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Nick & SpencerNick Spencer bundle If It Flies and If It Fornicates 3.5 Stars I m jumping into the next bundle in the Market Garden series, this one is of Nick Spencer contains two novels If It Flies Market Garden, 3 and If It Fornicates Market Garden, 4 These two, like with the other bundle can be bought separately as well as in this bundle I had my worries about this one, I m not so much into BDSM, though I ve read some great novels in the genre, I always feel like threading carefully , not knowing what my reaction to it would be and how much the way the BDSM is portrayed will influence my overall feel of the book will be Yet I can say I generally enjoyed this novel I think I enjoyed the second one, from Nick s POV better in a way, but maybe I feel this way because in the first one we only got Spencer s POV and I REALLY wanted to understand Nick better, he was so reserved it was hard getting ANYTHING out of him, then the second one gave us his sole POV and it was beautiful to read and understand him better If It Flies Market Garden, 3 I should start by saying it s really hard for me to rate this novella While I liked it and it was well written and engaging, I always have some sort of hard time reading BDSM It s just that I don t really get it I try, but mostly there is some part that doesn t click for me It s just impossible for me to get inside the head of someone like Spencer, a masochistic submissive, and since we only get his POV I couldn t really understand the connection he made to Nick and especially what exactly it was Nick, his rentboy Dom was so attracted to in Spencer besides the obvious since Nick is a Sadist.Yet even with the above paragraph, it was a very interesting insight into a world that though is difficult for me to comprehend it s still somehow intriguing I truly wanted to understand what Spencer needed, in general and specifically from Nick, I really wanted to know what Nick saw in Spencer which I really hope I ll get in the second installment and all in all there was something very sweet in the way it played in the end Spencer goes to Market Garden with a friend, he needs a time off, to relax. Yet he doesn t really know what to expect or what he would find there Coming there, the first man he sees Nick intrigued him, and what do you know Nick just saunters over to him and offers him to invite him for a drink From there they establish a Dom sub sorta relationship, it s not a relationship since naturally Nick is a rentboy. Nick calls it training for Spencer, yet as the training continue on quite successfully from Spencer s eyes something changes for Nick which puts everything they accomplish in a risk of crumbling to the ground If It Fornicates Market Garden, 4 As I wrote above, I enjoyed this installment better than the first one, though I m not sure if it s because it was better or because I was so curious to hear Nick s POV After hearing Spencer in the previous one, I didn t feel as though I NEED his POV here actually because basically Spencer is an open book for Nick so we can understand him through him, yet wit Nick it was IMPOSSIBLE to understand without hearing his inner thoughts Beside the mysteriousness factor I found it very interesting getting the Dom s perspective I think part of the reason I struggle with BDSM is I REALLY don t get the sub Maybe because I m a dominant person in general who find it hard to obey ANY given order no matter from what authority figure I can really connect to someone who sees life so differently from me Yet when I get the dominant POV somehow it makessense to me I don t know, this is too philosophical for me at the moment. Though there is little we find out about Nick s life beside s his job as a rentboy we still get HIM, the real him through the difficulties he is having Now that he and Spencer decide to have a relationship he is having, well, lets call them performance issues He isn t burned out per se, he just isn t into his work, he keeps comparing everyone to Spencer which they all fail miserably. and he keeps wanting to be with him Both Spencer and Nick are extremely happy together but both are miserable at work so they both struggle with how to continue Something has to give but both don t want it to be each other Yet they can t both quit their jobs, bills needs to be paid. They have to think of something, together For me it was quite obvious how they are going to fix their problems Maybe because that s what I think I would do, or it s just the most logical resolve anyhow I didn t expect this one to be supper original, I basically enjoyed the ride and the buildup of the relationship, the emotions Really enjoyed seeing Nick s struggles with how he feels and how much he is willing to give Spencer if he just asks Yet the reason I m giving this one 4 stars rating instead of 5 is because there was something redundant about Nick s thoughts I m not sure why but he kept repeating his thoughts in different settings and I thought it was unnecessary after a while In this installment we actually met the MC from the 7th installment for a brief scene Well, at least it sounds like them after just reading the synopsis and we also met Frank the owner of Market Garden who is also the MC in the 5th installment next on the list.All in all a really nice read More Reviews HERE 3.9 stars The second story is better than the first one Nick is really lucky to meet a john like Spencer. If It Flies, Drives, Or Fornicates, It S Cheaper To Rent ItSpencer Is In A Rut Long Hours At The Law Firm Leave Him No Time Or Energy For A Relationship When He Tries The Market Garden, An Exclusive Brothel, It Takes Less Than Five Minutes For A Cocky Rentboy To Make His MoveNick Isn T Just Any Rentboy, Though He S A Dom, He S A Sadist, And He S Everything Spencer Didn T Know He Was MissingAs Time Goes On, It S Clear Their Strictly Professional Arrangement Isn T, And Although Nick Eventually Agrees To Be Spencer S Boyfriend, Fitting Love In With His Job Is A Struggle Sure, He S Tired From His Shift Work And His Studies, But Mainly He S Bored By His Clients And Distracted By Thoughts Of Spencer Dangerous For Everyone When He S Wielding A Whip Now Nick Has To Make A Choice Give Up His Independence, Or Walk Away From The Only Man He S Ever LovedThis Collection Includes If It Flies If It Fornicates

L.A Witt and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun She now divides her time between writing, assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold, wondering where to put her next tattoo, and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon Rumor has it her arch nemesis, Lauren Gallagher, is also somewhere in the wilds of New England, which is why L.A is al

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