Now or Never (Iris Boys #1)

Now or Never (Iris Boys #1) Harlow Hampton Meets The Iris Boys All I Needed Was A Break A Sign Something Nearly Getting Run Over Was Not The Sign I Was Looking For, But It S What I Got That And A Group Of Guys Who Say They Work For Something Called Iris No, Thank You I Had Enough To Deal With, Thank You Very Much No Brother No Dad No Sanity Most Of The Time I Certainly Didn T Need To Be Dealing With Thieves And Wild Cats And Guys That Were Way Too Good Looking That Is I Didn T Need Them Until They Were All I Had Left Now I Have To Make A Decision About My Future And Whether Or Not They Re Going To Be In It This Is A Reverse Harem Title Rating 3 stars Similar to The Ghost Bird Ok MC Don t know what to think of the guys yet Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo It was Ok It reminded me of The Academy by CL Stone. Yay First book of the year complete And it is one feeding my reverse harem obsession despite this one not really giving me the fix I needed.I feel that, by now, I have read enough reverse harems to consider myself to be a bit of a connoisseur of the genre In this genre, I put the erotica PWP books off in a dirty overlooked corner where I don t really consider them part of the rest of the group but you can t leave them out Then there are the ones where the girl has a bunch of guy friends but it isn t really harem y and then there is this recycled plot line that this book has floating around Among all this mess are the good books with unique plots which this book was very much not a part of.So a basic part of any good reverse harem book is why is this group of individuals tied together Most of the time, it is through a company of some sort It could be military or security or something else but those two seem popular due to their secret nature and also there is a hefty amount of money involved in both of those professions There is nothing wrong with using this as a place to start I mean, how many dukes are there for Regency Romances or lonely hunky men on cattle ranches I would think the pool itself would be small but you can also make something interesting from those plot lines.This book starts with that basic premise but it failed to make the idea unique It seemed like a rehash of the ideas put forward in the Academy series Hell, it is even set in Charleston, like that series The girl was taking care of an ailing and controlling mother while being in high school She worked hard and caught the attention of this exclusive and secretive group It sounds so familiar without any of the flavor that I have seen from other series I mean, this is set in Charleston It has depth and character It isn t just a little highway town There is food, history, carriages, money, traditionsthere is so much there but this book just didn t take advantage of any of it Your settings shape your characters, whether you want them to or not There was very little to place this book which was unfortunate.Also, the characters were rather bland The guys all had similar personalities and tendencies It felt like this book barely touched on them being individuals but rather took them as a group only These guys need personalities, and strong ones at that, in order to make the dynamic work Otherwise, it is just a bunch of people sitting around going What do you want to do today I don t know, what do you want to do today This book just didn t have the oomph I was looking for It felt like it was missing major parts of plot and character development. Now or Never definitely reminded me of the ghost bird series by c.l stone Not in a bad way, because it had less guys helping out one girl Then they are slowly starting to develop crushes on her plus they moved at a faster pace than they did in Introductions like she s already kissed two guys and it took forever for the girl, Sang, to kiss any of the guys or let them in But then again they did grow up in way different home situations However, both moms are crazy.I really liked this book It was very easy to follow and the guys in it were hilarious I don t know how I feel about Grayson since he s not apart of the whole group but he has an obsessive crush on Harlow I can totally see myself reading the next book in this series but that s because I m officially hooked I love books and I m addicted to reading them The the merrier.Plus I saw that little bonus chapter with her meeting Marv s mom and sister so I have an inkling what the next mission will be about Hopefully Grayson doesn t try to interfere again OR show up randomly to every little thing she is at

Lucy Smoke is a USA Bestselling Author most known for her Iris Boys series Lucy is a writer of dark romance, new adult and young adult romance, and various other sub genres therein Her main writing focus is on various forms of romance She loves to experiment with her characters and shine a little light on things that catch her fancy.

❮Epub❯ ❥ Now or Never (Iris Boys #1)  Author Lucy Smoke –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 354 pages
  • Now or Never (Iris Boys #1)
  • Lucy Smoke
  • English
  • 16 May 2019

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