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Night Road Jude Farraday Is A Happily Married, Stay At Home Mom Who Puts Everyone S Needs Above Her Own Her Twins, Mia And Zach, Are Bright And Happy Teenagers When Lexi Baill Enters Their Lives, No One Is Supportive Than Jude A Former Foster Child With A Dark Past, Lexi Quickly Becomes Mia S Best Friend Then Zach Falls In Love With Lexi And The Three Become Inseparable But Senior Year Of High School Brings Unexpected Dangers And One Night, Jude S Worst Fears Are Confirmed There Is An Accident In An Instant, Her Idyllic Life Is Shattered And Her Close Knit Community Is Torn Apart People And Jude Demand Justice, And When The Finger Of Blame Is Pointed, It Lands Solely On Eighteen Year Old Lexi Baill In A Heartbeat, Their Love For Each Other Will Be Shattered, The Family Broken Lexi Gives Up Everything That Matters To Her The Boy She Loves, Her Place In The Family, The Best Friend She Ever Had While Jude Loses EvenWhen Lexi Returns, Older And Wiser, She Demands A Reckoning Long Buried Feelings Will Rise Again, And Jude Will Finally Have To Face The Woman She Has Become She Must Decide Whether To Remain Broken Or Try To Forgive Both Lexi And Herself Night Road Is A Vivid, Emotionally Complex Novel That Raises Profound Questions About Motherhood, Loss, Identity, And Forgiveness It Is An Exquisite, Heartbreaking Novel That Speaks To Women Everywhere About The Things That Matter Most

[Reading] ➸ Night Road By Kristin Hannah –
  • Hardcover
  • 385 pages
  • Night Road
  • Kristin Hannah
  • English
  • 15 November 2017
  • 9780312364427

