Scot Under the Covers (Wild Wicked Highlanders, #2)

Scot Under the Covers (Wild Wicked Highlanders, #2) When A Resourceful English Lady And A Hot Blooded Highlander Join Forces To Trick A Scoundrel, Every Rule Will Be BrokenMiranda Harris Is Known For Her Charm, Wit, And Ability To Solve Any Problem She Encounters But When Her Brother Lands Neck Deep In Gambling Debt To A Crafty Villain And Miranda Is Subsequently Blackmailed Into Marrying Him, She Must Enlist The Help Of The Devil Himself To Save The Family Honor And HerselfDevilishly Handsome Highlander Aden MacTaggert Knows Next To Nothing About The Ways Of The Ton, But He Most Certainly Knows His Way Around Gaming Halls And Womens Hearts Still, Aden Is Not Sure How He Ll Manage To Find A Sassenach Bride In Time To Save His Family S Inheritance When His Almost Sister In Law Miranda Comes To Him For Assistance, He Proposes A Partnership She Will Help Him Navigate London Society And He Ll Teach Her Everything About Wagering And Winning Back Her Freedom The Beautiful, Clever Lass Intrigues Aden But Is She Playing Her Own Game, Or Are The Sparks Between Them Real He Is Accustomed To Risking His Pocket But Betting On Miranda S Love Is A Game He Can T Afford To Lose SuzanneEnoch

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  • Scot Under the Covers (Wild Wicked Highlanders, #2)
  • Suzanne Enoch
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  • 15 August 2019
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    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from NetGalley This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.3.5 heartsWhat are you supposed to do when your brother gambles away a fortune he doesn t have and promises you to a man you despise You do what any other smart woman would do and fight fire with fire Or in this case, a gambling Highlander who might just be able to best the scoundrel at his own game.Scot Under the Covers is the second book in the Wild Wicked Highlanders series It centers around three very attractive Highland men, who through some machinations of their estranged mother, have to marry an English woman before their sister marries or loose the money required to run their highland home.Aden is a sweet man overall he seems incredibly lucky, until you see the thought and work, he puts behind that luck I enjoyed reading his character especially when Miranda, his soon to be sister in law initially despises him due to his gambling ways It was fun to watch her opinion change when she meets a true gambler, the one who owns her brother and is intent on marrying her I also enjoyed Miranda s growth from a sheltered debutante to a woman truly fighting for her future.This is a fun story with a very charming man in a kilt willing to go to great lengths for the woman he decides will be the one he marries no matter the cost Aden was the son that seemed the most upset with their estranged mother and who is probably the most like her I really enjoyed the interactions they had together and how perhaps he might soften to her just a little anyway.This is the second book in a series and can definitely be read as a standalone, but you d miss the fun of Niall and Amelia in It s Getting Scot in Here if you decided to do that If you are a fan of Scottish Brogues and like tricksters, then the love story of Aden MacTaggert and Miranda might just what you are looking for Blast it all, he was twenty minutes early She hadn t managed to circle her thoughts back around from self pity to useful plotting yet I ve some curiosity Most lasses who decide they dunnae like me have at least conversed with me first Do ye have a dance to spare for me this evening Then we can chat and ye ll have a reason to loathe me

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    RELEASE DAY January 28, 2020Kindle Link Then I suppose if you bring the black powder, I ll bring the fuse Why is that romantic to me IDK it just is RTC Overall Rating 3.4 STARS rounded up Price is Right view spoiler Kindle version 7.99 RN on hide spoiler

