Poovan Banana and Other Stories

Poovan Banana and Other Stories This Carefully Selected Collection Of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer S Short Stories Are Characterised By A Variety In Theme And Tone He Has Enshrined In Them Every Kind Of Experience From The Pangs Of Hunger And Sex To The Rapture Of Mystic Vision Its Range Includes Stark Realistic Pictures Of The Material World As Well As The Realm Of Fantasy Haunted By Ghosts And Spirits Basheer Has Written On Love And Hate, On Politicians And Pickpockets, On The Fancies Of Childhood And On The Disillusionments Of Adult Life With An Intense Sense Of The Tragedy Of Life And At The Same Time An Irrepressible Sense Of Humour

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is regarded as one of the prominent literary figures ever existed in india He was a legend in Kerala.He was one of those outspoken figures who revolutionized Malayalam Literature, and Thus the World Literature itself with his dauntless sarcasm, satire, and black humor.Often referred to as the Beypore Sultan the king of Beypore by the colleagues, he was one of the promine

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  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Poovan Banana and Other Stories
  • Vaikom Muhammad Basheer
  • English
  • 11 April 2017
  • 9788125003236

10 thoughts on “Poovan Banana and Other Stories

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    From his shores of solitude Basheer weaves stories that touch a chord in the village gal side of the heart I long forgot I possessed Poovan banana is a short but sweet take on taming the shrew, love letter is freshly rebellious with inter religious love and its precarious territory Yet to read all the stories but basheer writes dil se and so he has become a writer after my heart.

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    Very nice book

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    Absolutely loved it I d forgotten how full of impact, short stories could be Bold, raw, lyrical and with an irrepressible sense of humor that makes it appearance when you least expect it, never allowing you to assume or delve too long in matters that he led you into but obviously has other plans for now And at times when you least expect it he just cuts it loose and leaves you there hangingholding on to the threads of the narrative, long after the protagonist has walked out of his her own storyThe stories themselves are from a forgotten time, making them doubly charming The people, yet so real Wonder how much mesmerizing it would have been in Malayalam, the native language it was written in Wow.

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    Basheer is to Kerala what Austen is to England He symbolises the old life Poovan Banana and Other Stories is a good way to take NRKs non resident keralites a little back in that old life Some serious and some funny stories A good read.

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    Basheer is a pride to Indian literature He is the representative of Malayalam in the Indian literature I have always wanted to read a book in my mother tongue and love my parents for recommending this Sometimes, I feel that Basheer s stories have a Saki touch in them

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    vaikom muhammad basheer

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    Terrific Now to read this in the original Malayalam.

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