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 5 STARS Holy wow, after finishing this book, it feels like I ve just been through some kind of emotional marathon My heart is racing I feel out of breath There are tears in my eyes AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH Reading Night Road was a bit of a departure from my usual choice in books because, for the most part, I m a hard core romance reader Kristin Hannah however, writes deeply emotional fiction novels that are widely focused on all kinds of relationships, but not solely romantic ones That being said, after reading The Nightingaleearlier this year, I fell in love with her beautiful, powerful, evocative writing style and ever since then, I ve been meaning to read of her books.Today, I was in the mood for two things deep feels and beautiful writing but was open to any kind of storyline so I decided to try Night Road because even just reading the blurb made my heart ache and let me tell you this is now one of my all time, I will remember this book forever top favorites.While Night Road is not a romance in the sense that the guy meets girl isn t the sole focus of the book, the heart of this story is completely character driven and all about different relationships and there absolutely IS a love story too My God, such an intensely heart wrenching love story Like the kind of deeply routed forever love that is always present in your heart even if it can t always be acted on And oh boy, did it ever make me feel everything The prologue though was what completely sold me on the book within two pages, before I d even met any of the characters, I was already feeling emotional about their story If anyone sees her here, just standing on this lonely roadside it will all come up again They ll remember that night, so long ago, when the rain turned to ash If you want to read the official blurb, just click here and you can read it on , but as a way to explain the story further, I m actually just going to tell you about the characters First, we have Lexi, a foster child whose neglectful mother died of an overdose after being in and out of prison leaving her daughter to be bounced from family to family for years with no stability or sense of love and belonging Until one day, they found a long lost great aunt who didn t have much in the world but still welcomed Lexi into her life with open arms and an open heart.Then we have Jude mother of teenage twins Mia and Zach who was the well to do wife of a surgeon Her children were entering high school with Lexi but their lives couldn t be different given the huge disparity in their socio economic status While it would be possible and at times accurate to label Jude as a helicopter mother, being shown her perspective in the story made it clear that the manner in which she was over protective and so deeply involved in her children s lives came out of a deep sense of love and a desire to give them the very best life she possibly could The media room was full of kids, as usual Some women might be overwhelmed by the noise and mayhem, but not Jude Years ago back when the twins were starting sixth grade she d made a conscious effort to make her house welcoming She wanted the kids to hang out here She d know herself well enough to know that she didn t want to be dropping her kids off into another woman s care she wanted to be the one in charge Some days, there were fifteen kids here, eating their way through her snack provisions like locusts But she knew where her children were and she knew they were safe Of the twins, Zach was popular and outgoing, while Mia was quiet and had trouble making friends, but even with their differences, they were very close and would do anything for each other.Lexi and Zach met on the first day of school and although they instantly connected, Lexi also met Mia and they quickly bonded into best friends The girl who had nothing and the girl who had everything Complete opposites yet kindred spirits And because of her friendship with Mia, Zach kept his distance from Lexi, not wanting to do anything that would compromise the one friend his beloved sister had finally made.A few years later, we saw an almost forbidden love grow between Lexi and Zach, born out of their connection on the day they first met, and their feelings for each other grew to a point where they finally decided that they they can no longer keep it secret from Mia and his family But then one night, a horrific tragedy shattered all their lives and the consequences of it quite literally changed everything At 51%, my jaw dropped Like holy fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk I was pretty much rendered speechless It s safe to say that the story took a turn I was absolutely not expecting at all and I feverishly read on desperate to see how this could ever be resolved The unfairness of it all tore my heart out Me at 58% THIS BOOK IS KILLING ME Holy angst Gah MY HEART Seriously just had to put the book down for a minute because I m so angry mad hurt sad wanting everything to just be okay AHHH Ok I just needed to get that out deep breath I can do this dives back in So I ll be honest, prior to reading this book, I kind of thought or assumed the direction it would take I mean, it s pretty clear there s an accident in the story so I thought it would kinda build up to the accident, then show us the aftermath and healing and such But this went WAY above and beyond what I could ever have imagined There s a deceptively quiet start to the story, then hold on to your hat, because it turns into an emotional rollercoaster that seriously put my heart right through the wringer I still can t believe that she actually went to youknowwhat and that she was too Did not see that coming By 83% I was cryyyyyyying I know this isn t a specifically a romance but even still, the love story within it is SO DAMN POWERFUL and so painfully heart wrenching that I almost couldn t stand the depth of emotion I was feeling I just couldn t look at him without remembering Remembering is okay Not the way I do it It breaks me Maybe you need to be broken a little before you can put yourself back together Oh my gosh, and THIS Do you still love her He seemed to crumble at that In his eyes, she saw both a fragile youth and a terrible maturity I ve always loved her I never even tried not to SOB I have to say that I seriously LOVE Kristin Hannah s writing style She can write like you wouldn t believe Honestly, she s probably one of the strongest authors I ve ever read The way she describes characters and relationship dynamics is downright brilliant Many of you know how much I love Kristen Ashley s romances, and in many ways I almost feel like Kristin Hannah is the KA of fiction novels if that makes sense She just GETS people and their relationships with each other on such a deep level It doesn t matter if you love or hate the characters you ll probably go through a whole range of feelings with regards to them but the way she describes them is just so vivid and believably accurate that they feel REAL.So like I said, I m a hardcore romance reader Like literally for me, when there isn t a romance as the focus of what I m reading, I usually just zone out of the story I can read a 300 page romance book in 2 3 hours, but if I try to read most fiction books, it usually takes me like two weeks to get through the first half BUT THIS AUTHOR I can t get enough of her writing, and you know why I think it s because her stories are just SO character driven and because she s just so freaking good at interpersonal relationships that it satisfies that part of me that needs the emotional connection of a romance by giving me these deep feels but just in a different way There are so many kinds of love in this world and Kristin Hannah doesn t just focus only on romantic love, she explores all kinds Within this book, we see mother child relationships, brother sister, father daughter, first love, abandonment, parental support and failure, grief, sacrifice, romance, parenthood, sisterhood, friendships, shattered dreams, second chances, forgiveness, and pure all consuming love And because her writing is so amazing, I find myself so easily drawn into her stories because they re just so powerful and believable and heart felt I just love it Can you tell Hehe.This book is an emotional roller coaster you ll laugh and you ll cry, you ll fall in love with some characters and probably hate others You may find yourself hating someone you loved at first and then loving someone you hated But you may also find yourself forgiving things you never thought you would You ll fall in love and have your heart broken, then healed again it s just such a powerful journey.I feel like with so many of the books I read, if I were to individually recommend them to readers one book at a time, there are some I d recommend to certain readers and ones I d recommend to others depending on the kinds of books I think they might most enjoy But Night Road is one of those rare books that I d honestly recommend to anyone and everyone I d recommend it to any reader who came to me, I d give it to my friends, my family, a random person in a bookstore I just feel like there s something in here for so many different types of people In many ways, it s a very universal story regardless of whether or not you can personally relate to it But bottom line is that I d recommend it to anyone who loves to read And if you re a long time follower of my blog and my recommendations, just know that while this book is a little different than my usual reads, but it fundamentally has all the things I love in it And I promise that even though the journey throughout the book is often painful and heart wrenching, the ending is worth it What do I do next Follow your heart Rating 5 STARS Contemporary fiction standalone _______________________________________ For of my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe by email