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    Series Wild Wicked Highlanders 2Publication Date 1 28 20Number of Pages 320In the first book in the series, It s Getting Scot in Here, we were introduced to the wild, brawny, devilishly handsome MacTaggert brothers The brothers, Coll, Aden, and Niall, have lived the last seventeen years without their mother Aden was only ten when she left and Niall was seven She got tired of the Highland s lack of social life and left with their year old sister, Eloise They haven t heard a word from her in all that time and now, she s demanding that they travel to London and marry English brides Yes, she can enforce that because she holds the purse strings that provide support to their estate, Aldriss Park They have to think of the estate and their crofters and villagers Plus, she also holds a paper signed by their father stating that in return for her support of Aldriss, each son must marry an English bride AND that their mother gets to choose the bride for one of them To say that the three brothers aren t happy would be a gross understatement.Miranda Harris s brother is betrothed to Eloise MacTaggert and it is that betrothal that has caused the MacTaggert boys to be summoned and told to find brides They must marry before Eloise does Miranda is charming, intelligent, witty, always the bell of the ball, and well she s definitely opinionated and outspoken When she was first introduced to Aden, almost the first words out of her mouth were, I detest gambling And gamblers Aden MacTaggert is probably the most handsome of the devilishly handsome MacTaggert boys He is also good at wagering his skills are legendary and he could easily support himself and his family from his winnings However, he has no interest in being a professional gambler it is entertainment for him He s highly intelligent and is always several steps ahead of anyone else He s the MacTaggert who is very private and doesn t share his thoughts, feelings plots with anyone else.Matthew Harris, Miranda s brother, is a sweet, open, gullible young man who has run into a whole heap of trouble An unscrupulous vulture has lured him into wagering and and much than he can afford The man holds Matthew s vouchers for fifty thousand pounds Now, the man is demanding payment either payment in full OR Miranda s hand in marriage The family couldn t pay that amount even if they sold all of their belongings they d be ruined personally and financially.Miranda has no intention of marrying Captain Robert Vale, but she can t bring her family down either She has to play along with Vale while she is finding a way out She knows the perfect person from whom to seek advice another gambler Aden MacTaggert He is certainly the lesser of two evils in this case Will he help her after the way she insulted him Not only does Aden agree to help her, but he is also incensed at what has happened for a number of reasons He s incensed that someone would lure a na ve young man into such a situation, but he s even incensed that the same young man would just expect his sister to pay the price Basically, he traded his sister to settle his debt.Aden and Miranda spend as much time as possible plotting and thwarting the machinations of Robert Vale, but he is a wily, sly, and unscrupulous man and beating him won t be easy Somewhere along the way, Aden and Miranda find that they very much admire each other and they come to love each other However, they can only have a life together if they can thoroughly thwart Vale.I loved how Aden and Miranda came to totally trust each other and rely on each other That was a hard thing for each of them Aden because he d never had a woman in his life that he could rely on, and Miranda because she distrusted gamblers because of past family history Their love was hard won and their HEA was sweet.I m sure I m supposed to be softening toward Francesca Oswell MacTaggert, but my feelings are still the same I am sure there is supposed to be to the story than we ve seen so far and maybe I ll soften when I learn it all However, as a mother, I can t think of anything that would make me leave my very young sons and not try to contact them for seventeen years Then to try to force them to her will in order to get them back into her life No I m just not getting there.Now, let s talk about Matthew Harris I kept reading what a sweet, na ve, nice young man he was but I didn t see it He traded his sister like a horse, or car, or and didn t seem to have any real problem with having done so I didn t really see anything that made me think he was remorseful Yet he s to be forgiven and to still be allowed to marry Eloise I have trouble picturing these three MacTaggert men allowing that to happen without some serious stuff happening first Something than just resigning his club memberships.So, the bottom line is that I loved the book and I hope you ll enjoy it as much as I did.I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Scot Under the Covers Wild Wicked Highlanders 2 by Suzanne Enoch ia a very delightful story This is the second in the series involving Aden MacTaggert who enjoys himself with women and wagering at the gaming tables You have got to love these four Scottish brothers who live under there, in some ways, their mother s technical rule either marry before your younger sister or never get the money to keep their impoverished holdings in Scotland afloat It is not until Aden meets his match, an English lass named Miranda Harris who is very independent and speaks what she feels Miranda has been sold off by her brother to a supposedly English Captain to settle his gambling debts and who wants to climb his way into society by keeping those indebted to him at his mercy and using Miranda as a means to getting close to the ton because of her charm and connections Having no choice in the matter, she seeks out Aden MacTaggert and thus their paths leads to a train wreck or does it Such an enjoyable read and I am very much looking forward to the next in this highland series The plot is good and the characters are entertaining Suzanne Enoch did a very good job with this story and I recommend the read. Thank you Netgalley and St Martin s Press for this ARC in exchange for my fair and honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.4.5 Stars

