Spark (The Firebrand Chronicles, #1)

Spark (The Firebrand Chronicles, #1) From the moment I saw this cover, I knew I had to read Brenna s story and now.I have a new favorite author If it wasn t for sleep, I would ve finished reading overnight because once I started, I couldn t put it down I gobbled the pages up as if I found a new favorite candy and I had to see what the ending would be It was BETTER than I could ve imagined and can t stop thinking about the characters and what will happen next for them Brenna is in high school being in high school was never this cool for me and Brenna is easy to love from the start talking to her best friend, Tiny, when fire comes out of her finger and causes the whole school to evacuate briefly I liked Tiny right away because she texts Brenna s dad that they re okay and she doesn t freak out to the football cheerleading display catching fire That s a refreshing friend right there LOVED Grandma Helen and wishing all grandmas were like her She was so great in the story and wishing she could ve been in the plot Liked Rosamunde right away but was suspicious about her, what happens with her in the sequel The scene where Emperor Rexson gives her a gift and she doesn t open it right away Great scene, I would ve opened that present quickly Demon spiders NOT scary but still YUCK Brenna can heal herself AND others, would LOVE that power She also has a photographic memory think that s the right word , which is rare and super cool Arvandus I tried again to reach him You can come back now I m alone and would love to argue with you again BEST line in the book and it s already a great book LOVE the dialogue between Brenna and Baldwin..seriously There s so much to love about this book Reina almost rejects Brenna, very sassy griffin and so humorous Yes there are talking griffins in this and Arvandus is my most favorite fantasy creature since Falcor in Neverending Story.him alone is worth the price of this book, LOVED him The battle at the end felt like Narnia s battle, good guys versus evil guys thought it was so cowardly how they sneak up like that , just an amazing scene that s so brilliantly written Then the end reveals TWO surprises that were just WOWNESS Was so happy that every detail was accounted for and Brenna is such a great character, daring than I ever would ve been in an unknown land.Loved this book and highly recommend for those who love Christian fantasy, or just for those who want to leave their comfort zone and try out an epic story filled with adventure, danger, friendship Anna was SOOOOOO funny in the way she spoke, hope she gets Erhardt , an incredible kingdom and a family willing to sacrifice anything to help you reach your destiny It s really challenging for me to find books that get my heart in this way, Spark nailed it and I can t wait for from Hackman Amazing wonderful book Recommend this book Enjoyed reading this book before bed Five star book. A Splendid and Inspiring YA Tale Spark provides young adult readers just the kind of quest they should seek one that takes them to another fascinating world filled with adventures and challenges, an exotic land of great beauty, inspiration and instruction Maybe I shouldn t limit this to young adults we can all use that Brenna, the protagonist, is a relatable teenager who discovers it is her obligation to shoulder the weight of an ancient prophecy and carry it through to its fulfillment The reluctant heroine goes from worrying about notes for a high school history test to dictating the fate of the parallel world of Lineah.Along the way, Brenna encounters an engaging cast of characters including those who conduct themselves in a robotic fashion yet who are compassionate individuals that experience much of the same everyday concerns as the reader The work skips easily between light hearted banter and intense discussions about the fate of the world typical of the sweep of daily concerns young people of every generation seem to face Brenna must maintain her faith in times of troubles and live up to her special purpose.In Spark, you will find classic themes of good vs evil, new love and budding romance, fear and courage At Brenna s disposal are a myriad of creatures, each of which brings special gifts and guidance to help her succeed The Christian reader will easily be able to relate these to the gifts of the Holy Spirit Others will challenge her, forcing her to overcome their prejudices if she is going to succeed The author allows the reader to come to his or her own conclusions about each character s motives as Brenna takes on the role of educator a source of strength and inspiration in the new land who seems to channel a higher power others in the realm have only read about Along the way, she demonstrates the power of forgiveness and atonement.Brenna s journey into a darker territory is fraught with traps and great dangers, but with her own gifts and the gifts of those around her, which she helps them realize and grow, she herself grows in her understanding of her own