Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic Mrs Piggle Wiggle Has A Trick Up Her SleeveMrs Piggle Wiggle Loves Everyone, And Everyone Loves Her Right Back The Children Love Her Because She Is Lots Of Fun Their Parents Love Her Because She Can Cure Children Of Absolutely Any Bad Habit The Treatment Are Unusual, But They Work Who Better Than A Pig, For Instance, To Teach A Piggy Little Boy Table Manners And What Better Way To Cure The Rainy Day Waddle I Do S Than Hunt For A Pirate Treasure In Mrs Piggle Wiggle S Upside Down House

MacDonald was born Anne Elizabeth Campbell Bard in Boulder, Colorado Her official birth date is given as March 26, 1908, although federal census returns seem to indicate 1907.Her family moved to the north slope of Seattle s Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1918, moving to the Laurelhurst neighborhood a year later and finally settling in the Roosevelt neighborhood in 1922, where she graduated from Roo

[Epub] ➝ Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic Author Betty MacDonald –
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic
  • Betty MacDonald
  • English
  • 15 April 2019
  • 9780064401517

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    One of my favorites of the Mrs Piggle Wiggle books, because it introduces the well mannered pig Lester, and ends with a treasure hunt through Mrs Piggle Wiggle s upside down house, as the children try to help her find her husband s pirate treasure I yearned to find a lucky gold piece wrapped in a black silk scarf as a child In fact, I still do

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    I enjoyed Mrs Piggle Wiggle I thought the book was cute, easy to read and the solutions, although out there hello Radish Cure were believable enough.That said, I was disappointed in Mrs Piggle Wiggle s Magic I should have known by the title that this book would be different.Instead of the cures outlined in Mrs Piggle Wiggle, in this book Mrs Piggle Wiggle resorts to magic to cure the naughty children While some of it is amusing tattle tales , after a few chapters even my niece and nephew started to get bored That made me sad because, as I said, I really enjoyed Mrs Piggle Wiggle.Another thing I disliked, and this is personal preference, but the 20 page chapters were really difficult to read in one sitting The first book was perfect I could read out loud for 20 minutes and complete a chapter before bedtime, but I was constantly having to split them up with this one.If you want to introduce your children to Mrs Piggle Wiggle, don t bother with this book get the first It s well worth your time.

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    In short, there s absolutely no magic in this sequel Unlike the original Mrs Piggle Wiggle, in which the cures were inventive and writing quite funny, Mrs Piggle Wiggle s Magic depends on silly magical potions sprinkled through a book that s only occasionally amusing Stick with the first one.

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    This woman can do no wrong.

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    My five year old enjoyed it, but it got kind of old for me, as the stories all follow the exact same formula WASP y family with a common WASP y last name and three children two boys and a girl, or two girls and a boy , submissive homemaker Mom, and grumpy, half absent Dad, have problem with kids acting up, usually starting at the breakfast table while Mom serves them a hearty, traditional breakfast while Dad grumps and sometimes yells from behind his newspaper Distraught Mom calls Mrs Piggle Wiggle after sending kids and Dad off to school and work Mrs Piggle Wiggle has kids stop over on the way home from school and gives them magic powder formula that will miraculously foil their misbehavior why kids don t ever seem to question what they re delivering to Mom and Dad I ll never quite understand Kids arrive home from school and Mom, still wearing her apron from and having barely broken a sweat, serves kids a freshly baked treat Kids exclaim Hot Diggity , Oh Boy , and Swell a few times Mom applies magic powder formula at opportune moment and misbehavior miraculously begins to dissipate Two days later, everything s peachy again, and Dad gets to disengage and read his morning paper in peace.