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    OKAY ALL YOU TROLLS COME AND GET ME I know I probably didn t give this enough of a chance Maybe it would have gotten better But the other audiobook I was waiting for came in, so it is without any regret whatsoever that I bid this one adieu.The first thing I noticed about this book was how overwritten it was Way, way too many adjectives Kristin Hannah seems to have graduated the Babysitter s Club school of overdescription and ham fisted characterization You know how in the Babysitter s Club books the author tells you what they were all wearing, because your sixth grade heart is fascinated by their outfits which, of course, offer deep insight into the characters complex personalities Yeah Just like that So of course, the two parents in this book are beautiful with a honeymoonesque marriage and live in a gorgeous house Jude, the mother, loves tending her orderly garden because of the predictability gee, do you think she might be a control freak I dunno maybe I need to be hit over the head just a little with these obvious metaphors Well, no problem conveniently, Jude and her husband get into a discussion right away about Jude s overparenting where Jude s husband decides to list off all the things Jude does for her children on a daily basis Yup, just like the kind of conversation my husband and I have all the time Don t worry, readers, we characters don t know you re there we just feel this compelling need to recount our everyday behaviors in this spontaneous discussion.And then there s Lexie, the teenage foster child who s been traumatized repeatedly and just wants someone to love her She s instantly lovable, of course, no limit testing or risk taking or attitude or other difficult behaviors foster children frequently present with perfectly understandable in the context of what they ve been through, just not so easy to live with But lovable Lexie wouldn t do anything like that, because the reader is meant to have her heartstrings pulled and Lexie s acting difficult might add unwanted complexity Lexie s aging great aunt who recently learned of her existence is similarly lovable and loving oh, sure, she always wanted a child and is immediately prepared to sacrifice everything for Lexie s sake No resentment or even ambivalence at this unexpected disruption of her old age and drain on her finances This may be the fault of the audiobook reader, but the teenager Mia Oh My God I suppose it s not Kristin Hannah s fault that the audiobook reader decided to read all of Mia s lines in a squeaky, ditzy, Minnie Mouse voice but it just emphasized Mia s over the top neediness and insecurity Yow Spare me I could go on I did get further in the book, but I think I ve pretty much given you a taste of why I m stopping This writing style is incredibly off putting to me, and although it s possible the book gets better, I really don t have the patience if there s something with hopefully potential for me to read Kristin Hannah and I are just not meant to be, it seems.

