The Abduction

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Mark Gimenez grew up in Galveston County, Texas, and attended Texas State University and Notre Dame Law School He practiced law and was a partner in a large Dallas firm He is the author of ten novels The Color of Law, The Abduction, The Perk, The Common Lawyer, Accused, The Governor s Wife, Con Law, The Case Against William, The Absence of Guilt, and End of Days Con Law II as well as a childre

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  • 07 May 2019

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    Too bad 0 isn t an option What a piece of junk I understand that this author has another, successful, book I suspect he wrote this one at the age of 12 and then dusted off and had it published in order to ride on the coattails of that success The plot is juvenile, predictable, and completely unbelievable The characters are so stereotypical as to be laughable, and the cliches are just plain annoying The only reason I finished this book is that I was stuck in a situation where no other reading material was available There s 4 hours of my life I ll never get back.

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    4.5 Stars is like it.This book was absolutely smashing The story had so many angles popping out from everywhere but in the end everything connected so well with each other The pace and writing used to dangle a little bit in between but the great plot made up for most of it.I really liked the way Giminez had planned out the story, giving flashes of the gruesome past in the beginning of every chapter.Also, I really appreciate the way life of a retired Army colonel was shown War only destroys, killing someone never brings you peace and the guilt of it hangs heavy on your head was very wonderfully channeled through Ben Brice s character I think I have found my next favorite author, no wonder this guy is called the upcoming John Grisham I will definitely read his first and much acclaimed book The Color of The Law now.

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    After reading the reviews, I was so ready to get into this book Disappointingly, I found the characters were too cliched to hold my interest from the start, much less make me care about them The story centers on the abduction of 10 year old Grace, whose character is an super dooper good soccer player, executing moves on the soccer field that would make Mia Hamm jealous Naturally, Grace is also spunky, tough,smart, cute, and blonde Not much of what she says or how she acts sounds like any 10 year old I ever knew The parents include the requisite ineffectual dad, a nerdy Silicon Valley type genius, with an IQ off the charts, but so preoccupied on his cell phone talking business he couldn t keep track of his own daughter after the soccer match where she was abducted The character s thoughts are annoyingly littered with goofy computer speak, just to make sure, I guess, that the reader is aware that this guy really knows his computer stuff another Bill Gates in the making Mommy is the typical overbearing power mom a tough attorney representing dubious white collar defendants, and didn t come across to me with many redeeming qualities Grandpa the nerd s father is a 60 year old blonde deeply tanned Vietnam vet, Green Beret again, quietly living in New Mexico and dealing with his war induced demons and subsequent nightmares, and he is as well, the all too familiar, handsome, rugged, quiet, silent type An alcoholic, due, of course, to all he had seen in the war, special Ops guy, trained killer, deep government secret stuff, blah, blah, blah His wife, the love of his life had to leave him because she just couldn t take his drinking himself to death, even though she still loves him, yadda, yadda, yadda Toss in the token black FBI head investigator and the likewise token female FBI newbie, and well, you get the picture The book has actually gotten some very good reviews from other readers I guess it s just that I ve met these characters all too often in other novels, and found them tiring.

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    Just what I needed after a few less than inspiring reads A very enjoyable book to read that hits the ground running and keeps you gripped This is the second Mark Gimenez book I have read and I am very impressed I do wish people would get away from comparing his work with John Grisham who I also like You do not have to pick between them, enjoy them both as I certainly have.After reading about his other work at the end of the book I feel persuaded to start another one.