strength and the God given obligations she must live up to She must resist the temptations others fall prey to that lead them to addiction, violence, imprisonment and worse She must live her faith and overcome her doubts and fears if she is going to succeed. I read Spark as part of a book review club, and I can honestly say I really enjoyed this story I surprised myself with this one, for I typically stay far away from both first person narration and sarcastic teenage girls I especially enjoyed the way Hackman displayed Christian themes in her text many times have I read a book under the Christian Fiction genre and have been disappointed to find nothing than something like a passing mention of the Bible The plot was action packed and exciting, but perhaps a tad too linear and fast paced for my preference I also would ve like to have seen character development personal learning experience for Brenna She I felt like much the same character beginning to end The world building was phenomenal, and I consider it a major highlight of the book I also thought Hackman was an absolute master of vocabulary and word choice, someone I now look up to as a creative writer Read Sparkit s well worth your time. For anyone reading this review it is key that you read the whole thing to get the full context of my final conclusion and why I scored it the way I did Spark , by J.M Hackman, is a YA fantasy novel that follows the story Brenna aka Raven and her struggle of accepting her role in a prophecy to save the land of Linneah Brenna is a 16 year old girl from Earth who discovers she has powers she is a Firebrand , a wielder of flames and healing on top of being part of a magical lineage from an alternate world Linneah She travels to Linneah with her family to begin training to hone her skills now that she is of age and is caught up in a prophecy that will decide the fate of Linneah All of this is further complicated by her wanting to find her mother, who has been missing in Linneah for quite some time.Let me start off by saying, VERY CLEARLY, this is not my type of book which already puts the book at a disadvantage Why is it not my type of book For starters I am not a fan of first person perspective or present tense prosewell, this book has both In addition this book relies very heavily on YA tropes and cliches with little deviation But I ll dive into the aspects I enjoyed and the ones I didn t.Major Positives The world of Linneah is interesting and finely crafted I applaud Hackman for making a fantasy world that breathed life This actually worked to frustrate me a bit because the world building was actually rather light Most aspects of Linneah are either info dumped on the reader or are casually mentioned than passed over I really liked the world I liked the magic system, the races, and the set up But it was only explored at a surface level Wish she had done The magic system was pretty interesting, if not simple Sometimes character abilities were a bit too convenient, like they were made too obviously for plot devices, but they were interesting nonetheless I particularly like the Sensitive and Visionary abilities The cast of side characters, although not very unique compared to most YA fantasy, were still engaging and fun to follow Arvandus the Gryphon, Baldwin, Rosamunde, Murray were all enjoyable to see fleshed out in their various scenes It was a shame Rosamunde didn t get screen time The use of Christian themes, although sometimes heavy handed, was still very appreciated and encouraging I liked the lore of Elyon a mirror to the biblical God , aka the Most High King I loved the theme of purpose and how doubt plagues that Purpose is a hard thing for anyone to understand, especially in light of Christ and the blessings, gifts, talents, and weaknesses he blesses us with This I also think is a key theme that rings well with teenagers and is something every teenager should reflect on, which is especially important to hear from a Christian perspective Christ died so that we may have hope and he takes joy in our success and has great plans for us that we struggle to see, similarly, Elyon in the novel pushes our heroes and has plans for everyone involved that they struggle to visualize.Major Negatives The abundant, relentless tropes and cliches I hate to bash a novel on this, but this one was a real struggle in this regard How often have people read about the hot headed, passionate, unsure of herself, witty spitfire teenage girl who suddenly has awesome powers and is the chosen one The hot male sidekick who is the graceful nice guy The bad boy I felt like I crafted the plot in my head within the first 20 pages and I was disappointed to see I had largely predicted the whole thing Uninteresting prose and voice I again hate to tag this as a negative because it is obvious Hackman poured her heart into writing this novelbut the actual mechanics of reading the novel was a struggle Brenna s internal voice, which makes up most of the prose, is grating and frankly annoying Her thoughts are