Ripples Is The Grief Over Her Mother S Death Causing Natalie To Experience Profound Delusions, Or Is The Truth Much Sinister Natalie Is Grieving The Recent Loss Of Her Mother When She Starts Seeing Rifts In Space That Lead Her To Question Her Own Sanity These Bizarre Rifts Reveal Windows Into Another Reality, Opening Up Possibilities Natalie Never Before Imaginedif She Believes In Them Is She Losing Her Mind Due To Grief, Her Genetics, Or Could She Actually Have Stumbled Upon A True Mystery Of The Universe This Paranormal Suspense Novella By Author Candice Bundy Delivers Evocative Drama, Action, And Twists Into An Intense Supernatural ThrillerYou Can Read An Excerpt On The Author S Website

I m Candice Bundy, an IT Consultant by day and an author by night I focus on habit hacking to achieve my minimalist, health, productivity, and positive mojo goals I m also an unrepentant epicurean, which includes winemaking, gardening heirloom tomatoes, and fermenting sauerkraut, sourdough, kombucha, pickles, and water kefir I may be over hobbied Is that a thing If you would like to know when

★ Ripples  PDF / Epub ✈ Author Candice Bundy –
  • ebook
  • 42 pages
  • Ripples
  • Candice Bundy
  • English
  • 23 May 2017

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    my thoughts This short story is about a young lady named Natalie She goes home to pick up the pieces following her mother s death When she awakes from a nap she encounters a rift which can does not understand She meets with her mother s lawyer and is handed a letter from her mother That letter is the start of her determination to discover who she is and where she had come from It leads her on and unusual journey that eventually ends with her mutual understanding of what her new purpose in her life is meant to be reason for reading I read this short story because I enjoyed reading the daemon whisperer candice bundy and thought since this was a short story it would make for a nice read It made an excellent read I have to say it has left me wanting though It s a great prequel to something that could become an extraordinary novel and or series When I was reading it it made me think of the rift tear in the wall that had taken place in a Doctor Who episode.

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    In Candice Bundy s Ripples, the rifts in Natalie s life become all too real, and she must decide whether to embrace them or run away.When Natalie s mother dies, the effect ripples through her and everything she once believed A visit to her last known relative and a long time friend inspires her to stand tall and take a chance, but it might be her last.As a reader, I loved how one event causes a rippling effect both physically and emotionally The rifts are mysterious, enchanting, frightening Ms Bundy leaves you guessing and thinking long after the short story is finished The only disappointment for me was I felt there was a longer story buried within the fine lines of this one I wanted Ripples is a taste of a bridging of worlds within our own.

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    Natalie s mother has just died, and left behind a strange letter Moments after Natalie has seen a weird orange orb in her mother s house, she discovers that her real mother was actually her aunt Sophie, who has spent the last 30 years in a mental ward after trying to kill the infant Natalie When she visits Sophie in the hospital, Sophie calls these orbs rifts and warns Natalie not to enter But Natalie is curiousI got this ebook free during a promotion It was shorter than I expected The writing style was easy to read and the premise was very interesting I do love anything to do with mental hospitals I wanted to know about the world that Natalie discovers, and in general wanted to get into Natalie s head than I did, but overall I enjoyed it.

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    This was lots of fun to read In fact, it felt like a mini movie.What I liked about this story is the mystery that unfolds without spoiling too much in the beginning when the main character has to research through her family history to find out what Natalie is experiencing, and whether she s losing her mind.There was a charm to the writing that made it easy to stay hooked and keep reading You find it compelling to care about the main character, and the people she runs into Everyone is interesting I recommend this book, for a fun read.My only problem is it seemed to end way too soon.

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    I m a sucker for a good short story, and this is a great one.Dissonant, creepy, and strangely moving, Ripples follows young Natalie as she tries to piece together the mystery of her heritage, and what it has to do with the bizarre visions she s suddenly having Carefully crafted and beautifully written, Bundy s prose rolls off the page, and this delicious blend of sci fi, horror and paranormal fantasy is a fast, enthralling read now that I ve read this, I can t wait to check out The Daemon Whisperer.

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    This book is one of those treasures that you don t find in a bookstore or a library This is one of those books that really makes you realize how much richer and diverse the writing community is today, now that budding writers like Mrs Bundy can get their ideas into the hands of readers everywhere without having to wait years and jump through innumerable hoops to get their books on paper It s taut, thrilling prose at its finest If you read this one on an e reader, be sure you have a full charge on your battery You WON T want to put this one down BD

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    I liked the premise of Ripples, but it was just too short I m definitely going to check out scifi from Candice Bundy.

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    Candice Bundy surprises me, which is a good thing In Ripples, she creates a disjoint in reality that kept me guessing until the last page which came too soon The conclusion of the story was unexpected, and disturbing Creepy in a good way.

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    Interesting confusing.That s all I have This story left me with tons of questions and no answers.Gave it one star because the writer had no grammatical errors and it was well written.

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    A creative, taut, well written shortif you like stories that are creepy, in a good kind of a way this one is for you I cannot wait to read what this talented author is working on next

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