Retirement Retirement A Memoir And Guide Shows You How To Secure The Best Time Of Your Life In Retirement The Author Describes How He Did It, And How You Can Do It Too Read How To Take Life Slowly, Notice And Revel In The Beauty Of The World Around You, Most Important, How To Find And Pursue Your Passion And Live Fully Married Or Single, Discover How To Avoid The Loneliness Or Episodic Depression That Many Retirees Suffer From Too Much Leisure Time Is Often An Expressway To Boredom, Frustration And Unhappiness The Author Tells You How To Avoid This Unhappiness Through A Few Steps That Anyone Can Take Follow Him As He Faces His Own Worries And Challenges About Retirement And Overcomes Them To Live It Fully And Happily

Quote From Author Boyd Lemon I lived most of my life in Southern California I am a retired lawyer who reinvented himself as an author I moved to Boston in March 2007, where I stayed until spring of 2010 I loved it great city From Boston, at the age of 69, I moved to Paris for a year I now live in St Marys, Georgia.I have written five books Retirement A Memoir and Guide Digging Deep

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    In Retirement, by Boyd Lemon, encourages his reader, as Socrates, to know thyself Lemon says the way you get to know yourself is through exploring the mind and the spirit This book is a combination memoir and guide The tone is advisory even when he shares many anecdotes about his life Lemon touches on every aspect of life, beginning with passion The author was a lawyer, whom produced a financially comfortable life, but it was a life he didn t enjoy He didn t want to make the same mistake with retirement, so he took a different approach When planning for retirement, he sought passion This book speaks to prospective retirees in the same way colleges speak to students Lemon encourages readers to plan for retirement as we would plan our careers, searching and questioning to discover your passion and planning your future accordingly He says the way you should plan is with the lifestyle you want to lead in mind As well as knowing thyself, Lemon tells his readers to live in the present Live in the present moment at all times, smell those roses at all times The author encourages readers to engage in nourishing their mind and spirit for peace, strength and harmony I believe this book is targeted to audiences preparing to enter retirement, prospective retirees Lemon tells his audience to prepare a financial plan ahead so that they don t have to be dependent on the government, your kids or stocks and bonds He suggests annuities, social security and long term health insurance Lemon gives very practical advice to his readers on many subjects He also gives advice from his own experiences and glimpses of wisdom in different areas of life He talks about relationships with children He encourages parents to leave them alone if you want them to talk to you, no unsolicited advice He believes older people need to stop being so mean and impatient and they need to stop complaining With a conviction, the writer tells us to do what we want in retirement, not what is expected or what someone might tell us to do Yet, in the first few pages he is telling you to travel because of the many benefits Travel is important to the retirement plan The travel section is filled with so much information it is a guide within his guide into retirement This section is a guide of how to prepare for retirement and how to go about preparing to travel the pitfalls and the advantages, as well as, the best countries and cities to visit Lemon skillfully uses this book to market his other books Eat, Walk, Write An American Senior s Year in Paris and Tuscany, Dig in Deep A Writer Uncovers His Marriages and Unexpected Love and Other Stories The book contains 34 chapters and 7 sections With the way Lemon argues his points, you hear the clear style of a man who was once a lawyer He summarizes each part like a closing argument of a court case I would recommend this book because it has the ability to educate the reader about retirement and travel This is not only a guide to retirement and travel, but also a personal memoir about Lemon s life and relationships The combination of memoir and guide do not mix well Additionally, the travel guide does not mix well with the retirement guide The author needed to write three separate books, but instead tried to squeeze all the given content into one short book.

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    The main point of Boyd Lemon s Retirement A Memoir and Guide is that retirement is not primarily an outer process but an inner one To have a successful, fulfilling retirement, one must understand this basic truth.Lemon s insights and personal experiences related in his book center around his inner growth As a reader, I found it personally interesting that Lemon in his 60 s and 70 s discovered meditation and writing, where I began practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique and discovered my passion for writing as a young man prior to my 21st birthday We reached the mountain top from two different sides of the mountain, one might say.My life has included the pursuit of inner development, excellence in writing, and a career in teaching Lemon s admission is that he followed a life engaged in outer activity, recognizing the need for knowledge of self and discovering his passion for writing in the last ten years.One of the great strengths of his book is that the author has asked himself many questions in the last ten years and he includes those questions and reflections in the book Whether or not a reader has already addressed those issues, asking those questions again from the new perspective of retirement is significant Some of the memoir portions of the book that address the significant questions I found over long with too much detail, yet others I found spot on in both perspective, tone, and length.A great deal of Lemon s insights remind me of American Transcendentalists Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson The need to simplify one s life and the need to live life as an inward to outward process are significant to Lemon s guidance to experiencing a fulfilling retirement I do not agree with all of Lemon s conclusions, but my disagreements do not lessen my appreciation that asking fundamental questions and recognizing that a restructuring of one s inner perspective are crucial to a satisfying retirement Further, the author says that each of us must consider our own situation as the primary basis of decision making Once we retire, there is nothing to achieve, except personal fulfillment This does not mean doing nothing rather, it means exactly what the word retire means a new direction, an inner direction In many cultures, one s last years are devoted to inner development and spirituality Acknowledging this goal does not preclude travel, new passions, family, or an active life, as Lemon expressively demonstrates in the autobiographical sections of his book.The ultimate retirement is, of course, death, the ultimate simplification of one s life It is the ultimate minimizing Transcendence is a phase transition to one s inner potential and is also perhaps the most gracious transition to the ultimate retirement Boyd Lemon in his book Retirement A Memoir and Guide provides a powerful balance of what to watch out for and what to look forward to when retiring Like Thoreau in Walden, Lemon has approached retirement as an experiment in living, centered not in a place but in a time of life The one splendid irony of life is that Lemon s wisdom in living the last years of our life may also contain wisdom of how to leave the last years of our living.

