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Seven-Day MagicSeven Day Magic By Edward Eager Goodreads Seven Day Magic Concludes The Tales Of Magic Series By Edward Eager It Has Been A Truly Great Reading Experience During The Last Year And The Present Year S Summer I Ve Divided The Reading Of This Series Between Two Summers BecauseI Wanted To Keep In Touch With These Books And Author For The Maximum Amount Of Time Possible Seven Day Magic NPR Seven Day Magic NPR Coverage Of Seven Day Magic By Edward Eager And N M Bodecker News, Author Interviews, Critics Picks AndSeven Day MagicTales Of Magic Eager, EdwardSeven Day Magic Though An Older Book Is Just As Interesting And Entertaining Asmodern Books Funny And Intriguing, This Book Tells The Story Of Five Children Who Find A Magic Book And Make Wishes On It That Cause Excitement, Adventure And Even Trouble I Enjoyed How They Went Into Another Book By The Same Author Half Magic Which I Enjoyed Seven Day Magic Is A Fun And SEVEN DAY MAGIC Kirkus Reviews The Best Kind Of Book Says Barnaby Is A Magic Book This Eager Truism, Reflected In The Words Of One Of The Gangsters Here, Has Double Meaning, In Both The Eager Philosophy And This New And Refreshing Dip Into The World Of Fantasy Little Fredericka Began The Whole Adventure By Wishing On What Appeared To Be An Ordinary Book Her Wish For Wizards And Witches And Green Dragons Comes TrueSeven Day Magic Summary And Analysis Like Full Book Notes And Study Guides Sites Like SparkNotes With A Seven Day Magic Study Guide Or Cliff Notes Also Includes Sites With A Short Overview, Synopsis, Book Report, Or Summary Of Edward Eager S Seven Day Magic Seven Day Magic Eager, Edward Free Download, A Seven Day Book Of Magic Proves To Be Fractious For Five Children, Who Must Learn The Book S Rules And Tame Its Magic Seven Day Magic Quentin Blake When Susan Opens A Strange Library Book She Discovers It Is About Her And Her Friends, Leading Up To The Moment She Opened The Book Beyond That The Pages Were Blank Waiting For The Children To Wish The Book Full Of AdventuresFirst Published InQuentin Editions Of Seven Day Magic By Edward Eager Editions For Seven Day MagicHardcover Published In,Paperback Published In, Kindle Edition Published In,Seven Day Magic By Edward Eager LibraryThing In SEVEN DAY MAGIC, Five Children Siblings John And Susan, And Siblings Barnaby, Abbie, And Fredericka Check Out A Book From The Library That Contains A Story About Their Morning The Rest Of The Book Is Theirs To Fill By Wishing For Adventure They Take Turns, One Each Day, Learning The Limits Of The Magic FantasyThis book was very creative and entertaining It tells the story of a library book that comes to life when children discover its magic Whatever they wish for comes true and takes place in the blank pages of the book It contains elements of fantasy such as magic and dragons I would use this book as an interactive read aloud Students could discuss elements of fantasy and point them out as they discover them in the story Then students could write their own fantasy story This is a chapter book that is a perfect length for a unit on fantasy The chapters aren t very long so it could easily be broken into appropriate lengths for read alouds I would also recommend this book as an independent read to advanced readers who are interested in the fantasy genre. Of all the Edward Eager books, this is probably the one I know least well, the one I don t think I first sat down and read until I was an adult which means, unfortunately, that it missed out on that golden period where I devoured books as a child, reread them ad nauseam, and now carry them forever with me.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook I know I read this as a child, but it must have been only once, because so much of it seemed fresh and new to me Tommy was enthusiastic, especially at first, because he has lately been really into spotting references in books and TV shows this largely brought about by his current fixation with The Simpsons So it was exciting to him, that the first magical adventure referenced the Oz books, the secondHalf Magicand the third the Little House books, all of which he s somewhat familiar with Then he got frustrated, because the chapters stopped being about books so much, and the children never visited the world ofThe Hobbit , which he d been desperately hoping for, despite one of the characters suggesting it as a possibility Later on, we were briefly excited whenThe 13 Clocksgot mentioned So, Tommy s frustrations aside, I still came away from the book with a certain satisfaction that I do seem to be producing a well read child even though he s not reading any of these on his own A potential reader of this book would certainly do well to be familiar with those books We actually tried to read Knight s Castle a few months back, but had to give up, because T was confused by and uninterested in all the Ivanhoe references something I didn t mind as a child despite not having readIvanhoeor seen the movie, as the kids do in that book.Two last observations 1 The Barnaby the wanderer chapter is much philosophical than anything else of Eager s that I ve read I found myself wondering if there s a lot of Eager himself in Barnaby full of ideas, aware he s intelligent than anyone else, kind at heart, but given to defensively using biting sarcasm to make up for his scrawniness and short stature 2 Eager s chapters are always really, really long We ended up staying up til 10 bedtime is supposedly at 9 to finish each chapter several times in our nights of reading this. The best kind of book, says Barnaby, is a magic book Oh, yes, I thought, nodding, of course I remember reading this book when I was a little ten year old girl I found Half Magic on the bottom shelf, dusty, almost unread, and felt like I d discovered a whole new world Imagine how sad I was to find that there were only two Edward Eager books in our library, which composed for me the entire extent of my book world The book was every bit as good to me as a forty seven year old as it was so many years ago I m Eager to read Eager magic.

Eager was born in and grew up in Toledo, Ohio and attended Harvard University, class of 1935 After graduation, he moved to New York City, where he lived for 14 years before moving to Connecticut He married Jane Eberly in 1938 and they had a son, Fritz Eager was a childhood fan of L Frank Baum s Oz series, and started writing children s books when he could not find stories he wanted to read to

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