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Pajama School Do You Get To Wear Your Pajamas To School Do You Have Recess Or Snow Days What About Socialization Every Homeschooler Fields Dozens Of Questions Like These Natalie Goes Beyond Providing Simple Answers And Shares Candidly About The Experiences That Led Her To Conclude That Education Is About Much Than Academics Whether You Ve Been Homeschooling Since The Days Of The New England Primer Or Are Just Embarking On This Educational Adventure, You Will Find Hope, Humor, And An Ample Dose Of Reality In The Pages Of Pajama School

Natalie Wickham Weber was homeschooled through college alongside her five siblings She has a passion for challenging and equipping upcoming generations of young people to be godly leaders Natalie owns and operates a successful piano studio and Music Matter s Blog and is the Director of Adventures in Character She is blessed to be married to the love of her life, Julian, and they and their fou

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    This isn t a book about homeschooling It s a novel length advertisement for ATI, Bill Gothard, and Quiverfull Most of the book talks about the authors accomplishments AFTER finishing homeschool, all of which she brags about at length Each chapter even starts with a quote about how great she is If you think Children s Church, family planning, and girls going to college are all sinful, this is the book for you Otherwise, this homeschooling Christian recommends you avoid it.

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    I d give it zero if I could This book isn t about homeschooling, it s about the Fundamentalist Christian lifestyle which happens to include homeschooling.

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    Age Appropriate For All AgesBest for Ages 12 and upIf you are looking for a book that you will agree with the person s views 100%, this book is probably not it If you are just wanting to read about one homeschool grad s journey, this is for you.I always love reading about young women with whom I have something in common Although Natalie Wickham was raised on different curricula and our philosophies diverge on some points, I really liked this book It was so much fun to get a peek into Wickham s life and what she and her family are doing for God.At times she could come across as sounding prideful, but I think that it was because of her enthusiasm than anything I think also homeschooling grads, in an attempt to show the world that they are normal, over explain what they have done and sound prideful, when all they are doing is sharing.I really loved the part toward the end of the book where Natalie was vulnerable and shared some of her struggles with the readers She shared some of her shortcomings, not making excuses for them It made her seem normal, even though she is obviously an amazing individual who is working hard to further the kingdom of God.I highly recommend this book to those who love stories about homeschooling grads, enjoy memoirs, or just want a peek into what it is like in conservative homeschool families.

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    This book was extremely misleading Judging from the cover and synopsis, I thought it was going to be about a girl s struggle to homeschool with her family and how she came out on top of the system In the first few chapters this impression still stood Then the author went off on a tangent and just talked about her accomplishments, how many jobs she was doing and what they entailed, her religion, and how amazing she was for the rest of the book Speaking of her religious beliefs, while I do not believe what she believes, I was alright with the book having a religious slant However, I found it irritating that literally in almost every page God or the Bible were mentioned I felt that it got in the way of the story and was repetitive.

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    While I found the writing to be marginal at best, my biggest issue with this book was my disagreement with the authors religious views And frankly, I grew a little weary of hearing her continuously pat herself on the back for her personal accomplishments.

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    Natalie s family heavily bought into the Bill Gothard line of thinking on family issues, and this forms a large part of the basis for the book That part of the book left a very negative impression on me, though it does give a good picture of how many evangelical homeschooling families operate.

