No Escape

No Escape This book I actually really enjoyed I read this last year and just loved it The plot of the story was interesting I was hooked from the start. When Caleb Drake Comes Home From Prison, Nobody In Town Wants Him Back Nobody Except Chloe, Who Has Seen The Smile That Terri The Young Woman That Caleb Supposedly Hurt Gives Him Chloe Is Sure That Caleb Didn T Do It The Trouble Is, How Is She Going To Prove It Caleb Himself Is No Help At All In Fact, He Gets Into Scrapes With The Law So It Looks Like It S Up To Chloe To Prove His Innocence The Fifth Book In The Acclaimed Chloe And Levesque Series, Featuring The Smart Talking Sleuth With Attitude To Spare It was okay I had to read it for school, so it s probably not something I d really choose to read myself.The story was good, but it lacked suspense and didn t keep me very interested I did like the main character Chloe though I think we re a lot alike.I don t think it s something I ll read again. This book was ok It was by no means anything special Simple mystery plot, simple and predictable ending The story was very one sided forcing the reader to choose Caleb s side because there was no other logical choice I couldn t stand the main character though she seemed to have a know it all and manipulative attitude that I just couldn t adjust to I can honestly say that she didn t develop at all during the course of this book if anything, she solved a mystery by using reason and social skills Bleh. It s pretty good I personally liked that Chloe can see what is right and what s not, it makes her character innocent There isn t too much mystery to be solved, unlike what I d hoped None that seemed challenging not that there was much of any Overall I liked it though, for the story itself.

Arthur Ellis Award Juvenileo 1996 Mistaken Identity Winnero 1998 The Body in the Basement Winnero 1999 Sins of the Father Winnero 2002 Scared to Death Winnero 2003 Break and Enter Winner

❮Ebook❯ ➥ No Escape ➦ Author Norah McClintock –
  • Unknown Binding
  • No Escape
  • Norah McClintock
  • 02 July 2017
  • 9780439969055

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