Pieces of You

Pieces of You Pieces of YouBy J F ElferdinkBased on a true storyBeyond Communication LLC 2012 209 pagesMark, a wealthy businessman in his early 60s is playfully badgered by his son, Martin and his daughter in law, to search online for a female companion He scoffs at first, then on his first try he meets Janine and even though each has had other loves, their immediate bond surpasses all others they are soul mates.Shortly after their relationship blooms, Janine receives word from Martin that his father has suffered kidney failure, is paralyzed and in a semi Coma As Mark lies in limbo, able only to think and fear, a spirit named Zachri visits him insisting he is only here due to Janine s pleading And so begins the spiritual journey with Mark and Zachri, going back to his past life and ending with the most frightening trip of all the future Mark is told at all times through this revelation of both his life and the world, that it is his decision to live, or join Zachri, who allows him to sample a heaven beyond all human comprehension Tempted, Mark clings to Janine s love.Mark is horrified by some of the seemingly harmless acts which he committed both in the Vietnam War and his business tactics Yet Zachri notes that the good he has done is a counterbalance outweighing the bad.Janine is with Mark sharing their hopes and deep passion, traveling and doing all the wonderful things they planned, but only when he comes to her in dreams Zachri s final trip to 2025 is worse than what transpired in the book, 1984 It has become the world many predicted but few listed Will Mark decide to avoid a nightmare future or suffer through it with Janine Years later Zachri appears to Janine, too, and the final pieces of this complicated story, based on a true event, come together beneath all the layers of complexity.Author J F Elferdink writes a remarkable compelling story which will linger in the minds of the reader, perhaps forever It might entice or scare readers, helping to redefine their lives, examine their actions and the motives behind them It is not a work that one can just read and put down without in depth personal contemplation This is a book that speaks to the soul.Micki Peluso writer, journalist and author ofAnd the Whippoorwill Sang As editor of this wonderful book I don t suppose I should really be commenting on it, lest I be accused of nepotism, but I don t stand to benefit personally from sales of Pieces of You and I really do believe that reading it is a pleasure one should not forego J.F Elferdink writes so beautifully that editing her work was easy and pleasurable I found the subject matter fascinating and love the way the book resolves neatly and in a satisfying manner whilst still leaving the door open for a sequel I think most of the best authors manage to do this and I am very much looking forward to readingfrom this author in particular. Pieces of You sweeps the Reader into Another RealmBy J.F ElferdinkPublished by Beyond Communication LLC 2012Pages 209Pieces of You by J.F Elferdink sweeps the reader up and on a mystical journey into another realm where past, present and future occur simultaneously and anything imaginable can happen.Based on a true story, the author weaves a captivating tale that begins with an unexpected but abiding love between an older man and woman who believed such a heartfelt relationship was beyond their grasp Just as quickly, the man falls ill and into a coma that propels him beyond the veil of physical life where he meets what one could call a celestial guide.The reader goes along as he is projected into his own past from the war torn country of Vietnam where he served his country, to the executive offices of his shipping company where he faces and comes to terms with his most difficult life decisions He learns how making benevolent choices not only benefited those he helped but also his own soul.Don t assume that this is simply another near death experience in which life lessons are meted out by a heavenly figure This book involves a muchserious study on how even the most seemingly innocent decisions can affect people we might never even meet It also offers insight into just how deep unconditional love can go both here and in the hereafter.As you follow this man into the higher realms be prepared for the unexpected J.F Elferdink is a prolific and exceptionally sensitive writer who pulls no punches about what it means to be truly human.To pick up a copy of Pieces of You, go to .com or other on line bookstores This is one book you ll be happy to add to your library .com Joyce A Novel Site Pieces of You is a truly heartfelt homage to a man who made an enormous positive impression in a very short time, proving that true love is such a powerful emotion that it can help push us through terrible grief.Based on the author s own story, Pieces of You is a grab bag of romance, futurism, social statements, spirituality and most of all the importance of learning from our mistakes Mark is taken from Janine at a point where they were about to make each others dreams come true, and we are left with a distinctly hopeful feeling.At times a little scattered with ideas, this book unfolds in unexpected ways It demonstrates that, while we are powerless to influence our loved ones survival, we can always draw strength from love. While Mark S Body Lies Motionless In A Zurich Clinic, His Spirit Has Become Very Active And In A Way That No Observer Could Possibly Suspect On A Journey Through Time And Space, He Is Led By Zachri, A Spirit Guide, To Relive Three Experiences That Altered His Life A Changed Mark Is Given A Glimpse Of The Near Future When Corporate Super Powers Use Their Wealth To Transport And Store Food Off Planet By Using Space Elevators Mark S Final Stop Is Paradise, Where He Witnesses Angels And Spirits Intervening In Earthly Conflicts Now He Must Decide Will He Come Back To The Woman He Loves Or Cross Over And Rally Heaven To Change Her Future

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