle Wiggle would have a child over to the farm and they would self correct their problem It just wasn t quite the same. I really enjoyed this than Mrs Piggle Wiggle s magic The cures were creative and I loved the farm life in it We get to know Mrs Piggle Wiggle in this book which I also love I m excited for Hello, Mrs Piggle Wiggle I would recommend to people who are looking for books to read aloud. Ms Piggle Wiggle S Left Her Upside Down Town House And Has Moved To A Farm In The Country With The Help Of Her Cows And Pigs And Horses, She S Still Curing Girls And Boys Of Their Bad Habits So Whatever The Problem From Pet Forgetter Itis To Fraidycat Ness The Parents All Exclaim, Better Call Mrs Piggle Wiggle I have heard of Mrs Piggle Wiggle , but we d never read any of the books in this series before When I saw this audio CD, I thought it might be a good one to listen to, even though I was pretty sure it was not the first book in the series As I started to post my review here, I see that it s the third book in the series, but we had no difficulties understanding the context of the story and we enjoyed listening to the different stories about the hard to manage children Mrs Piggle Wiggle approaches each child with just the right attitude and puts them to work in such a way that they are able to overcome fears or break out of bad habits The confidence they gain on her farm goes a long way toward making them responsible and mature Overall, it s a fun collection of short stories chapters and we enjoyed listening to Karen White narrate the book during our long drive I suppose, though, that I should read the first book in the series so I can fully appreciate Mrs Piggle Wiggle s eccentricity. This was for a challenge to read a book from my childhood A cleverly disguised series meant to educate adults on the finer points of parenting. I sat down and read all four Mrs Piggle Wiggle books in one fell 2 day or so swoop Take aways 1 All the children in Mrs Piggle Wiggle grew up to be hippies, went to Vietnam, danced disco, got rich in the 1980s, went through tech bubbles and real estate booms, and now are retiring en mass 2 Hilary Knight and Maurice Sendak are equally good illustrators, and their envisioning of Mrs Piggle Wiggle herself are totally different, but both versions smell like gingerbread and are very huggable 3 There were no children of color in any of the Piggle Wiggle books, which bothered me now, and did not bother me when I was 8 4 Betty MacDonald must have a shit ton of fun coming up with all of these names some are pure baby boomer Molly, Susan, Linda, Dick and some are just delightful Fetlock, Percy Penzil, Morton Heatherwick. I didn t enjoy this one as much as the original Mrs Piggle Wiggle, although my six year old seemed to like it well enough What started off as a clever gimmick in the first book kind of gets old in the subsequent books It doesn t help that MacDonald also lengthened the chapters in her subsequent books without really adding any substance you can tell she was just trying to stretch sparse ideas into enough material to make a book In this one, Mrs Piggle Wiggle, the woman who knows everything about children and can cure all their bad habits ie forgetting to feed pets, taking stuff apart but not fixing it, etc , moves from town to a farm, and the children she cures go to stay with her on her farm Her cures all revolve around taking care of farm animals and the like. These are not a joy for parents to read.I cringe the entire time because each child s issue to correct seems taken directly from my parenting life or from that of one of my friends It s the same reason I hate watching those nanny shows on TV I get no pleasure from watching other people mess up their children and why would I want to watch someone else s children behaving badly Anyway, my children think the Mrs Piggle Wiggle books are delightful They also like that she never gets mad, never yells, never thinks badly of the children who do wrong and is always happy to rear up a child in they way he should have gone if his parents hadn t gotten in the way first. Oh what a broad range of reaction is to be found in a three star review A casual observer might think that I liked the first three Mrs Piggle Wiggle books equally How wrong that observer would be The first one was squarely in the middle of the spectrum Truly, I liked it , no no less The second one was a high three I quite enjoyed reading it aloud, but as it isn t something I would ever pick up and reread to myself for pleasure, it couldn t quite make the leap across the 4 star divide This one, sadly, is a low three Only the fact that my son was still as enthusiastic as ever about the series during the course of the book has saved it from the ignominy of a two.As a few other reviewers have noted, this book, while as long as the others, only has five chapters whereas the others have eight, suggesting that Betty MacDonald was running out of ideas and stretching those that she had thin, and adding lots of padding In the first chapter, about Mrs Harroway and her story telling son, the book opens with ten pages of Mrs Harroway gardening, being excited and nervous about an invitation to join an exclusive ladies club, and then going to her first luncheon with the club all got out in her pink gloves, only to have the lunch turn into a social disaster My son got restless So did I.Also, in this book, Mrs Piggle Wiggle has moved out into the country and is living on a farm This means that in every case, the cure consists simply of sending each child to live with her, for as long as a month Although there is a certain charm to Mrs Piggle Wiggle s barn yard menagerie, this made the book even repetitive than its predecessors The wholesome chores and matter of fact country living work wonders on neurotic children, la Understood Betsy I hope that in the next book she is back in her upside down house. Betty MacDonald That s all I have to say.

MacDonald was born Anne Elizabeth Campbell Bard in Boulder, Colorado Her official birth date is given as March 26, 1908, although federal census returns seem to indicate 1907 Her family moved to the north slope of Seattle s Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1918, moving to the Laurelhurst neighborhood a year later and finally settling in the Roosevelt neighborhood in 1922, where she graduated from

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