Song of the Current

Song of the CurrentI just cannot rate this I have no idea how I would even decide the star of this book When I read other reviewers saying it is hard to rate, I was like hmmm Now I understand The idea of the plot is very compelling but during some of the story I was like WTH, am I lost or not comprehending this story It was not a bad book at all but the writing threw me I have read a lot of five star books lately so that probably did not help going into this read. 3 1 2 Overall a solid very interesting fantasy read Caroline Oresteia Is Destined For The River Her Father Is A Wherryman, As Was Her Grandmother All Caro Needs Is For The River God To Whisper Her Name, And Her Fate Is Sealed But At Seventeen, Caro May Be Too LateSo When Pirates Burn Ships And Her Father Is Arrested, Caro Volunteers To Transport Mysterious Cargo In Exchange For His Release Secretly, Caro Hopes That By Piloting Her Own Wherry, The River God Will Finally Speak Her NameBut When The Cargo Becomes Than Caro Expected, She Finds Herself Caught In A Web Of Politics And Lies With Much Than Her Father S Life At Stake, Caro Must Choose Between The Future She Knows, And The One She Could Have Never Imagined Man this is a tough one I adored the story and there was so much potential, but the writing was so difficult to wade through that the plot was a bit lost on me The first 10% or so was very meh so much sailor lingo and I honestly had no clue what was going on for the first several pages For those of you who would rather know what is going on at first Caro is sailing with her father on her wherry which is basically their home they live on the river and when they arrive at Hespera s Watch I think it is , they see boats on fire and a bunch of crap Long story short, they get arrested and the dock master dude i think basically throws Caro s father in prison and tells Caro the only way she can help him is to deliver a crate for them Caro realizes that whatever is in the crate is the reason the port city was attacked, but she agrees for her father Thus the story begins Caro is told to never open the crate under and circumstances So what does she do She opens the crate And THAT is where the story got good I won t spoil what is in it, but that s where I legit got excited.Anyway, I d rather not touch on what happens after the first 12% or so aside from saying it had its ups and downs Some bits were SO FUN and I couldn t put the book down for pages at a time Other parts were SOOOOO slow and I dreaded picking the book back up again.So that brings me back to the writing The thing is it was lovely but oh my gosh frustrating at the same time I kid you not, literally half this book was describing Caro s actions on how she s sailing the ship If you don t know anything about boats ships wherrys, you won t understand a darn thing thats happening I was totally confused In some books, I get excited to look up the terms, but for this one, UGH there was just way too much It was so frustrating I m glad the author did all that research, and I have no doubts that it was totally accurate, but it was seriously overkill If you took out all that crap, this book would have perfect pacing I m not even joking And that s the thing I adored all the characters Caro was fine, but ahhh Tarquin was definitely my favorite for obvious reasons I loved his personality and was hooked on him from the beginning I was also super intrigued by Caro s mother I loved the world and the dynamics politics, but it was a little difficult to follow at times because of all these new terms thrown at us Anyway, I still totally recommend this book and I have a lot of respect for the author Seriously, the plot really is fun and worth a try Just go in with the right expectations maybe My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy More reviews can be found at In an attempt to keep her dad out of jail, Caro a wherry wo man, must transport a crate and deliver it to Valonikos Unfortunately, it isn t just any crate, and there are pirates searching the rivers for it Caro must rely on her friends and her own skill to complete her task all the while hoping the god of the river will finally call out to her like all the other good wherryman have been called.The Story I love me a pirate story This is my second one this year, and while it wasn t as good, it was still mostly enjoyable I loved that instead of your typical high seas type of pirates who had wherrymen which are essentially river barges Unfortunately for me, there were a few elements that were sort of lacking The only other thing I thought was odd about this story was that if there was this boat chasing after them on water why didn t they just travel by land I am sure there could be a million reasons why but not one was mentioned like going by wherry boat was the only way to their destination.The World Building Even though a majority of this book is spent on a boat, there was a little bit extra going on Since the story was mostly set on the waters of a river, there were marshes and other boats for the story to take place in I loved the culture of the river that was different from people of the sea ocean There was definitely a lot of boat jargon that I had to keep up with, some went a little over my head, but a little knowledge and imagination goes a long way when it comes to inferring what the heck the people were doing on their boats.There were some magical elements that was included in the book that wasn t really explained shadowmen, frogmen gods that speak to whatever you were called to.but not everyone can speak to the gods of the sea, river, mountain etc It didn t feel forced on the story, but I wish a little bit of the culture surrounding it all was better