Reid (Regency Rockstars, #1)

Reid (Regency Rockstars, #1) Lord Reid Follett Enjoys All The Lustful Benefits That Come From Being A War Hero On The Battlefield At Waterloo Every Woman In London Wants To Bed Him And Reid Is Never A Man To Disappoint A LadyBut The Gloss Of Winning The War Is Starting To Fade Reid And His Friends Find Themselves Being Challenged By A New Group Of Talented Italian Musicians Who Are Taking Their Place In The Hearts And Bedrooms Of The Wicked Women Of The TonEngland S Bad Boys Must Rise To The Occasion And Take On These Interlopers At Their Own Game With Reid As Their Conductor And Baritone, The Noble Lords Are BornReid S Ego, However, Does Not Match His Singing Ability, And He Soon Discovers That To Win, He Is Going To Have To Put Aside His Pride And Take Singing LessonsWidowed Mother Of One, Lavinia Jones Is The Perfect Teacher For Him Discrete, And Ready To Do His Bidding The Fact That She Is A Dark Haired Temptress Is Simply A Bonus Reid Intends To Use Her To Get What He Wants, Then He Will Toss Her AsideLavinia, However, Is No Push Over, And Reid Soon Discovers That She Is The One Holding All The Power In Their Relationship Without Her Guidance, He Will Never Be Able To Master The Right Note And Go Back To His Seductive WaysThe Closer They Work Together, The Less They Can Resist One Another A Fiery Sexual Encounter Leaves Them Both Wondering Just Where The Music Stops And Where The Heart Takes OverBut Lavinia Has A Secret Past Of Her Own, And Reid Finds Himself Suddenly Facing His Own Jealous Nature When It Comes To The Woman Who Has Stolen His HeartCan He Set Aside His Rock And Roll Lifestyle To Secure The Heart Of The One Woman Who Sets His Blood On Fire The Regency Rockstars Series Is A New Twist On Historical And Rock Star Romance Stories Of War Scarred English Lords Who Are Bad Boy Musicians And The Women Who Dare To Love ThemReid Is A Standalone Book In The Regency Rockstars Series

Born in England, but raised in Australia, Sasha has a love for both countries Having her heart in two places has created a love for travel, which at last count was to over 55 countries A travel guide is always on her pile of new books to read.Sasha lives with her husband, her university student daughter and a cat who demands a starring role in the next book She has found new hiding spots for

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  • 297 pages
  • Reid (Regency Rockstars, #1)
  • Sasha Cottman
  • English
  • 08 October 2019

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    Reid Regency Rockstars Series 1Sasha Cottman date 01 14 2020Blurb When faced with a dangerous new rival, Regency London s hottest lead singer is forced to place his singing career in the hands of a sexy widow Rockstar Romance meets Historical RomanceLord Reid Follett enjoys all the lustful benefits that come from being a war hero on the battlefield at Waterloo Every woman in London wants to bed him And Reid is never a man to disappoint a lady.But the gloss of winning the war is starting to fade Reid and his friends find themselves being challenged by a new group of talented Italian musicians who are taking their place in the hearts and bedrooms of the wicked women of the ton.England s bad boys must rise to the occasion and take on these interlopers at their own game With Reid as their conductor and baritone the Noble Lords are born.Reid s ego however, does not match his singing ability and he soon discovers that to win he is going to have to put aside his pride and take singing lessons.Widowed mother of one Lavinia Jones is the perfect teacher for him Discrete, and ready to do his bidding The fact that she is a dark haired temptress is simply a bonus Reid intends to use her to get what he wants, then he will toss her aside.Lavinia however, is no push over and Reid soon discovers that she is the one holding all the power in their relationship Without her guidance he will never be able to master the right note and go back to his seductive ways.The closer they work together, the less they can resist one another A fiery sexual encounter leaves them both wondering just where the music stops and where the heart takes over.But Lavinia has a secret past of her own, and Reid finds himself suddenly facing his own jealous nature when it comes to the woman who has stolen his heart.Can he set aside his rock and roll lifestyle to secure the heart of the one woman who sets his blood on fire The Regency Rockstars series is a new twist on Historical and Rock Star romance Outrageous egos, wicked women, and scandalous behavior And somewhere in the middle is the music.Stories of war scarred English lords who are bad boy musicians and the women who dare to love them.My review When four lords engage in a battle of talent, what is to do the only who does not play instrumentAt first light, I thought Reid a spoiled brat, pouting because someone was playing with his toys.In fact, I even wondered if he had a brain outside the one sitting between his legs controlling his every moves and thoughts And a fickle lord he acts like, why they engage in a battle of whom has the longest A cocks fight in the making.In all, it was funny and very refreshing as soon the wounded pride lord is up to the challenge, something which will rise him from above his own past hurt and uncertainties.Lavinia is an awesome and strong woman, she left behind a live of wealth and convenience and since she still stands her ground and tries to make the most with the few she receives.She is no coy miss and she acknowledges and accepts her feelings and needs, she does not shy away but she also knows the risks she can t afford.Her relationship with Reid is one of trust to be won and loyalty to not betray.I loved she hold on and let Reid grovel the necessary time, he had too but she is too able of forgiveness.She is such a mature and confident woman.I know this novel could appear modern than its subject but the practices and customs were respected, and still it gave a dynamic to this story, why I turned eagerly the pages, needing to see how Reid would stand his challenge and when he would understand Lavinia was than his tutor, then what about the other fellows from the bandAs the first in a series, the romance is one part of the story, but I also was introduced to all members of the quartet and now I impatiently awaited the next installment in this very original setting.If you love historical stories, music and romance, Mrs Sasha Cottman concocted a vivid tale with a very original plot and bigger than life characters whatever their flaws and strength are For sure the author made her mark with such a peculiar storyline and ready to move on heroes It is filled with sensuality and great protagonists whom despite their anger or fear, are able to talk things out.5 stars I want .I was granted an advance copy by the author and I preordered my own.Here are my true and unbiased opinion.https 429830134272

