Seasons of Darkness

Seasons of Darkness Ethan Harrington S Innocence Was Lost Seven Years Ago When His Mother Took Her Own Life Forced To Grow Up In A Hurry, He Quickly Learns To Build A Wall Around His Heart, Vowing Never To Let It Be Hurt Again Left Alone With His Controlling And Abusive Father In An Isolated Farmhouse, Ethan Struggles To Live Among The Shattered Remains Of A Family That Was Never Functional To Begin WithA Kindhearted Doctor, A Beautiful Girl, And A Caring Nanny All Love Him In Different Ways, But Ethan, Now Sixteen And Still Ravaged By His Mother S Suicide, Turns To What He Has Seen His Father Take Comfort In Time And Time Again Thus Giving Rise To An Inner Demon That Will Not Turn Him LooseA Story Of Hope Even In The Darkest Of Times, This Is A Coming Of Age Novel That Depicts The Sometimes Difficult, And Oftentimes Complex Relationship, Experienced Between Fathers And Sons When Tragedy Strikes Belinda.G.Buchanan.aOr hop on over to my website to learn about my newest releases and giveaways

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  • 584 pages
  • Seasons of Darkness
  • Belinda G. Buchanan
  • English
  • 08 April 2017

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    Season of Darkness is the prequel to After All Is said and done Everett Harrington has 2 children Renee and Ethan He is a widower who is trying to raise his children right He has gone through multiple Nannies due to his drinking Renee was a very social child who was well beyond her years, and Ethan was withdrawn especially from his father Everett s latest nanny Greta gets along with the children fine and doesn t say much about the drinking Through the story there are flashbacks that Everett and Ethan have about the absent mother wife the real reason she s not in the picture Ethan starts to wonder about things and starts breaking out of his shell Ethan moves further away from Everett because he is controlling and he beats Ethan when the boy does wrong.Greta and Everett start to fall in love with each other even though he has a drinking problem and he can t keep his hands off Ethan, Greta says a lot but doesn t do a lot about it The last straw for Ethan was when he wanted to start medical school but his dad wouldn t let him because he wanted Ethan to run his company I thought this book was remarkable the way it dug into Ethan s existence Read this book to find the mystery of Ethan s mom Belinda is such a great author who I d love to see from.

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    Ethan Harrington grew up to be a troubled man and in Seasons of Darkness we find out why The read is not comfortable but to understand a character the pieces that make them up tend to have huge gaps of difficult times.Ethan became the doctor he longed to be and the reason is clearly revealed in the relationship he develops with the doctor that saved him physically and emotionally Ethan s father was not only an alcoholic but a child abuser who took his rage out on his son The stress of his work and the tragic loss of his wife may have pushed Ethan s father over the edge but his means of control were cruelty and the end justifies the punishment.As you move through from one chapter to the next you see the picture of a wonderful boy who yearns for love and approval He tries to please and make sure everyone is cared for but the one person being neglected is Ethan and the toll that takes on him builds to a pressure point that sets the stage for future life altering decisions.Belinda Buchanan shows every side to her characters which is what makes them so interesting.

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    Seasons Of Darkness is the first book I picked up by Belinda G Buchanan and I m so glad I did Her writing is crisp, engaging and flawless This book grabbed me from page one and wouldn t let go By the time I got to the end of the book I wanted to know about Ethan s life I have just started After All Is Said And Done If you are looking for a gripping, emotional read then Seasons Of Darkness is the book.

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    I loved this prologue to After all is said and done It gives a good insight into why the son ends up emotionally scarred in the bext book I found myself really feeling for him and at the same time wanting to shake him and say just talk Maybe thats the female side of me The author has done well to get inside the head of a man A brilliant read.

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    Reading this took me several weeks, due to the abusive relationship between father and son I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book in this series I ll admit, I was hoping for a different outcome.

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