a disjointed teenage mess and scenes or beats rarely flow together It just felt like a bunch of scenes slapped together with tape There was little cohesion or flow Brenna is a frustrating and uninteresting lead Which is disappointing because most of the side characters were awesome But Brenna was so annoying that she drowned them out She didn t really grow, mature, or learn much She was basically the stereotypical privileged teenager from start to end, and her moments of growth felt super artificial and ham fisted It never felt like scenes properly affected her as a person She never felt like a real character There is A LOT of info dumping style exposition Basically Arvandus became a vehicle for just info dumping Magic system Arvandus explains it Political issues Arvandus explains it How our character should be feeling, thus doing all the thinking for our reader Arvandus does that too It became grating.End Summary Spark is a YA Fantasy with solid Christian roots and themes but struggles to leave a last impression on its reader Its fun cast of side characters and fanciful world are held hostage by a tad too many cliches and a frustrating lead I recommend Spark for those that already enjoy the YA Fantasy genre, especially if they are fans of the passionate young female lead However I m not sure if people outside the genre may like the read It is definitely a novel I d suggest for teenagers who especially desire strong Christian foundations. This was such a fun read Brenna had so much humor and heart, I enjoyed discovering Linneah through her eyes and found her easy to relate to as she tried to figure out who to trust and questioned her ability to fulfill an ancient prophecy And her relationship with Baldwin made me grin Hackman s worldbuilding was stellar the various abilities that manifested in the characters and the unusual threats they faced made the story anything but predictable Plus, did you hear about the griffins Just so awesome And in the midst of the imaginative worldbuilding and Brenna s teenage sarcasm lies a beautiful message about second chances and the importance of every individual s unique gifts I m eagerly awaiting the next book in the series I really wanted tolove this book I wanted to eat it up in one sitting and feel like I ve enjoyed a sweet treat Instead, I found myself struggling to connect with Brenna, the main character and narrator Yet, I liked the setting and plot of Spark, so I kept reading until the end, despite the disconnect between us So, I couldn t love this book, but I did likethis book because of the action sequences and world building.Characters Brenna the narrator of the book her fiery spirit and reckless decisions cause problems for the majority of the book Her humor, on the other hand, was fun I like sarcasm.Baldwin the male love interest of the book a hottie whose mysterious background is never fully explored I like him the best mainly because he s practical and cute.Arvandus the griffin who is Brenna s mentor throughout the book He s probably a close tie for favorite character for me because again, he s logical instead of foolish.Talus the bad boy with a past that can t be explored without spoilers he s definitely a interesting character, though I don t really empathize with his reasoningAnna, Tilly, Murray supporting characters who have unique characteristics that do make them stand out a little , but whose qualities I d rather not divulgeBrenna s family it was nice to see a family intact, but they weren t that involved in the story except at the beginning and endAs I mentioned above, part of the reason I liked this book and didn t love it is because of Brenna I felt like Brenna didn t learn anything from her stubbornness and wasn t humbled by her experiences I also didn t feel like Brenna didn t emotionally digest all of the action in the novel She did have some reflection regarding certain scenes, but it wasn t enough for me Then, she stepped all over Baldwin so many times, even when she said she wanted to be part of a team with him She could be making these mistakes because she is a teenager or because it is her personality, but it was hard for me to read because I couldn t relate to it.Plot Brenna finds out from the beginning that she is a Firebrand, someone blessed with fire powers, as well as a type of Chosen One So she is sent on a quest with her band of friends to retrieve the Sacred Veil and thereby save Linneah, the people she is related to Along the way, she encounters many dangers which were honestly the reason I was able to finish the book Let s just say that earthquakes, volcanoes, black serpents, creepy trees, evil spiders, ice cages, and wicked assassins keep the pages turning I liked how Ms Hackman made sure that Brenna and her little gang got into as much trouble as possible, totally abiding by the rule of making everything interesting I definitely didn t guess all the action that was in the contents of these pages, so she did have me guessing throughout the book.Setting This part of the book is