Rock Me (Bodyguard Bad Boys, #1)

Rock Me (Bodyguard Bad Boys, #1) Summer Michelle and Ben Hollander were involved four years ago He was assigned as a bodyguard to the reality show she co starred on Once their affair was revealed, Ben was let go from his job and had to fight his way up from under the cloud of shame Angry at his circumstances, he vowed to never again become involved with a client So what happens when he s tasked with guarding the one woman who could tempt him to break this rule I m a huge fan of Carly Phillips writing I ll literally pick up anything she produces She has a knack for creating heroes who are charismatic, alpha, heartwarming and real Her heroines are always sweet, wholesome, spunky and likable Together with an interesting and uncomplicated plot, her stories make for a few hours of enjoyable escape Rock Me was an amazingly sweet second chance romance and I loved the connection these two characters shared Ben was still understandably upset with Summer but once she shared the truth with him, these two couldn t resist coming together again The fact that this was the most erotic and explicit story I ve ever read from this author may have something to do with why I liked it so much.If you like your heroes strong and sexy and your heroines bold and feisty, plus the added bonus of this being a second chance romance didn t hurt, then I recommend one clicking this book today I hope you enjoy it as much as I did xo Release DateSeptember 19, 2017 GenreContemporary Second Chance Romance POVDual 3rd person Heat4 out of 5 TypeStandalone Book 1 of the Bodyguard Bad Boys series Bodyguard Bad Boys Sexy, Hot, And Oh So Protective A Pop Star In DangerHer Reluctant BodyguardA Past They Can T DenySummer Michelle Is On The Verge Of Ultimate Fame Ben Hollander Has Sworn Off Mixing Business With Pleasure But Keeping His Hands Off Of The Sexy Songstress Is Easier Said Than Done And Once The Threat Is Neutralized, Will She Choose Fame Over Love ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewRock Me by Carly Phillips is a sweet, sexy fast paced second chance romance that centers on an upcoming pop star and her bodyguard With Phillips sizzling prose, she has readers rooting for Ben Hollander as he reunites with Summer Michelle, his former flame.With Summer Michelle s rising popularity, new threats have been made and TV networks are worried about her safety for a singing competition and so they hired Ben Hollander as her bodyguard Summer and Ben have somewhat a history since they used to be an item until somehow it got leaked they were in a secret relationship and Ben lost his job Now fast forward to the present, Ben has learned his lesson to never mix business with pleasure But with the growing sexual tension and attraction, will Ben be able to resist the temptation and do his job Rock Me is your sexy alpha dose of fast paced hot romance Carly Phillips did a terrific job showcasing romance and a little excitement into the mix So if you are looking for a sizzling romance this fall, I recommend you to read this book as this author never disappoints her readers Carly Phillips Four years ago Summer and Ben had a thing when he was working as security at the reality talent show she was in They were both almost in love, but something happened and he got fired And now they kinda hate each other Also, he s her new bodyguard But being this close to each other 24 7 brings back all the amazing feelings from before and it doesn t take long for their thing to start again Even though Ben swore he would never let pleasure get in the way of business again I really enjoyed reading it It was sweet and sexy and a bit mysterious and suspensy.It was also a bit confusing There were so many people friends and parents and others named by full name and what they do and where we know them from and how they are connected with us and what happened in their lives and bla bla no idea why it bothered me so much I know this is the first book in the bodyguard series, so obviously we need to meet the future books characters But there were so many other people in here I felt like I had missed 2 complete series of books stories about those characters, that have been told already It was weird I almost DNF d the book a few times And I hate that I love Carly s books BUT I kept on reading, because I reallly liked Ben and Summer And it WAS a really adorable second chance romance And I also really want to read the books about the other bodyguards ROCK ME was a very sweet sexy 2nd chance love story Run to your nearest for your own Ben this one is already guarding MY body Book Review For ROCK ME by Carly Phillips ROCK ME by Carly Phillips is the First Book in a New Series called Bachelor Bad Boys This is the story of Ben Hollander and Summer Michelle Ben was Summer body guard about 4 years ago and they had a affair relationship Which is against Ben s company s rules for their bodyguards So he was fired when word leaked about them Ben assumed it was Summer that had told and gotten him fired So he up and left her and never took any of her calls Now 4 years later Ben works for another company where he is like family group and he values them giving him a second chance When this company gets a contract to be a body guard to Summer, Ben is the only man left to go Summer is shocked to see Ben again after he up and left her Ben wouldn t even take her calls so she could apologize for what happen to him Summer is pretty sure that Tawny Renee a girl she though was her friend turned him in and gave news of their affair Ben has a pretty big chip on his shoulder toward Summer and tries to make this just a job between them But neither can forget how they felt together This was a great second chance at love story My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read. 4.5 starsBodyguard books are my favorite I love the whole mysterious, can t be found, protect me heroine that relies on her bodyguard to protect her The meek female that just throws themselves at the feet of their bodyguard to take care of her This Carly Phillips book NOT THAT BOOK Ben Hollander now works for a family firm, Alpha Security, where he is contracted out to be a bodyguard But this assignment is a little different This assignment had personal connections to him Having been a bodyguard on the set with the up and coming starlet, Summer Michelle, he d found her hard to resist and had a fling, actually causing him to lose the job However, the stars aligned and he was now to be her bodyguard.Both Summer and Ben realize quickly the past is surely not the past and watching