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    This is definitely a book I will be recommending to friends for a long time Surprisingly, I hadn t heard anything about this book until I went to vote on the 2011 Goodreads polls a few months ago This book was nominated for best book of 2011, and the cover instantly stood out to me, and I think it s very beautiful I read the synopsis, and at first was hesitant, because the title, and synopsis seemed to give me the impression that the book would be very predictable Definitely not the case Jude lives in a small town raising her twins Mia and Zack Along with her husband Miles, they seem to live the perfect life in their perfect little community Zach is very popular, but Mia is quite reserved One day at school Mia meets a girl named Lexi when she discovers her reading a book she likes She warns Lexi that being her friend is social suicide, but Lexi doesn t care Lexi was from a from a foster home, and has a dark past, but Jude welcomes her daughter s new friend Eventually she becomes like one of the family, as they all get along so well.When I first started reading I loved the writing style I enjoyed the fact that it changed POV between a teen and a mom I thought that was kind of unique The characters were great Lexi was one of the most wonderfully written characters I have ever read about The way she grows as a person in this book is simply astonishing Jude was another well developed character that I could really relate to as a mom She was over the top at times, in terms of her overbearing methods, but her heart was always in the right place Every character in this story loves completely with all their heart The supporting characters shined as well The relationships between Lexi Jude, Lexi Mia, Lexi Zach, and Zach Mia were very well done.This book has so many twists, and some are so major you wonder if you are still reading the same book Hannah will take your emotions all over the place One minute you will be laughing along with the family, one minute in tears, and another minute feeling angry about things that are going on You will never be bored for a second reading this book, and I actually read it in one sitting, because I just had to know what would happen next.I feel like this book sends lots of great messages about love, loss, forgiveness, acceptance and much ,and I feel she can send her messages in a positive way without ever sounding preachy Night Road is an emotionally complex book, and it s truly unforgettable This is my first book of Hannah s, and I will definitely be checking out of her books I really think this is a book that can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike, but I do feel us moms can truly appreciate it the most.

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    WARNING READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU HAVE READ THIS BOOK Contains spoilers Speechless This book has made me speechless I m repeating myself because that s who exactly I feel this book has pulled my heartstrings I love Zach, Lexi and Grace Obviously At first I definitely have mixed feelings about Jude, like she was the mother who revolved her life around her kids, wanted the best for her children which all parents want but than I hated her for charging charges against Lexi I hated how everyone thought of themselves that time It was always about MIA and it was about her after she DIED, like for god sakes keeping her IMMORTAL in their thoughts when someone dies is one thing, but revolving it around your existence forgetting everyone around them Is too much Poor Lexi That poor girl was blamed for it when it wasn t her FAULT, I mean come on she was the only one who wasn t that drunk My heart felt for Lexi when she had to give her baby away, she carried her baby for nine months only for her to be taken away and than again she was left with the pain and loss of losing everything Once again Mia takes the spotlight Zach had it so hard I wished he fought a little harder though, I know after losing his sister it was very hard for him but he only tried to keep his mother happy when all she did was neglect him One would think that after you lost one child you would keep the other in front of your eyes and shower them with lots of love, she didn t instead she wallowed in her own pain and didn t care for Miles pain, he lost his daughter too, Zach lost his sister too but he is holding it together.Lexi lost her best friend, she has to carry the burden of being the driver, that girl had enough grief in life and she was blamed for her death Jude told her she KILLED her daughter Ughh, I wanted to punch her in the face Can t you see that poor girl heart broken Miles and Eve are the best I loved them both, they were the pillars for Zach and Lexi This story is STUPENDOUS, FANTASTIC AND AMAZING It s really hard to find such emotional books that are written so well and beautifully This book made me think of so many things We are human and we tend to make so many mistakes it takes a lot to own up to them and learn from them I think many times what if Lexi didn t plead guilty would her sentence have been shorten would she have gone to prison Maybe because of the way it went it was because it would have been easier on Lexi to move on, for her to have her happy ending My Verdict 5 PLUS STARS 5 stars don t cover it and 10 doesn t so I believe infinity number of stars since it has no bounds

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    EhnnnIt s an engaging premise boy girl twins who are inseparable, and the girlfriend of both who complicates their lives But Hannah piles on layers of irritating detail endless descriptions of How the Privileged Live and How the Poor Live in rusty trailers and they work at Wal Mart How critical it is to get into the right college, and how your life is essentially over if you don t have the money to go to a good college a fact that is presented without context as just the way life is Teen age drinking as inevitable Teenage sex as inevitable.Quite obviously, the person readers are supposed to relate to, to feel sorry for, is Jude, the ever hovering Helicopter Mom But nobody in this story feels real, with the possible exception of poor Lexi, who gets punished, big time, for trying to hang out with the advantaged kids Her reward, which comes in the last 4 or 5 pages of the book defies reality It s as if Hannah can t decide how to end a complex, layered plot, so pours on a bottle of emotional syrup Is everybody happy now No Not the reader, who s been jerked around enough.The worst part of the book the place where I start skimming is when a friend visits Jude after a horrible funeral, wearing Juicy Couture sweats Perhaps this is what Hannah and her set does notices who s wearing expensive designer brands, even in the midst of grief Butno thanks.