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    I really enjoyed this book, I do love a good regency but this one is so different from the normal regency, it is steamy and fun and had me turning the pages as we see Reid meet his match in Lavinia, singing teacher with a strength that shines If you are looking for something a bit different then I suggest picking this one up and how fabulous, it is part of a series.Lord Reid Follett loves being with woman and since returning from Waterloo he has not had a problem taking care of his lustful ways, that is until a group of Italian musicians lands in London and seems to be taking over, and going without sex is not good for Reid or his friends, so they form their own group known as the Nobel Lords and Reid is conducting and singing, it is not long before he decides that singing lessons are needed and when he meets L Jones singing teacher, Reid s life is about to change dramatically, in a good way.Lavinia Jones is a widowed mother of a young son and gives singing lessons to make ends meet, but when Lord Follett arrives to request lessons feelings that she has not had for a long time are coming to life but keeping their relationship as teacher, student is not easy, because Reid is an easy man to fall in love with, only Lavinia will control how things happen Reid had no intention of falling in love or marrying just yet and falling for the beautiful Lavinia took him by surprise but she knows what she wants and how, when he discovers her past he is determined to make her his, Lavinia is strong, loving and caring and takes things in hand with Reid so beautifully I really did enjoy this story there were lots of smiles as Reid and Lavinia find their HEA and getting to know the other Lords was lots of fun I am looking forward to their stories This is one that I highly recommend if you enjoy a story with a twist.

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    What a breath of fresh air Sasha Cottman has brought with this new series the Book 1 started it off with a bang The story is fun, with some historical facts of wars volcanoes erupting the main secondary characters are all ones I want to hear about in the future Reid, Viscount Follett is getting sexually frustrated after a group of Italian male musicians have taken the Ton by storm, leaving him his lordly friends without the nightly dalliances with the noble ladies This won t do for the arrogant viscount, after all he is a celebrated war hero from the Battle of Waterloo the women beg him for attention in the bedroom He comes up with a plan for the group of friends to for a music group to outshine the Italians woo the ladies back to them Piano, Violin, Flute are for the other men who had been trained musically, so that left Reid for vocals However Reid s singing ability doesn t live up to his ego arrogance so he must employ a singing teacher.In to his life come a widow with a 6 year old son by the name of Mrs Lavinia Jones, who would be his new singing teacher She has been residing in a run down apartment barely making a living but is perfect for Reid s need of discreet lessons The best part was she was a dark haired temptress that Reid felt he could use, get his lessons then leave when he didn t need her any further Lavinia was much stronger that Reid anticipated even though she felt the attraction between them, she kept to the singing lessons until they could not deny the connection any longer The journey from here is such a lesson in growing up, accepting responsibility, solving the secret that Lavinia is hiding will the Noble Lords succeed in wooing the ladies of the Ton I highly recommend this delightful romp in the world of nobility, romance love I personally, cannot wait until I can read Book 2 Owen

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    Reid is book one in Sasha Cottman s Regency Rockstars series When I first got the book, I thought the title was rather ludicrous Regency Rockstars brought a picture of Kiss in cravats and top hats to mind After reading it, I understand the pun Four men form a musical group to woo women of the Ton into their beds But when they find their competition winning of the fairer sex, the lead singer Lord Reid Follett realizes he needs to improve his vocal performance So Reid seeks out a voice teacher But his world is turned upside down when the teacher ends up being a beautiful woman I enjoyed this book There are quite a few sex scenes sprinkled throughout I think Cottman does a good job of developing Reid s character I also liked the way she weaves actual history into her story mentioning the eruption of the volcano Mount Tambora and its effects on the economy in England in 1815 1816 I am looking forward to the next book in this series Owen.