what I enjoyed most Ms Hackman created a world where every person is given an ability, and for the Linneans, that ability is marked by a colorful strand of hair These abilities are as diverse as flowers in a field and so neat to read I also liked how her God characters are incorporated into her novel, as well as how the ceremonies were described in detail Additionally, I enjoyed the fantasy elements powerful swords, unique mirrors, a foreboding prophecy, and sacred objects I liked how she described the use of Brenna s powers and the culture of the griffins Further, I found the evil powers and their effects to be fascinating as well Her detailed world definitely was awesome and I liked her idea of alternities Conclusion I liked this book for its setting and plot, but didn t enjoy Brenna s character I may be interested in reading the second book in the series and would recommend this book for teenagers, rather than adults. Being a debut novel by J M.Hackman, Spark, is definitely a book that fits in the YA fantasy genre With a character like Brenna James, she is definitely something worth aspiring to for young women Brenna James is literally forced into this new world through a portal on her sixteenth birthday She adapts pretty quickly and accepts the world and all its rules without hesitation The plot moved pretty quickly and reminded me a lot of a number of other titles, such as Unblemished by Sara Ella, The Circle Series by Ted Dekker, The Song of Seare series by C E Laureano, The Storm Siren Trilogy by Mary Weber, and the Stone Braide Chronicles by Bonnie S Calhoun All of these series take place in an alternate universe with a number of people following a savior and another group following an evil ruler While the story did capture my attention, it was predictable and unoriginal The spiritual element is woven in through allegory, not obviously stated for the audience Overall, I believe youth will enjoy this novel, and hopefully, will find a novel with depth than most YA novels today I received a complimentary copy of Spark from Love to Read Love To Write Publishing, but the opinions stated are all my own. About this bookBrenna James wants three things for her sixteenth birthday to find her history notes before the test, to have her mother return from her business trip, and to stop creating fire with her bare hands Yeah, that s so not happening Unfortunately When Brenna learns her mother is missing in an alternate reality called Linneah, she travels through a portal to find her Against her will Who knew portals even existed But Brenna s arrival in Linneah begins the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, including a royal murder and the theft of Linneah s most powerful relic the Sacred Veil Hold up Can everything just slow down for a sec Unwilling yet left with no other choice, Brenna and her new friend Baldwin Um, hello, Hottie pursue the thief into the dangerous woods of Silvastamen and beyond Exactly what Brenna wanted to do for her sixteenth birthday Exactly When they spy an army marching toward Linneah, Brenna is horrified Can she find the veil, save her mother, and warn Linneah in time And importantly, why on earth doesn t this alternity have Belgian waffles Series Book 1 in theFirebrand ChroniclesSpiritual Content The God figure in this fantasy novel is titled as the Most High King H s are capital when referring to Him Talks about God who to serve There are angel like beings called the Lighted Ones Brenna says she had never been big on church, but see supernatural things in Linneah A couple Prayers Many mentions of the Most High King named Elyon in this novel , His Son who walked earth , Prophecies Mentions of believing in God His Son Mentions of prayers, praying, praising blessings over food to the Most High King Mentions of a church like place worshiping the Most High King Mentions of sacred relics objects Mentions of a devil like character the Great Serpent his followers Mentions of blessings being blessed A few mentions of the Lighted Ones angels A mention of a miracle Note three saints and sinners and a welcome to hell are said Alien like creators Mentions of aliens Mentions of evil evil spells Mentions of creatures called Dragon Demons A couple mentions of curses A couple mentions of ghosts.Negative Content Minor cussing including a bastard , a blah, blah, blah , a darn it , a duh , a freaking , a geez , an oh my word , two dumb s, three forms of screw up , four idiot s, four forms of suck , five sheesh s, five forms of shut up , and twelve stupid s Sarcasm Eye Rolling Fighting, Stabbing, Being Stabbed Hit, Pain, Injuries, Blood Bleeding, Smells semi detailed Healing injuries Blood up to semi detailed Being poisoned Pain up to semi detailed Creepy bugs spiders and creatures, Pain, Blood Bleeding up to semi detailed Hurting others Starting Fires some are killed and Brenna has a hard time with what she s done even though it was self defense, up to semi detailed Earthquakes Waves barely above not detailed A monster seeing it eating