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    This memoir offers thought provoking tips as one moves into that final or near final chapter of life Probably my favorite is being present, as Lemon calls it Too often in life when we are intent on career and moving up the corporate ladder, we rarely stop to smell the roses This book makes a strong case that not only is it healthy to relax, slow down and enjoy the moment but that in doing so we find the tranquility that comes with focusing not just on ourselves and our experiences, but what others are saying and feeling For truly this book is filled with joie de vivre, and the author s determination to make up for lost time by living life to the fullest before it is too late and that means taking risks even taking up Pilates and meditation Lemon segueways off to his year in Paris, one of the many adventures he shares after he retired from a big law firm on the West Coast and becomes a single man after three failed marriages His emphasis on finding meaning by connecting with one s passion in the author s case, writing serves as a template for those who ponder what to do in their golden years His answer is simple don t give up, don t sit in a rocking chair, keep active and alert to new opportunities The strongest parts of this book are when the author moves away from descriptions of how to prepare financially for retirement, or packing light and using subways in foreign cities as a way to save money, this could be gotten from Frommer s Travel Guides and concentrates on his real message you re never too old to start living and truly revel in the beauty of a solitary walk on a snowy morning.

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    I read Boyd Lemon s book to see what I missed in my plan for retirement 15 years ago I enjoyed his insight and straight forward style throughout the book, and found that I indeed had left out several key things from my original plan Fortunately I added some of them after the fact but it would have been so much better with fewer mistakes if I had read his book first In the first three parts of his book you will find some key points that you really need to make special notes of, and I ll mention a few without giving away the whole story Prepare Emotionally, Prepare Financially, Being Present, Learning Growing, Knowing Who You Are the Path To Find Your Passion Read these points carefully as from my own experience I know they will be a big help toward your planning stages of retirement The next two parts of his book covers Relationships and Challenges which are things you should understand could be in the mix A part of his book that covers Appreciating the Beauty in the World Art and Travel is very important as he explains the need to take time to enjoy what is out there, as someone said earlier stop and smell the roses This last section gives you some very important tips about The Joys and Challenges of Retirement Travel tips I could have used when I visited Germany, Italy, and a special trip to Ireland on our 50th Wedding Anniversary All in all, Mr Lemon is giving you a great reference book not only as A Memoir but importantly as A Guide Read and enjoy

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    Enjoyable book to read I really liked Retirement A Memoir and Guide There is so much helpful information on having a fulfilling life after finishing work It s amazing the insights in the book on learning to know yourself and finding a passion that will fill your days It s a fascinating account of the author s own journey in preparing for retirement and taking the steps toward a happy time of life The stories of traveling, and art, and relationships were great Even though I m not quite at retirement age myself 15 or so years to go , I found a lot of value in the clear guidance within this book for learning to enjoy life I m a stay at home mom, and I definitely can apply most of what he speaks about in the book, dealing with relationships and pursuing enjoyable activities, and learning about myself, so I can focus my days where they need to be The author really has a unique way of narrowing down an area of life and showing how to improve in that area I especially liked how he talks about being conscious of enjoying every moment and appreciating the beauty around us I highly recommend this book It has everything you need to get ready for retirement and great advice for adjusting to life once you ve retired Thanks to the author, Boyd Lemon, and goodreads for providing a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    I found Boyd s book both thought provoking and freeing It caused me to think about aspects of my looming retirement that I had either not considered, or that I had considerations about in manner that was very pleasant I found it freeing because some of the things I had considerations about just blew away while reading the book It was an interesting personal process to read the book and I will definitely keep it on hand to refer to again in the years to come I highly recommend it to anyone who is just beginning to think about retirement to those who are already in retirement.

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    Received as a GoodReads giveaway The author provides lot of food for thought on a wide range of aspects of retirement It is very much a memoir, though, and I found myself skimming through anecdotes and sections that don t apply much to me and my situation But definitely thought provoking overall.

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    Whether retirement lies years ahead or you ve already taken the plunge, Boyd Lemon s provocative tips, based on an insightful combination of life experience and acquired wisdom, highlight ways to make your post employment years even enjoyable and rewarding.

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    Liked the author s description of living in Paris

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