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    Reid Rocks When I read the premise for this first in a series my thoughts could only wonder how this would work I am happy to say it was perfect Perfectly humorous, enchanting, exasperating at times yes I wanted to just knock Reid off his pedastal, but he got better and a new storyline that had me in it s grip Sasha s imagination took hold and has given us four handsome gentlemen ok they are rakes with a capitol R but I think each will need their own redemptive love to realize they are much than just their basic urges When these four friends, all heroes from their battles at Waterloo decide to form a band, I could not wait to see what would happen Plus being told mainly from Reid s point of view put a new spin that was really unique.Can Reid find his voice with the help of widow Lavinia Jones, temptress that he thinks she is or will he get distracted and she become just another conquest Escape into this delightul Regency romp that pulls out all the stops needed to make this an enjoyable story and as I turned the last page, longing for Owen s tale Well done

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    A slightly different look at Regency England This time through the eyes of a guy A great read that was interesting to read It is a real page turner.

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    Couldn t put this down I got so engrossed with this story A quite different sort of Regency romance More like a Regency boy band with sexy scenes..and I loved it 5

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    Viscount Reid Follett is a hero of Waterloo and a peer of the realm and he reaps all the benefits of his position, especially when it comes to the attentions of ladies He s never lacked for bed partners either, until now When a group of Italian musicians quite literally steals the show, Reid and his friends decide to retaliate by forming their own musical group Reid appoints himself conductor and singer, but his cockiness doesn t quite hold up to his passable singing abilities and with their first performance coming up soon, Reid swallows his pride and seeks out a singing master to help him perfect his voice.Lavinia Jones chose to marry for love over position and she wouldn t change a thing Now a war widow, she struggles to make ends meet for herself and her young son by giving singing lessons Her discretion makes her perfect for Reid s purposes and the fact that she s beautiful doesn t hurt But Reid quickly realizes he needs Lavinia than she needs him and she s the one in control of their relationship Both feel the attraction sparking between them and when they eventually succumb, it leaves them both feeling unsure of the boundaries of their relationship With secrets still between them, it will take a culmination of everything he s learned and all the growth he s made as a person for Reid to succeed at his singing and get the girl he s come to love.This was a fun, fast paced romp I wasn t too sure about the premise of this series but after I really enjoyed Owen, I had to go back and read Reid s story I really enjoyed the growth he showed and Lavinia made for a great no nonsense heroine Now I m ready to find out what s going on with Eliza and Callum in the next book.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Reid is the first book in the fun new Regency Rockstars series The series is based on four lords who have returned from the war as heroes, but their popularity to the wicked women is in danger A group of handsome Italian musicians is stealing the show The lords decide to challenge the Italians and start their own musical quartet known as the Noble Lords The perspective of the story from a male and the storyline of regency rockstars is original and very entertaining.Reid, Viscount Follett, was taking on the role of singer, but after hearing the Italians perform he knew he needed help improving his voice To step up his game he decides to take private singing lessons He wasn t expecting the singing tutor, L Jones, to be a feisty woman or as intimidating He was used to women gushing over him, but Lavina was not impressed with his title or his voice As the Noble Lords become popular, Reid realizes he has no interest in any woman but Lavinia He is not interested in marriage but two of the lords are being pushed to marry by the end of the summer Reid is determined the quartet will be a success and have a carefree, fun summer before they get married.Lavinia had been disowned by her family when she married her husband, Peter Now with Peter gone, she is having to support herself and her son, Jonathan She takes Reid on as a student but has no expectations that he can stick with the vigorous training She feels the attraction between Reid and herself, but she tries to deny it She doesn t see how there can be a future for them together This was an interesting book with an original storyline The characters were well developed and the sneak preview of the other three lords caught my interest I can t wait until the next book comes out

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    Reid Follett, Owen Morrison, Kendal Grant, Callum Sharp are war heroes, rakes of the first order, handsome, and quite good with the ladies That is until a quartet of handsome and talented Italian musicians comes to London All of a sudden, Reid and his friends are being outmaneuvered by the newcomers when it comes to the winning the attention of the ladies What to do The four friends are not without musical talent, so they decide to form a quartet of their own The Noble Lords, their band, is formed to compete with, and hopefully outdo the Italians, with their music and with the ladies Will they succeed In this first book of Sasha Cottman s new series, we meet the friends and learn a bit about them and their situations, setting up the other stories in the series Reid s story is a delicious treat Told from his point of view, it is engaging, has a good dose of drama, and is laugh out loud funny The characters interesting and likeable The men are talented and arrogant, honorable and caring Eliza, Reid s sister, and Lavinia, his singing teacher, are intelligent, independent, and tough enough to handle and take care of the boys in the band Jonathan, Lavinia s young son is an absolute delight Don t let the snarky banter between Lavinia and Reid fool you The chemistry between them is white hot, and they are perfect for each other This is a great start for a new series I really enjoyed Reid s story and happily recommend it Regency Rockstars promises to be quite entertaining What fun to watch the rakes of the ton become the bad boys in the band Owen is next Can t wait.

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