New Mutants, Volume 4: Unfinished Business

New Mutants, Volume 4: Unfinished BusinessDan Abnett And Andy Lanning Annihilators, Heroes For Hire Are Joined By Leandro Fernandez Hulk,Ronin At The Helm Of New MutantsCyclops Is Sick Of Unfinished Business Coming Back To Haunt The X Men, So He S Tasking The New Mutants To Finish It Their First Mission Find X Man Nate Grey Returned In Dark X Men, But Ended Up In The Hands Of Norman Osborn And HAMMER With The Dark Reign At An End, Where Is X Man Collecting New Mutants

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the New Mutants, Volume 4: Unfinished Business book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Abnett author readers around the world.

➬ [Ebook] ➧ New Mutants, Volume 4: Unfinished Business By Dan Abnett ➸ –
  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • New Mutants, Volume 4: Unfinished Business
  • Dan Abnett
  • English
  • 13 January 2018
  • 9780785152309

10 thoughts on “New Mutants, Volume 4: Unfinished Business

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    New writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning jump aboard and immediately start shaking up the status quo I m not a huge fan of all their changes but I applaud them for not being afraid to make them It s definitely interesting and emotive Bring on the next volume

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    Abnett and Lanning take over from where Zeb Wells left off, giving some decent closure to the Fall of the New Mutants storyline before launching the team into their new role mopping up the X Men s unfinished business First on the list find Nate Grey.The three part arc that follows is decent, if a little lacking in focus You could replace the team with any characters and it would all play out the same There are some nice character moments, but nothing substantial The art is also quite poor, often ill formed and the facial expressions aren t great.The final issue is a vast improvement, lookin at the three missing team members and evaluating their place in the book The cleaner art is a better fit for the book as a whole, making this the best issue of the four.DnA have started something intriguing here I just hope they get some better regular artists to keep it consistent.

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    I like the turn the series took during this ark The New Mutants are now going back to clean up all the X Mens unfinished business Leandro Fernandez s art has gotten quite good as well He s really evolved as an artist.

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    While this may be a fairly standard X Men story, I was so happy to see this book focus just on the New Mutants and X Men without any events taking over the plot or Magik going to Limbo that I didn t mind Cyclops gives the New Mutants a direction to follow cleaning up the X Men s mess and they take on a mission in the wake of an event Thanksfully, you don t need to have read the event to understand what s going on here and the villain, while odd, was somewhat menacing and interesting me The one shot did a nice job of explaining where the characters are at this moment in time and gave the series a bit of character development which has been lacking.The art was solid and an improvement from the last arc even if it isn t anything special This may not sound like enough to earn four stars but this volume was exactly what New Mutants needed and I m excited that there is a new creative team on the book too I was debating giving up on this book and now I m looking forward to reading even with yet another event happening next arc.

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    Continuing the great x read of 2017 2018 and I am really far behind with my reviews so I will be putting up a bunch of quick takes to catch up Seems like no one can quite write Nate Grey other than his bizarre and really cool shaman take in his short lived solo book and so they destroy his character to fit the story No exception here.There were things I liked here but overall it is a pretty forgettable volume.

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    I basically wrote a review of three volumes of this series all at once For the details, read

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    Being a huge fan of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning s cosmic Marvel stuff which quite frankly is second only to the grand old master himself, Jim Starlin , I could not resist picking up this first hardcover volume of their run on New Mutants dirt cheap in a local book sale This volume collects issues 25 28, illustrated by Leonardo Fernandez and Michael Ryan, who do a good job.X Men s Cyclops puts Dani Moonstar in charge of the New Mutants, here basically consisting of Cypher, Warlock, Magma and Sunspot with some cameos from Cannonball, Karma and Magik , and gives them their first mission to find Nate Grey a.k.a X Man.So, is it good Well, I liked it, and it did prompt me to buy the rest of the Abnett and Lanning run but it is also a far cry from their cosmic stuff It is good fun though, and it shows strong potential One problem, I think, is the whole four issues collection deal Sure, I can see why Marvel wants to collect arcs, but there is no law against including eight to ten issues and covering two to three arcs in doing so.

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    So far I have liked the entire revival of the New Mutants team I m sure it s mostly nostalgia that allows me to enjoy it so much Artwork is by Leandro Fernandez and his work has a rough, blocky look that looks very energetic when it doesn t look too rushed They removed the characters that have been written the most over the years and left those with the least personality except Dani Cypher could be a great character, but they continue to just gloss over the fact that he has been dead for years and is back with some power upgrades but no real change to his personality That seems to me like a missed opportunity The new writers are, so far, doing a good job with these established characters And only time will tell, but bringing back X Man might be a mistake I mean, who really cares

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    By far the most underwhelming collection from this series If you are a big fan of Nate Grey, this might be for you, but not me For a New Mutants book, it seemed rather lacking in interaction between the New Mutants However, it does give a lot of set up for the future of the series, which is so so so much better.

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    Not quite the dynamic start I was expecting from Abnett Lanning, considering how incredible their cosmic books have been Then again, they are picking up a lot of pieces from audible sigh several crossovers There s also the fact that the first arc focuses on Nate Grey and Sugar Man, not the most exciting beginning.

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