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Regarding Tiberius As True Today As It Has Been For All Of Human History, One Fundamental Question Plagues Mankind In The Midst Of Ancient Hostilities And Recent Atrocities, Which Choice Is The Most Honorable, The Most Moral One Justice Or MercyThis Novel Offers An Answer Regarding Tiberius Is The Novelization Of A Series Of Ancient Scrolls Recently Discovered In The Ruins Of Famed Roman Commander Scipio Africanus Seaside Villa Near Naples, Italy Written In The First Century By A Young Woman Of Persian And Ethiopian Ancestry, Helena Mithridates Kleopatra, They Comprise An Account Of How Her Life And Destiny Were Forever Altered By Her Chance Meeting With Tiberius, The Son Of A Prominent Roman Senator The Pair Embark On An Odyssey That Takes Them From Asia Minor To Syria And Palestine His Goal Is To Rise To The Upper Echelon Of Roman Military Leadership At Any Cost, Hers To Find And Assassinate Cato, The Commander Who Gave The Order To Slaughter The Entire Population Of Eupatoria, Her Ancestral Home Their Aspirations Lead Them To Jerusalem Where Both Of Their Quests Meet Bloody, Final Resolutions

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Regarding Tiberius book, this is one of the most wanted Bartholomew Boge author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 572 pages
  • Regarding Tiberius
  • Bartholomew Boge
  • English
  • 10 August 2017
  • 9781518839801

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    Regarding Tiberius, written by Bartholomew Boge, is the first book I ve read by this author but I definitely hope it s not the last My very favorite genre is historical, but I tend to gravitate to eighteenth to twentieth century so, this is not my typical read needless to say first century is something I don t usually readily go after, but was encouraged by a friend to check it out, so I did Well worth the time to read and I mean time as it is a VERY long, deep, extremely historical, intense, detail driven book Right off the bat we find out that Tiberius is killed so that made me wonder what in the world an almost 600 page book is going to be written about Oh, don t worry, there s a ton packed in there Helena is Tiberius woman and she s the one writing this book to Tiberius father, a Roman Senator She goes through each page and tells him of the life that Tiberius lived while away from him, yet with her It s full of tragedy and pain, love and hate, mercy and forgiveness not your everyday read but the details of each page just make you want to continue turning even when you feel like you re incapable of keeping awake any hours because you NEED to find out what is going to happen next Excellent details I think I mentioned that already Things that I had a love hate relationship regarding the book were the modern voice that might take away the feel of the first century writings, but then again, I really don t like having to sift through first century wordage so that s why I say love hate It s a very long book take a lot of time to read is it worth the time I d say yes because I m not sure where I d say I d want any pieces or parts deleted Helena she s a killer kind of really gets into killing A Lot I can t imagine any woman that into killing, but then again I ve never known a princess or a warrior and she was both I would like to see Boge try his hand at increasing the romance part a bit Of course I fell for Tiberius because he s justpretty hot but the passion wasn t a big factor in the writing Lastly on my love hates, one thing I would have liked to know would be what were actual historical events and what were just added for our fictional enjoyment.I strongly encourage you to read this book It is a commitment because it is a lengthy read and the first bit of it is gory but so worth it yet has so much push through the beginning just in case you think you won t like it and continue it will be worth your time The end it s so good really, truly I cried my eyes out, but it was a perfect ending I m looking forward to seeing what else this author can produce in another novel

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    Where to start on such an amazing novel Regarding Tiberius Isa novel based on the volumes of scrolls penned by the main character, Helena Mithridates, who is the princess of Eupatoria The scrolls are intended for the father of Tiberius, Senator Lucius Cornelius Scipio Helena recounts the details of the events of the life of Tiberius We are taken on a journey of destruction, passion and pain set against the backdrop of Asia Minor starting in 63 B.C Helena is definitely a character I have fallen in love with Known as the Bronze Athena, she is not only royalty, but is also highly intelligent, a warrior, and a real force to be reckoned with I love her strength and admire her tenacity in every endeavor The author uses the voice of Helena to take you back in time to days of the Roman Empire One can really see the research that went into writing this work Each character, references to the time period, down to the names of weapons was spot on My love of all the history of the Roman Empire and biblical times have definitely been reignited If you re an ancient history buff and love historical fiction, then this the book for you I highly recommend it

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    As I read this story, a tribute to Louis L Amour and Lew Wallace, John Bunyan and Henry van Dyke, I imagined it to be bound in cloth hardback and smelling of history.Anachronisms in the novel gave Regarding Tiberius a distinct Shakespearean flair Like Shakespeare, the novel contains some 16th century words, some that can be found in the King James Bible although, nowadays these words are considered crass Other words used, although in proper format isn t considered vulgar, when used as an oath or epithet it becomes vulgar and shouldn t be found in Christian literature.If not for these words, which many readers of Christian fiction may find offensive, the novel would be a strong Christian historical tale As it is, it s a well written and highly engrossing historical novel with Christian themes.Various cultures, aligning with history, and a true portrayal of the Roman Empire adds to the dusty and timeless adventure.With a regal Nubian princess and an austere Roman soldier who is also the son of a Senator, the reader travels the lands of the vast Roman Empire, from the Mesopotamia to Tyre to Jerusalem History and imagination meld into a seamless tale of love, revenge, loyalty, and ultimately sacrifice.Regarding Tiberius isn t a novel you will easily forget Its layers of truth will cling to the reader long after the last word by Helena is written.

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    Think of this as Clive Cussler s Dirk Pitt meets the Roman Empire and you ll enjoy it.The chararacters are a little one dimensional like Cussler s but the plot drives a long with than enough thrills and suspense to keep you going with an interesting twist to the end of Helena s quest for revenge The descriptions of life and war in a Roman legion seem spot on, but I was left wondering if it was really based on newly discovered documents as the adventure thriller plot overwhelms any sense that it is based on a true story A very enjoyable summer read.

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    Regarding Tiberius grabs the reader at the Prologue and sweeps you back in time The central themes of justice, revenge, love, and the human spirit are subtly woven throughout the story Vivid, thought provoking, and well researched, this historical fiction novel has the undeniable ring of truth I would recommend this title to everyone, it s just fantastic storytelling.

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    Regarding Tiberius is an excellent story On the first page Tiberius is dead and Helena is writing to his father to tell how she met him, how they lived and loved after the Roman destruction of her homeland an how he died.

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    Most excellent.

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    3.5 starsThis is not an easy book to review and my star rating went up and down It is a long story and an interesting look at life in Asia Minor and Israel nearly 2000 years ago It kept me reading There were some point of view jumps later in the novel which should have been worked around somehow with separate chapters or something The book rates 4 stars for its interesting and surprising ending.

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    Wow This novel will certainly take your emotions on a roller coaster of a ride It is difficult to take in, yet impossible to put down It is like no other story I ve read, and I ve read hundreds I just finished it, and am currently at a loss for words, but I do recommend it.

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