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    Reviewed for Wit and Sin Scot Under the Covers is a true delight It s fast paced and fun with characters who are easy to adore and a romance that will leave you smiling.Aden is known as the elusive MacTaggert brother He s got a quick mind and skilled fingers that serve him well both in the cardroom and the bedroom, and he s not unwilling to let the English s dim views of Scotsmen work to his advantage His mother s decree that he marry an Englishwoman suddenly becomes a very appealing prospect when he meets Miranda Harris Miranda s brother is engaged to Aden s sister, but that s not why the beautiful lass seeks him out Her brother has gotten into a massive debt he cannot repay and the villain is demanding Miranda s hand in marriage as payment To outwit a gambler Miranda needs the help of one It s not just her plight but her fiery spirit that captures Aden s interest When the two join forces the banter flies and the pages of Scot Under the Covers fairly crackle with energy.Aden and Miranda are both incredibly easy to like They ve got good hearts, quick wits, and spines of steel They re a perfect match in every way, but with the proverbial noose quickly tightening around Miranda s neck, the two of them have to work fast to free her Miranda enjoys maneuvering through society and knows how to play the game, but it s fun to watch her start to break the rules with Aden I ve said it before but it bears repeating that Aden and Miranda are simply a lot of fun together Though Aden knows she s the one for him pretty quickly, Miranda s unwilling attraction develops into love as she learns Aden is a man she can trust and rely on I ve read the book twice now and both times I ve thoroughly enjoyed every step of their journey.Romance, passion, and a very crafty villain make the pages of Scot Under the Covers fly by Aden and Miranda are at the heart of the story, but their families play strong supporting roles and bring warmth and humor to the tale Aden s mother is particularly fascinating as she continues to try to regain her sons trust and affection And surprisingly because I didn t like him very much in the first Wild Wicked Highlanders book , I m very much looking forward to Coll MacTaggert s book I cannot wait to see what Suzanne Enoch has in store for the brash and bold MacTaggert brother Until then, I m happy to revisit both It s Getting Scot in Here and Scot Under the Covers Both are vibrant, charming romantic romps full of heart FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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    This is the second book of Enoch s newest series I haven t read the first, and this was fine as a standalone I can tell you will have a better feel for all the characters be reading in order, though The siblings were in this book, and I m assuming at least Aden was in the prior book The first book of the series is It s Getting Scot in Here This book provided a bit insight into how Coll s personality was and I m assuming the next book will be about him or at least that he will have a book at some point I m very excited for his story He s a huge, brawny highlander and I m half in love with him already Miranda is the perfect society lady She has polish She knows society rules She has a wonderfully pleasant and engaging personality Except when it comes to the burly Aden MacTaggert, whom she snubs upon meeting I really enjoyed Miranda She was one of those heroines that I just truly liked I want to be her friend Shes not helpless, she s smart, but she s limited by her position and strength And Aden fills in those gaps so wonderfully She s not someone who is meek or has no backbone I thought the ways she needed Aden were so touching and real feeling for the time Don t get me wrong, I love an independent heroine and one that can save herself and others, but this just felt different Maybe I was in the mood for a big, hairy highlander to come in and save the day Miranda pulls her weight for sure and they work together She s not just a damsel in distress.Aden has been drug to London to find a bride His family history was probably explained better in the first book You know his mom left his father 17 years ago and now has an agreement to get all the brothers leg shackled before their sister Niall has already found his love Aden is open to the idea of marriage, but doesn t seem to meet anyone that inspires any strong feelings.I thought this book would be an enemies to lovers because of their brief animosity the first, but it turned into a lovely getting to know you, becoming friends, and falling in love Miranda has a serious problem she must solve and she enlists Aden to help her They become partners against a villain This villain felt a bit different than the usual villain The drive behind what he wanted was different And boy did he inspire strong feelings of dislike in me You were rooting for his disappearance He is in the book a decent amount, but I found it didn t take away from Aden and Miranda s relationship It bonded them stronger together, in fact, because you couldn t help compare the two and it made your heart melt all the with Aden s actions.Heart melting is how I felt about this book There were so many just adorable, cute, funny, sweet moments in this book I m pretty sure as I finished, I oozed into a pile with hearts floating above me Aden is of a beta hero, and betas are usually not my thing But I loved Aden He s just so sweet and caring and he just falls in love with Miranda so sweetly He doesn t have some deep, dark, and lame secret why he can t marry He hasn t sworn off women marriage He has these real feelings that are new to him, and he embraces I m getting goosebumps thinking about his love for Miranda I loved how he loved her and I loved how he spoke about his feelings first.This book is my favorite Suzanne Enoch This is my 6th novel by her I plan on getting my hands on the first in this series soon and I will definitely be checking out Coll s story when it comes out I was able to receive an ARC copy complimentary from netgalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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    Scot Under the Covers beginning was definitely touch and go and I was damned near tempted to drop this but the Book Gods above decided to answer my prayers by gracing me the perseverance to claim a few pages then wa lah Matthew true intentions and dealings came to light which help lead and created the phenomenal partnership between Aden and Miranda I immediately fell in love with their banterful relationship filled with stolen kisses, steamy moments, and badassery of our fine ass highlander This was perfect swoon worthy historical romance I ve been looking for a while.