people barely above not detailed Nightmares of dying barely above not detailed Mentions of a murder, how it happened, blood barely above not detailed Mentions of places creepy creatures that cause pain, bleeding, and deaths up to semi detailed Mentions of deaths Mentions of possible deaths from fighting Mentions of killing, violence, fighting, fights, screams, injuries, blood bleeding up to semi detailed Mentions of dead bodies barely above not detailed Mentions of wars Mentions of fires smoke up to semi detailed Mentions of earthquakes waves barely above not detailed Mentions of poison being poisoned Mentions of crimes criminals Mentions of thieves stealing Mentions of knives Mentions of a tavern Mentions of drugs addictions to a certain drug Mentions of blackmail Mentions of nightmares Mentions of hatred Mentions of lies lying Mentions of gossip rumors Mentions of tattoos Mentions of an injured dog barely above not detailed Mentions of hunting A few mentions of someone possibly being suicidal cause themselves harm he isn t doesn t A few mentions of a mission to kill someone A few mentions of torture A few mentions of throwing up A couple mentions of starving to death A couple mentions of a cigarette A couple mentions of divorce A mention of a beheading Note A couple mentions of a brand name A mention of Star Wars A mention of a fictional character Sexual Content a forehead kiss, a cheek kiss, a not detailed kiss, a barely above not detailed kiss, and a boarder line barely above not detailed semi detailed kiss Some Hand Holding, Touches, Warmth Some Noticing four forms of hot Mentions of flirting a flirt including a girl pressing her body against a guy Mentions of a cute boy A few mentions of a man leering at girls giving once overs A few mentions of dating boyfriends A few mentions of blushes A couple mentions of kisses A couple mentions of funny stuff happening between young teens A couple mentions of jealousy A mention of protecting a girl from a guy A mention of a guy looking at Brenna s mouth A mention of a girl being an unwanted female at birth A YA amount of love, falling in love, the emotions some a bit Note A couple mentions of being knocked down to their butt bottom A mention of whipping someone s butt A mention of someone being a pain in the butt A mention of underwear Brenna James, age 16 1st person P.O.V of Brenna 288 pages Pre Teens One StarNew Teens One StarEarly High School Teens Two Stars and a half Older High School Teens Three Stars My personal Rating Two Stars and a half Add to a full star for high school age and older who enjoy fantasy books It s no secret that fantasy isn t my favorite genre, personally Yet, for some reason, there are ones that interest me and when I try them out, I find that they are eh or not too bad i.e decent good I wasn t sure what to expect with this fantasy story, especially with the beginning feeling like a contemporary story until Brenna had fire coming from her fingers, that is While Brenna did have a few rollercoaster emotions back to back at times, I did like her and her sass She also has ADHD, which I like seeing that being represented in Christian Fiction Sure, there were some typical fantasy clich s of the girl in the new world, creepy creatures and strange food, and the guy with a chip on his shoulder about the new visitor But there was were parts I wasn t expecting and had me curious on what the author would do next The Spiritual Content was also very obvious to represent God and the devil, so I liked that Because of some fighting, harming, and creepy creature parts, my rating is lower, but those who activity read fantasy books might not be bothered For Parents People do spells with their powers and magic is involved, but the magic is seemed to be of a gift blessing Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author I received this book for free from the Author for this honest review. Brenna James Wants Three Things For Her Sixteenth Birthday To Find Her History Notes Before The Test, To Have Her Mother Return From Her Business Trip, And To Stop Creating Fire With Her Bare HandsYeah, That S So Not Happening UnfortunatelyWhen Brenna Learns Her Mother Is Missing In An Alternate Reality Called Linneah, She Travels Through A Portal To Find Her Against Her Will Who Knew Portals Even Existed But Brenna S Arrival In Linneah Begins The Fulfillment Of An Ancient Prophecy, Including A Royal Murder And The Theft Of Linneah S Most Powerful Relic The Sacred VeilHold Up Can Everything Just Slow Down For A Sec Unwilling Yet Left With No Other Choice, Brenna And Her New Friend Baldwin Um, Hello, Hottie Pursue The Thief Into The Dangerous Woods Of Silvastamen And Beyond Exactly What Brenna Wanted To Do For Her Sixteenth Birthday Exactly When They Spy An Army Marching Toward Linneah, Brenna Is Horrified Can She Find The Veil, Save Her Mother, And Warn Linneah In Time And Importantly, Why On Earth Doesn T This Alternity Have Belgian Waffles jmhackman,

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