explained alas, that s what second books are for I hope that not only do they explain these elements a little further, but also introduce More drakons please Let s face it, I am a sucker for dragons, put one in the water, still just as cool to me.The Characters Sometimes when I am reading a book I feel really connected with the characters I felt that this book wasn t one of those books Maybe it s just me The characters themselves were still fun Caro was a little feisty girl both headstrong and loyal She s happy with her life and doesn t want anything besides making her father happy and finally hearing the river god call her She really doesn t take any crap from anyone. My full review can be found at United by Pop.What immediately struck me, when reading this, was the elegant style of the prose The dexterity of penmanship and the beautiful quotability of almost every line marked this as a stimulating read before I had even been introduced to the characters or understood the story The prose was as melodic as the water so prominently featured, and a wonderful parallel was evoked between the telling and setting of the tale.The culture of these fantastical people was also wonderfully recounted Nuances and particulars in expression or gesture consistently featured throughout the entire book and it made the lives they head feel real and rounded Through one individual s eyes the reader is invited into both lands and a life unknown.This sense of adventure dogs the entire tale, and leads protagonist, Caroline, into all manner of strife It also allows the somewhat sheltered girl to blossom into a headstrong and independent woman, adept at harassing her enemies and overcoming fear Her non comformist attitudes and her ability to speak up for both herself and those she loves makes her a captivating lead character Her adoration for her father and life on the water is as strong as her feisty personality By allowing her vulnerabilities to also be the place where she draws her inner strength from, the reader is seduced into siding with this lovable yet scrappy rouge. dnf page 126Well this sucked I have no idea why I had high hopes for this book since it was terribly boring I m stumped with assignments at the moment so my free reading time really needs to be spent with a book I enjoy and right now I m hating this book I ve been skim reading for maybe 5 pages already and I m not even half way yet If I continued skimming it would be an utter waste of my time So, I give up This book is too slow It s too boring Also nothing really makes sense in it It s just not for me I guess okay what the heck this has pirates bitch,,,,, I m INalso the books insides are so gorgeous omg I can see now why many folks are having a tough time rating this one On the one hand, it was fun, enjoyable, and entertaining, but on the other it was filled with the heavy fodder of sailor lingo and descriptions of scenes that were slow and lacking action Overall, this one won me over by the end, I felt invested in the story and am so ecstatic that, as the first in a series, it doesn t leave us with a giant cliffhanger that we ll likely forget by the time book 2 in the series is released There was a great myriad of characters both in number and type which I found very endearing I whole heartedly embraced the magical aspects of the book there were non human life forms alongside those humans with special gifts, and just plain old normal people as well I m really torn, because at times I would put this book down and not feel any sense of urgency to finish it, and yet others I would be so drawn into a fight scene that I wanted to finish in one sitting The writing was beautiful and enticing, but the repetitive lingo and heavy descriptions might irritate some readers I really don t want to touch on the plot, but it was planned in similar forms to some of the YA community s latest favorites, meaning there are lots of little twists and turns along the way, some of which I could spot ahead of time and others I couldn t I have a soft spot for YA pirate books, especially those that feature young women and their empowerment, so I decided to give this a 3.5 star rating and would definitely recommend it for the less picky fantasy genre dabbler I really love the cover they designed for this one and felt that, after a middle of the road start, this ended with the potential to be a beloved series for fans of pirate themed novels As I stated above, I felt fully invested by the end of the story and am looking forward to the next book in the series Tolcser has immense potential and I m really excited to see where she takes us next and the growth in her writing Many thanks to the publisher for providing my copy it was a pleasure to provide my honest thoughts here. Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.5 starsI love YA fantasy I don t know why, I just do That being said, in recent years, I ve become a bit gun shy, preferring to rerereread old favorites rather than taking a chance on a new author.I guess I should say I love good YA fantasy.And sadly, these days, most of it is crap instalove, cliches, poor world building, plot holes, deus ex machina, etc Any or all are likely present in 90% of new series Or maybe I ve been unlucky in my reading choices shrugs awkwardly Regardless, SONG OF THE CURRENT is the exception I was hooked from the first line There is a god at the bottom of the river. From there it only got better Tolcser gives us a heroine with moxie to spare view spoiler she doesn t swoon the first time the obvious love interest tries to kiss her, she slaps him hide spoiler

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  • 15 September 2019

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