these two go at it was hilarious Neither wanted to give, both being headstrong, and watching the fire fly kept me turning I love the groundwork this laid for the series and can t wait for the next one Rock Me is the first in a new series about bad boy body guards This is Ben and Summer s story It s a cute second chance story about two people who were destined to be together When Summer starts getting threats during a competition, Ben is hired to be her personal body guard He is still resentful of how things went down years before, but he is a professional and can definitely keep it that way.I thought this was a cute story Both Ben and Summer were genuinely likable characters Their chemistry was off the charts There was a little mystery, but it wasn t too hard to figure out Still it didn t take away from my enjoyment of the romance This was a fun story and one I recommend checking out. FREE on on iBooks today 5 25 2019 I am a faithful reader of anything that Carly Phillips writes I mean, not to get all sappy and nostalgic, but it was her book, Sealed With A Kiss, that sealed yes, pun intended my fate in loving romance novels for the rest of my life Everything I have picked up of hers I have enjoyed greatly but sadly, the day has come where I did not like one of her books as much I thought I would.In her newest series, Carly Phillips is introducing us to the Bodyguard Bad Boys, which sounds ridiculously hot as I assume it is intended to be The first to make our acquaintance is Ben Hollander, who has such a sexy name I warmed up to him from the very beginning Ben has been a bodyguard for quite some time and has always performed his job with the utmost professionalism, until he crossed paths with Summer Michelle Unfortunately, their time together did not end on a good note but that s ok because fate dealt them a second chance That, and Summer, an upcoming popstar looking to make her big break, is being threatened You can probably guess who is assigned to be her bodyguardIt was so great getting a look into the world of this series and also see what is to come, but I think the reason why I didn t like this book as much as I thought I would is because I just couldn t connect to the main couple Don t get me wrong there was definite chemistry between the two despite their rather strained reunion But, the further I got into the story, the interested I was in the secondary characters than Summer and Ben As crazy as this may sound and it does coming from me, the physical aspect of Summer and Ben s reconnection became too much for me And, I get that since this is their second chance there really isn t much get to know each other moments but I liked the Summer and Ben s moments together when they weren t ripping each other s clothes off Add in the fact that the book was shorter than I was expecting and it seemed that a good amount of the book was about how Summer and Ben were reconnecting with one another Overall, I would have liked the pace and storyline to be stretched out a little because it all wrapped up way too quickly for me.Despite my feelings towards Rock Me, it in no way dissuades me from continuing with this series because like I said before, this girl is a faithful reader to all things Carly Phillips This book wasn t my cup of tea but I still enjoyed it enough to be eagerly waiting for the next book in the series.Now, if you are in the mood for bodyguards and love yourself a second chance romance with a good helping of bedroom action, then I recommend you pick up Rock Me. I enjoyed this book It s the first in a new series, and I m looking forward to sexy bodyguard goodness Summer Michelle is a pop star Well, star might be stretching it at the moment She competed on, and was a co winner, on a reality TV show 4 years ago But, since then, she s mostly focused on her writing and recording, along with some voiceover work to pay her bills But, she s about to catch her big break The biggest pop star in the industry, Jade, needs an opening act for her new tour, and it s between Summer, and her rival co winner from the reality show, Tawny While they are competing for the slot, some threats have come in against Summer, so Jade s team hires a bodyguard for both Summer and Tawny, just in case Ben Hollander loves his work as a bodyguard Though he made a huge mistake 4 years ago and lost his job, he s now found a great boss, and a great company to work for that s like a big family What was that mistake you ask Well, he was working security for a reality TV show, and fell into bed with one of the stars, Summer When news came out about their relationship, apparently from Summer herself, he was fired for breach of contract, and he never spoke to Summer again She tried calling, etc, but he wasn t willing to talk to her Not the best way to handle things, maybe, but he was angry He learned young to know better when it comes to women, after watching his mom and dad s relationship implode, due to his mother s cheating ways He vows never to let the personal affect his work again It s too important to him When he finds out he has to guard Summer, he s angry at first, but then he s worried about his control where she s concerned Ben and Summer had a lot of miscommunication between them that had to be dealt with They both have issues with their families, so both of them are quite on their own, and they found comfort in each other Neither of them can manage to keep a professional distance between themselves, and when they finally give in, the chemistry was fantastic I really enjoyed them both coming to terms with their attraction, in between bouts of pushing away, etc Since they already had a history, things moved pretty quickly, but it was still realistic, and I enjoyed the pacing The suspense plot was pretty light, and was related to who was threatening Summer, and why It was well done, and though I suspected the culprit, it took me a while to be sure, and I still had no idea why they were doing it, so I appreciated the big reveal I really enjoyed seeing a bit about Ben s boss and coworkers, since they will be featured in upcoming books in the series They were interesting and entertaining, and it appears the next book is about one of the bodyguards and his daughter s nanny I love those types of stories, so I am so here for it I liked this story, and I m excited for from this group This author has a way of pulling you into her worlds, and I have really enjoyed all the books I ve read by her ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Megan from Alpha Book Club

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