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    Kristin Hannah killed it again with this book Like the other four books of hers I ve read, it s a deeply emotional character story this time about friendship, love, loss, and family It centers around a high school girl named Lexi, who s been bounced around from one foster home to another thanks to a loser drug addict mom who s concerned with getting high than caring for her daughter Things begin to improve for Lexi when she s taken in by her kindly aunt, and befriends an outcast girl named Mia, but a tragic mistake one night shatters everything It s a little slow and sappy at the beginning, but then it hits a surprise twist and after that it grabs your heartstrings and doesn t let go While it s not at the level of Kristin s book, The Nightingale, it s still a fantastic 5 star read.

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    Beautiful, emotive haunting read another masterpiece from KristinThe story begins with Lexi, she has had a traumatic start to life, her mother suffered from mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and recently passed away Lexi was placed into foster care In 5 years she s lived with multiple families and attended multiple schools Lexi has never felt like she belonged or felt loved, it was so easy for her foster carers to return her like an unwanted gift.Now she is 14 years old, Lexi s Aunt Eva has her taken her in to live with her in Port George Aunt Eva doesn t have much, but she makes her feel wanted and cared for.Lexi starts at her new school and meets Mia, they bond over their love of books Mia and Lexi are inseparable and become best friends Mia lives in a beautiful home and has a loving family her mother, father and twin brother Zach, a very different world to Lexi, an orphan living in a trailer with her aunt in the outskirts of the affluent Pine Island.Senior year is approaching, Mia and Lexi are as close as ever Lexi and Zach Mia s twin brother have fallen in love, all three of them are excited for their future and making plans after college But one night before graduation, something goes horribly wrong that will change the three young lives forever..This book pulls at the old heart strings, at its core is friendship, love, tragedy and learning to forgive It is poignant and heartbreaking, I absolutely loved this book I couldn t put in down and read it in one day This is my 3rd novel from Kristin, after The Nightingale and Winter Garden I give it a solid 5 stars

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    I almost gave this book one star, but since I at least finished reading it, I figured it had a little merit Overall, I found the characters unrealistic, shallow, and almost caricatures I m not one to speak ill of the dead, but since it s a fictional character I will Mia is an over privileged, over indulged self centered poor little rich girl with no coping skills We find out out deeply into the book that someone called her pizza face in 8th grade so that s why she s frail and needy for the rest of her life She s blond, beautiful and rich with an extremely handsome and popular twin brother, and she has enough acting chops to get into USC, but she s so fragile She doesn t even consider that her twin brother might have different college aspirations, much less other life ambitions She wants USC, so to USC he must go She can t go alone God forbid So too, the other characters are extremely exagerrated versions of good and evil Miles the father is always wise and good The grandmother, Jude s mother, is always cold and harsh Not believable.As for the story itself, you know from the book jacket that there s going to be an accident and you re just waiting to find out who dies Too much of the first half of the book is just very repetitive character portrayals of fragile Mia, strong Lexi, and handsome Zach The second half of the story, from the accident and forward, it moves on, but by then it s built on unbelievable characters, so it lacks the ability to evoke pathos from the reader Curiousity to see how it all comes to closure brings the reader to the end, but not with empathy.Overall, this was a disappointment from Kristen Hannah I have higher hopes for Home Front.

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    WOOOW wow wow I did not expect to love this as much as I did Or become as addicted The story was pretty predictable but so good And so sad It made me cry, it made me smile, it did so many things in between I really loved the characters and loved seeing their growth and change and heartbreak and AH it was just so good y all.

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    Higher than a 5 from me I couldn t put this down Night road made me feel, think, ask myself questions and want to talk about it Unforgettable and one I will think of often.

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