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    Once upon a time, a blonde and blue eyed family of girls three, to be exact, all with names starting with N left old ways behind and lined up at the foot of the stairs for their first school picture as a homeschooling family They had desks, organized bookshelves, maps and pictures on the walls, and a placard proclaiming School Room Well, most of us homeschoolers know how that goes The Wickham family soon gave up trying to be like a school and got focused on being a home that teaches, and Pajama School Natalie Wickham s memoir of homeschooling, getting to know God, and learning to lead was born.I came away from Pajama School feeling like I d gotten to know Natalie, who is just a little older than I am and has had a journey in some ways like mine and in other ways very different The book is steeped in the perspective not just of a homeschooler, but of a homeschooler who grew up connected to ATI Bill Gothard s Advanced Training Institute , which is a subculture all its own In many ways I enjoyed that aspect, which reminded me of dear friends who were also brought up in ATI and who, like Natalie, found places of service within that ministry as young adults.In fact, Pajama School focuses far on those experiences of service as a young adult with ATI in Children s Institutes and at the beginning stages of the Character First program, in politics, in running a tea shop, and in teaching than it does on the childhood experiences I expected from the title This is less a homeschooling book and the record of one homeschooler s spiritual journey More than anything, Pajama School is a memoir of Natalie s walk with God a memoir that is honest, humorous, and insightful.Natalie has spent many of her years as a young adult teaching, whether in public school classrooms as part of the Character First program, in assemblies at big homeschool conferences, or in her own piano studio I found her emphasis on teaching methods and experimentation slightly ironic for a homeschooling book, but also very inspiring She s implemented some fantastic ideas, and anyone who works with children will find something to encourage them here In fact, I passed the book on to my partner in Soli Deo Gloria Ballet, as we re developing summer camp ideas.For homeschool grads and older teens, parents who want to see how homeschooling can play out in their student s life, and anyone who enjoys good, clean, thought provoking memoir, Pajama School is well worth reading.

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    It was with great excitement that I picked up my copy of Natalie Wickham s book I, too, am a homeschool graduate, and I could not wait to read an honest account of growing up counter culture Imagine my delight, upon beginning the first chapter, to discover that Natalie s homeschool beginnings were so like my own I identified with her first day of school at home the carefully arranged desks in the meticulously prepared homeschool room the carefully chosen wall charts, assignment notebooks, and workbooks and the nervous excitement while saying the pledges to the flags I also relished Natalie s honesty regarding the natural emotions homeschoolers face when the newness wears off the anxiety about leaving friends from the former church school and feeling like an outsider at times during church activities the struggle with family relationships in the first year while siblings adjust to being home all day together the periods of adjustment every time Mom re evaluates her teaching styles and the strain of trials on the entire family as they deal with tragedy while learning together She shares each of these with us, and how they overcome them with joy and strength.Pajama School is not merely an account of homeschool success, though you will certainly come away encouraged in your teaching by reading Natalie s story And it is not merely an amusing tale of growing up at home, though the irrepressible homeschool humor shines through on many occasions It is not even a treatment of biblical principles, although Natalie does discuss her wrestlings with peer dependency, feminism, courtship, politics, entrepreneurship, bitterness, institutionalization, higher learning, and pride More than these, Pajama School is a transparent look at how the Lord can use family discipleship to begin a life long relationship with Himself Natalie is honest, painfully honest at times, regarding how God used her unconventional education, her committed parents, and her own sinful yet broken heart to accomplish His will in her life As she says, The Lord has a way of using the right people at the right time to teach me, counsel me, and help me understand different areas of life from His perspective That s an education far above and beyond what I could have ever learned from a textbook page 50

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    At first glance, this girl has self imposed isolating parents who were part of the ATI cult The author doesn t seem to be bothered by her parents withdrawing from their church for another one, or her father picketing daily in front of an abortion clinic The entire book is from a heavily Christian homeschooling experience, as I suppose was commonplace in the 1990s There is relatively little about the homeschooling itself and about the things she did to occupy herself after graduating in 1999 It s about her own personal faith development sexual purity, biblical feminine role, blind obedience to God while condemning public school students who are obedient to school authority , complaining about public school being overly secular and politicians being overly partisan, and stuff like that Lots about how she wrote curricula for piano students, local homeschooling groups, local church groups, and others The two major takeaways from this book for me are 1 being a homeschool graduate doesn t condemn you to a lifetime of menial work or no work at all, and 2 there is a lot of flexibility in homeschooling, as it sounds like Natalie spent relatively little time on her studies and much time on different projects and jobs, at least as a teenager.

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    I have to say that some may get out of this book than I did I have read many books on homeschooling and I just found that this author did not connect with me Although she shared many life experiences I never felt a connection I read half the book and felt like I was wasting my time I didn t feel encouraged or challenged I made plans to stop reading which is very hard for a book worm like myself to do However, the last few chapter I did skim It seemed like there was better chapters as you went on For me this book wasn t worth the read I have a busy life and time is precious If I read through half a book before it starts to speak to me than I m not reading a book for me There are better books out there.

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