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    Aden MacTaggert is the second MacTaggert brother to find love in Wild Wicked Highlanders series He is in London to find a bride under the orders of his mom Although he is reluctant about it and doesn t think he will succeed in finding the sassenach of his dreams, circumstances say otherwise He ends up falling in love with Miranda Harris who is engaged to Aden s sister Miranda is in a terrible situation due to her brother Matthew s gambling away a huge amount of money he doesn t have to a villain The villain asks for Miranda s hand in marriage if Matthew cannot pay what he owes him in money Aden comes in for the rescue and we have a HEA ending.I liked Aden and Miranda s back and forth sarcastic and flirtatious bantering with each other when they first meet The two of them were likable characters The plot was interesting, but at times I was getting a bit bored and I wished there was of a focus on the developing romance between Aden and Miranda I wanted to see romance and a bit less focus on the villain Also, Matthew, the brother who thought he can gamble his sister s whole life away doesn t have any consequences about it He is such a spoiled brat.I will be reading the first book in the series and I look forward to the next one Thank you to Net Galley and St.Martin s Press for providing me with an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    I had a hard time staying with this book Just the highlanders talk was too much for me.

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    I ll be honest, I totally didn t knew that Suzanne Enoch has a new series out, so when I stumbled across this book, I knew that I had to try it I m usually a bigger fan of her Victorian Historical Romances, but who can say no to a hot highlander Enoch pays a lot of attention to the details, which brings a really rich experience for the reader However, I think that if you aren t familiar with the terminology that Highlander Romances have, then you may find some bits confusing She doesn t really explain what the terms mean, so that might require some getting used to But since I ve read Historical Romance for years, I didn t find it an issue for me I am just mentioning it because I know that there will be some readers who may not familiar with the lingo.Nevertheless, this romance does feature a lot of other things as well The secondary cast are important and I think Enoch has plans to give everyone a story at some point There s lots of banter and cheer back and forth so I m sure there will be a character that everyone will love Since I didn t read the first book in the series, I was a little lost in the beginning But once I got my bearings, I did enjoy the book I think I will be going back to read the first book in the series to be caught up.

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