Rejuvenaging Be active in selectively incorporating activities that enable the personal success Philadelphia author psychologist Dr Ron Kaiser has penned a new book that continues to indicate his positive attitude about living and positive thinking His other book is WHAT CAN GO RIGHT THE THINKING PERSON S GUIDE TO MAKING GOOD THINGS HAPPEN a manual to help the reader lead life to its fullest in a proactive and positive manner by overcoming problems from the past by immediately focusing on building the emotional strength to take charge of the future.In a well paced preface Dr Kaiser offers his own journey When I first started working as a school counselor fifty five years ago, I assumed that I would continue to do similar work for about forty years and then retire I didn t know what being an older adult would be like exactly, but I knew it would be a relaxed and passive time of life Over the years, as I transitioned from working in schools to working in community agencies to working within the health system, and I transitioned from a master s level counselor to a Ph.D psychologist, and I started referring to those with whom I work as patients rather than clients, I also underwent a transformation in my thinking about old age While I ve always considered myself to be a really good psychotherapist, in the past couple of decades, I ve become increasingly influenced by the relatively new field of positive psychology as well as the dynamic research dealing with neuroplasticity the brain s ability to produce positive change and growth throughout the lifespan Both of those influences share a common psychological core the belief in our ability to effect positive change by the activities and values that we choose to pursue That new knowledge has produced profound results While recognizing that some people are medically, psychologically, or situationally limited, we now know that most of us can choose how we are going to age This book presents a case for the following statements Activity is better than passivity, and planning psychologically for our senior years is as important as planning financially for them Both active retirement and choosing to work past a normal retirement age are equally valid choices Most important of all, growing older is not a spectator sport it requires active participation for maximum benefit Maintaining a healthy activity level is not a haphazard process Based upon widespread research as well as than a half century of work in the field, I have developed an approach that I call Goal Achieving Psychology GAP , which bridges the gap between thinking and doing Many readers will breathe an A Ha moment while reading Dr Kaiser s supportive recommendations about life in the Golden Years lane Now in his early eighties, our guide began his Goal Achieving Psychology in his seventies writing e books, launching The Mental Health Gym, and reaching out to senior citizens in workshops and seminars online and in person My major source of pride, however, is the fact that I lead one of the most active lifestyles of anyone I know, regardless of age I am committed to staying fit by eating healthy, regularly going to the gym, and taking a yoga class with my colleagues at the headache center In addition to taking part in many other recreational and cultural events, my wife and I subscribe to and attend four concert and lecture series This book is a positive infusion of life s possibilities with aging He discusses quite frankly the concept of getting old as being a positive instead of a negative phrase Life begins to blossom in our fifties and the process of what he calls Rejuvenation is the body of the discussion of this text both scientifically defined and explained as in Neuroplasticity the brain can change throughout the lifespan and Positive Psychology Dr Kaiser presents seven keys to taking ownership of our life It all starts with the Mindset, Rejuvenate Your Intellect, The Rejuvenators Guide to Healthy Eating, Owning Your Body, Being a Social Being, Doing Good Makes You Feel good, and Appreciate the Good That Permeates Your Life With his overriding concept of accepting our age without feeling the need to attach any negative connotations to it Dr Kaiser has managed to lead the parade of making feeling my age a meaningless expression As he closes his proactive conversation and teaching he states, Rejuvenaging presents a positive, strength based view of aging If I had known how much fun old age could be, I d have grown older faster I m happy to be feeling my age, and I hope that you are too For any person approaching life s golden years this book is one of the most exhilarating, flag waving, positive sessions to launch Rejuvenaging and enter the Golden Years happily and with energy A brilliant transfusion for an otherwise potentially chronically tired sector of our population Highly Recommended. I turned 71 this week and thought this might be helpful It was interesting I found it moderately helpful and will follow up on several suggestions. You could say that Ron Kaiser is an 80 year old reluctant revolutionary.Kaiser s life affirming book, Rejuvenaging The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm is a step by step guide to re training yourself to live your golden years everything after 50 with active participation and a positive psychological attitude The book is one the author says he resisted writing for many years Ron Kaiser says he never wanted to be seen as an old psychologist who specializes in working with old patients But upon turning 80, Kaiser says he realized he was is the perfect place to share advice to others going through the aging process, by incorporating a positive and active attitude into his life lessons Kaiser says at the outset that his book is designed to get the reader thinking about and implementing activities that can help people age in a healthy, happy manner Rejuvenaging is an essential primer filled with both common sense and somewhat radical methods of rethinking how they approach the aging process and becoming actively involved in manifesting a happy and fulfilling life.Kaiser introduces us early on to his own specialized approach, which he calls Goal Achieving Psychotherapy or GAP He writes that his ideas spelled out in this book are intended to bridge the gap between thinking and doing thus helping people to get unstuck and become happier and productive The author, whose own lifestyle at 80 should be inspirational all by itself, says that every person must make a conscious choice to change habits and their basic mindset in order to incorporate Rejuvenaging into their lives As Kaiser writes, getting older can be the best time of life, but it does require a commitment