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    I thought it would be hard for Mark Gimenez to match his debut novel Color of Law but IMHO he has done that with his second novel The Abduction I expected that this would follow the pattern of Gimenez s other books which are mainly legal thrillers, but this is a no holds barred complex thriller which puts him at the top of my favourite author list Gracie Brice is an active, highly intelligent and mature ten year old daughter of an IT genius, John Brice, who is about to float his company and become an instant billionaire Her mother, Elizabeth, is a top tough defense lawyer who will stop at nothing to win her cases but is haunted by nightmares of evil that prevent her fully connecting with her husband and family Gracie is tops at soccer and has just won the match for her school, watched occasionally by her father who spends most of his time on his cell phone managing the float When he goes to collect Gracie after the match the Coach tells him she has been collected by her uncle to take her to hospital because her grandmother has had a stroke But Gracie doesn t have an Uncle and her grandmother lives in New York, not Texas Colonel Ben Brice is a Vietnam hero who conducted bloody cross border operations in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam and was a POW He is now a drunk living in isolation suffering from post traumatic stress from his experiences Despite this Gracie visits her Grandfather and they have a very close and loving relationship As soon as Ben hears that Gracie is missing he springs into action and revisits the family he has not seen for years.Most cases of child abduction normally involve a sex offender and the chances of survival are slim In this case because the family are mega rich the police and the FBI believe that ransom may be involved But then Ben sees something that turns his blood cold and sets him off on the trail of the kidnappers.This is a thriller that has everything with an adventurous fast moving plot involving complex and troubled characters, kidnapping, the Police and FBI searching for child molesters, and conspiracies going back to the days of the Vietnam war While some may think the final plot line is a little far fetched Gimenez has used this author s licence to to write an unforgettable, page turning, adrenaline packed, edge of your seat thriller that you won t want to put down.

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    I am a little weary of books about crimes that start as something local, but soon balloon into something that could change the fate of the world So when I read the description of this book about a kidnapping that could change the course of American history I was leery I had not read this author before, but read some reviews and thought I would give it a try I must say the author pulled it off I bought the premise Ten year old Gracie Brice is taken from her soccer game by an uncle, except she does not have an uncle Is the kidnapper after money Gracie s father s tech company s IPO will make him a multi billionaire in a few days Or is it about something in Gracie s grandfather s Vietnam vet past Lots of twists and turns and unexpected revelations BTW, kids usually annoy me in books, but Gracie kicked ass Glad I gave it a try I ll add this author to my stable.

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    If I knew the story is related to the American army and war, I definitely not going to proceed in reading it I thought Ben Brice is just struggling with the memories of Vietnam, but I never foresee that the entire story will be connected to the American army, politics, war, history, and revenge The Abduction by Mark Gimenez.

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    This was an outstanding story Last year I read his Color of Law and thought it was great It was different It was a lawyer story but it was really about redemption So is The Abduction Ben Brice served in Vietnam A Colonel by the time he was done But the war destroyed him He saw things and had to do things that shattered him He lives in isolation, drinking himself to death The only light in his life is his 10 year old granddaughter, Gracie They have a bond that is an inexplicable as it is deep Unlike his son with whom he has no relationship Gracie s father is a nerd, a geek of epic proportions, and his company is about to make him a billionaire Until Gracie is kidnapped during one of her soccer games Stranger abduction typically doesn t end well The clues indicate a pedophile but Ben s experience gives him the ability to see beyond the obvious He knows Gracie is alive and he will use all the skills at his disposal to get her back This is a complex story There are other characters who play major roles Or they play minor but critical roles You never know how you will react in a crisis until you are faced with it and many people don t behave as they expected Every time you think the story is heading into predictable territory, it shifts gears and heads down an un paved road.

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    The Abduction by Mark Gimenez was an enjoyable book to read It was very action packed, but I thought it took too long for the action to really take off There was action in the beginning, which made me hopeful that the whole book would be filled with action, but none really came until the end However, when the action took off, it REALLY got me hooked The book was filled with action, but I think Mark Gimenez tried too hard to put a good love scene in it Those scenes just seemed awkward to read, and there were a few of them too Finally, I really did not like the mother in this book There s a difference between mad and insane, and I think the mother jumped this line into insanity, which made me not want to read about her any But the grandfather was an awesome character to read about There were flashback scenes to his time as a Green Beret in Vietnam, and it made me wonder is the U.S.A really was that cruel to the people in Vietnam.The Abduction by Mark Giminez was an excellent book to read, but I would suggest this book to advanced readers The book seemed long, even though it wad roughly 400 pages, and there were some scenes which would not be suitable for children But if you are an advanced reader who likes long books, then The Abduction is for you.

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