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    MRS PIGGLE WIGGLE S MAGIC is the second of four books by Betty Macdonald, in which an energetic, eccentric widow cures children of bad habits 1947 1957 At the request of distraught parents, Mrs P W cures Thought You Saiders children who deliberately mishear what is said to them , Tattle Tales, Interrupters, Never Want to Go to Schoolers, and other young malingerers Each fault is comically exaggerated The father of the Heedless Breaker tells his daughter You re only eight years old and I d like to keep you for another twelve or thirteen years at least but at the rate you re breaking things I won t be able to afford it Let s see, last week you broke eleven cups, there are fifty two weeks in a year and 52 X 11 is 572 cups and year and we have at least twelve years to go 74 Mrs P W cures most children with magic potions The pattern of out of control children returned magically to normal became repetitive for me but would not for a child.For me, two chapters stood out The Never Want to go to Schooler negatively and The Bad Table Manners Cure positively The former is the only chapter that would be uncomfortable to 21st century sensibilities Jody repeatedly fakes illness to avoid school After taking Mrs P_W s IGNORANCE TONIC, Jody no longer knows how to use tools, cannot count, and talks with a speech impediment When other children shun him, Judy decides that being a dubby is no fun and returns to school In the 1940 s, Little Moron jokes were popular, but a 21st century reader would find the mockery of mental retardation distasteful.My favorite chapter is The Bad Table Manners Cure Because of his atrocious table manners He picked up his soup bowl and held it just under his chin while he slurped his soup he gestured with a fork full of food so that bits of food shot around the room like stones from a slingshot 40 , Christopher s distraught parents appeal to Mrs P W She loans them her pig, Lester Lester models impeccable table manners and gently corrects Christopher Christopher s mouth was open but full, he had whipped cream on his upper lip and crumbs on his chin Lester reached across the table and gently closed Christopher s mouth Then he wiped the whipped cream off his upper lip and the crumbs off his chin 45 Mrs P W prematurely retrieves Lester, because other parents have a manners crisis However, through Lester s influence is brief, Christopher is fully cured Mrs Thompson tells Mrs Brown that her son s table manners are simply perfect 57 I grew up in the 1940 s My mother, an elementary school teacher, believed passionately that reading to children was essential to their intellectual and moral development Though I was never introduced to Mrs Piggle Wiggle, my mother read aloud stories with the same comically exaggerated didacticism I remember the GOOPS books by Gelett Burgess line drawings of children doing disgusting things with the caption Don t be a Goop There were Goofus and Gallant washing dishes, playing a game, reading a book, Goofus behaved boorishly, while Gallant modeled correct behavior In Munro Leaf s cartoon series, Watchbirds watching obnoxious children functioned as their super egos The Goops, Goofus and Gallant, and the Watchbirds books are no longer in print In contrast, the original Mrs P W books are not only available, but MacDonald s daughter wrote a sequel in 2007 sequel, based on notes in her mother s papers HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS PIGGLE WIGGLE The friend who loaned me MRS PIGGLE WIGGLE S MAGIC told me that her nieces and nephews love Mrs P W and delight in making up bad habits for her to cure Rather like being a scold like the Watchbirds, Mrs P W loves and respects children When their failures are due to inexperience rather than willfulness, she helps them find solutions and save face The Mrs P W books would make a wonderful gift for a child in upper elementary school.

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    Oh, dear Mrs Piggle Wiggle So charming I absolutely love the little details of these, and MacDonald s superb writing This is the charming book in which Mrs Piggle Wiggle runs out of money, and the children search her house for pirate treasure Only in a book like this could a little magical woman live in an upside down house built by her husband, who used to be a pirate

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    Nostalgic, humorous, and a great read aloud My kids 6, 10, 13 all begged for when I had to stop reading I remember having my second grade teacher read these books to us I loved them then, loved them now As a parent, I appreciated the fact that behaviors and habits were brought into the spotlight as less than desirable Obviously, the cures are not realistic though I wish some of them were but kids seem to get the point I also enjoy the fact that these stories capture a time period a simpler time, when children all played together, parents supported each other through parenting, and expectations were traditional Snapshots of that way of life are valuable.

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    I like this book because I like magic and wizards and money and all I like Lester because he teached a boy how to eat properly So, like, every day, and five days, Lester stayed and then leaved the next day, I think.

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    Don t get me wrong it was still amazing and interesting But it wasn t as creative as the first book Instead of smart cures she uses special powders I still love this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes the Mary Poppins theme

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