He points out that aging allows individuals some terrific potential benefits including leisure time, fewer responsibilities and a greater opportunity to concentrate on personal growth Along with a specific plan for aging better, Kaiser s book also includes specific case studies of individuals who, through a commitment to rejunvenaging have been able to make their lives meaningful, active and personally fulfilling One key concept and foundation of Rejuvenaging is developing a Type P personality As Kaiser explains, there are six P s of the Type P personality They include being Personal goal driven, Proactive, Positive, Passionate, Persistent and Playful Kaiser claims these are all an insurance policy against decline as you age The author details each of these attributes and recommends working on them in, which he has created to augment this book But there is so much Ron Kaiser goes on to identify seven separate keys to taking ownership over your life They are Developing a new mindset, Rejuvenage your intellect, Eating healthier, Paying attention to your body and health, Becoming social, Doing good for others, and finally, Appreciating the good that permeates your life Kaiser also provides a Rejuvenaging Toolkit to challenge Adversity and Decline, as well as his own new definition of Feeling My Age Kaiser also includes a vital bibliography of other books that will help anyone who chooses to engage in this new journey to seek out a greater, happier way of living The author wraps up this groundbreaking primer with another invitation to stay involved in Rejuvenaging by frequenting his website, which is a kind of clearinghouse of other resources and ideas, with links to related topics As he writes, We re in this together as we commit ourselves to growing older with enthusiasm This is an essential guide for anyone seeking to do just that. This was a delightful surprise to me to find this book to be a page turner I have read self help books previously and felt that while the information may be accurate, the delivery was text book like and old school learning I often flipped through pages This turned out to be a night well spent of truly enjoyable reading I appreciate Dr Kaiser s honest delivery and what I believe dry wit This book actually made me feel motivated and encouraged I can do this Life is for living and learning along the way and it can only get better with that determination and grit to be the best You Thanks to Dr Kaiser I m eager and hopeful and to do what those of us who have read the book already know working on that curb appeal is important Don t miss this Getting Old Can Feel Good, If You Know How To Do It I have to say, the second half century of my life has been going pretty well so far I won a pairs waterskiing world championship at the age of 51, founded a new nonprofit at 56, and now at 67 I m writing my fifth book, playing 20 30 shows a year with my trio, and learning two new musical instruments I get it having lots of birthdays behind you doesn t mean you have to give up and be an old person This is exactly why I loved Dr Ron Kaiser s book Rejuvenaging The Art and Science of Growing Older With Enthusiasm While I was already pretty much on board with the idea of enjoying rather than regretting the whole idea of getting older, this book is by far the best thing I ve read on the subject.When it comes to aging gracefully, Dr Kaiser is an absolute guru He s a clinical psychologist who has made a point of studying and understanding every aspect of aging, and in Rejuvenaging he shares that wisdom with the world He lays out seven realistic steps that virtually anyone can take to make old age in many ways the best time of your life He explains the idea of neuroplasticity, which essentially means that we have an effective way to fight back against those senior moments He talks about the Type P Personality The P stands for personal goal driven, proactive, positive, persistent, passionate, and playful.The book is extremely well written, informative, and devoid of jargon I think Dr Kaiser is about 80 years old, and what I have to call his youthful enthusiasm shines through every page He clearly practices what he preaches Rejuvenaging is a delightful and informative read If you are getting up in years or if you intend to a plan I highly recommend you will love this book. Practical This book resonated with me because its advice is real, practical, and refreshing One section talks about not making physical ailments the center of conversation or your attention as you age Another talks about the importance of mixed age social interactions Neither of those had occurred to me to be mindful of but are small mental shifts that are easy to put in place and will stick with me. I read a lot of books about self help and motivation All these books were very interesting and inspired me, but unfortunately this effect disappeared very quickly and I returned to my usual life and my usual habits again I did not expect much from this Rejuvenaging The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm by Dr Ron Kaiser, but fortunately I was mistaken I finished reading this book a few weeks ago and I can say that my life has already changed for the better Dr Ron Kaiser does not just give useful information, he truly inspires and changes life for the better I am sure that this book must be read by all people The Aging Process Has Historically Been Thought Of As A Time Of Slowing Down, Declining, And Running Out The Clock By Introducing The Concept Of REJUVENAGING, Psychologist Ron Kaiser Provides A Blueprint For Making The Aging Proces An Active And Exciting One With Seven Keys And Countless Practical Strategies, The Book Draws Upon The Exciting Fields Of Positive Psychology And Neuroplasticity To Provide Guidance For Maximizing Physical And Emotional Health, Social Involvements, And Improved Intellectual Functioning During The Senior Years As Dr Kaiser Emphasizes, Growing Older Is Not A Spectator SportIf You Are In The Second Half Century Of Life, This Book Will Make Your Children Jealous Because They Re Not Old Enough ToRejuvenage But It S Actually Never Too Early To Follow Dr Kaiser S Formula For Growing Older In An Active, Accomplishing, Healthy, And Enthusiastic Manner By Maintaining A Healthy Mindset And Lifestyle And By Owning The Aging Process Mastering The Keys To Rejuvenaging Maintaining Mind And Body Productivity Throughout Your Life Building Strengths To Overcome Adversities Experiencing The Joy Of Feeling Your Age

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Rejuvenaging book, this is one of the most wanted Ron Kaiser author readers around the world.

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