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Spinner of Secrets Where Will The Journey For Love Take You Will It Be Worth The Fight Letta Is A Peasant Girl, Whose Father Was Outlawed And Killed When She Was Small Though Her Name Means Truthful One, She Finds Herself Submitting To Her Step Father S Will, And Complying With His Lies And TrickeryPrince Kyle Is Her Reluctant Husband His Mind Is Focused On One Thing Avenging The Murder Of His Childhood SweetheartThey Must Learn To Trust Each Other When A Strange Little Man Forces Them To Fight For What Is Important To Them, In A Desperate Race To Save Their Child S LifeIn This Retelling Of Rumpelstiltskin, Annie Louise Twitchell Weaves An Enchanting Tale Of Love, Longing, And Thread

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 96 pages
  • Spinner of Secrets
  • Annie Louise Twitchell
  • English
  • 07 August 2019

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    Spinner of Secrets is an enchanting fairytale retelling written with a lyrical hand and filled with memorable characters It follows Letta, a peasant girl thrust into a world of wealth and power and elegance when she marries the prince of her kingdom, in return for spinning a twine so soft and taught that it will bring in the wealth the kingdom needs The only problem Letta can t actually spin the thread everyone thinks she can But, she s given only one choice spin or die Locked in a tower with only piles of straw and a spinning wheel, Letta is desperate So when a strange little man appears and tells her he ll spin the thread for her, she accepts When her tower room is filled with priceless thread the next morning, things begin to change for Letta The tension in the palace subsides, and she is treated as the princess her position affords Even the hardened prince, trying desperately not to let the sweet peasant girl into his heart, softens toward her Softness turns to care, and care to love Letta has the life she s so desperately wanted an adoring husband, a roof over her head, and the ability to change her kingdom But, the exchange she made for this life is something even precious her first born daughter.In order to save her child, Letta and her prince must figure out the name of the mysterious little man who spun for her in three days, or the child becomes his Well, considering this is a retelling of the classic Rumplestiltskin tale, we all know how it ends They are able to discover his name, and save their daughter However, Twitchell gives this well known story a depth and a cadence that draws the reader in and creates a memorable and fresh take on a classic Its a fast read, partly because of the length, but mostly because of the way that Annie Louise Twitchell s words draw you in and refuse to let go.Highly recommended, light yet deeply moving read for anyone I am, however, docking a star for one reason Prince Kyle For the most part, I loved Kyle and his character growth By the end, I was fully rooting for him and Letta But there was that one moment At one point, Kyle slaps her hard, knocking her down In my book, basically domestically abusing her And Letta s response is to cower something that only made it seem like abuse Kyle eventually kind of apologizes, and he never acts violently toward her again However, I felt like that one time was never dealt with He never acts as ashamed as he should He never goes out of his way to promise her he ll never hurt her That he ll protect her with his life That he ll be a better man Ist just kind of glossed over, and that didn t sit right with me But, other than that one scene, the rest of his behavior felt like the growth of a broken man, and It didn t bother me In fact, like I said, I really liked his character by the end.Aside from that one point, I really enjoyed Spinner of Secrets and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good, well rounded fairytale retelling

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    What an intriguing little book I was quickly interested in the story, and gobbled it up like a dragon This fairy tale retelling was one I was in no way familiar with seriously, the only Rumpelstillskin I ever knew was from Shrek Ha So, this fairy tale was so cool The characters were, for the most part, well done Occasionally, the main character seemed a bit whiny, but I leave this due to the fact that she was pregnant, had lost her family, and had never been taught how to love, or been taught to act like a young lady At least, that s what I got So, apart from this, the story was well woven It was so neat how in such a short time, so much could be woven together and fitted A well paced book.

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    3.75 stars I ve never read a Rumpelstiltskin retelling before, so it was interesting.It was a little hard to get into and understand all that was going on, but I still enjoyed it.Letta was an interesting main character, though she seemed a tad whiny at times, she was also a strong.It also took me a while to warm up to the prince, a long while lol, but once I did he was pretty sweet I also really enjoyed the ending, it was very sweet Overall it was a good fairytale retelling I received an ARC from the author.

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    Love a unique fairy tale Or another twist on what love means and looks like Then you ll love this book It is just amazing A nice short read.

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    While this book was not badly written, I had a real problem with the subject material and ended up skimming through it.This book is written by a Christian home schooled author, so I hope young girls reading this won t take away the wrong idea that seems to be put forward in this story that you are supposed to obey your husband in EVERYTHING Kyle the husband is not only emotionally abusive to the MC, he literally drags her around, throws her into chairs, bed, forces her to let him force feed her of his fork He HITS HER which is disgusting and despicable thing from any man but a husband What is wrong here But writing seems to imply that it s all good as long as the MC is sweet and submissive that everything is fine and he ll eventually shape up Aside from being ungodly and unbiblical, this is a dangerous view I have no idea what the authoresses intentions where but I know a lot of people take the idea of submission to the extreme so while I can t say for certain that that was the authoresses intention that was certainly the take away value for me an idea that I wholly reject Lastly it was mostly just a lot of romance that got very suggestive at points And considering WHO the MC was being romanced by it was pretty unsettling Not recommended.

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    Quick, interesting read If anything, I would say this book is too short A little development would ve helped me understand the characters, their motivations, and the setting better It s my opinion that Twitchell has plenty of potential as an author, and has good sense for what makes an intriguing story I d like to follow her career as she continues to write and see where she goes.

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    I was given a ARC of this book in return for my honest review When her cruel step father forces her to marry Crown Prince Kyle saying she can spin the finest linen thread from straw and moonlight, Letta Miller is caught in a complicated web of lies and deceit Married to a man she is beginning to love, but who still loves another, Letta finds herself overwhelmed with her new life and runs away straight into the arms of the very gypsies her talents are supposed to destroy There she meets a strange man who, when she is taken back to the castle and locked in a room to spin the thread she is incapable of making, appears and offers to do it for her But he requires payments, and on the third night, he demands her unborn child Afraid, Letta agrees, but the promise tears at her and she withdraws into herself, becoming cold and silent, hurting Prince Kyle who has begun to care for her Can Letta bring herself to tell her husband the truth and will she be able to save her child Gypsies, outlaws, rags to riches, Ms Twitchell weaves together tales of love and loss in this unique re telling of Rumplestiltskin with a few surprises I have been privileged to know not only the author for many years, but this story since its beginning and of all the Rumplestiltskin re tellings I ve read, this is my favorite Letta had my complete sympathy She loses her father whom she was very close to when she is young and is then treated like a slave by her step father Then he sells her off to a prince by telling ginormous lies and she is forced into becoming a princess and marrying a man who can t stand the sight of her She is no longer allowed to associate with her mother and then she begins to fall in love with her husband and he still doesn t want anything to do with her Kyle was interesting He has had some very tragic events in his life, but I think his obsession with removing the gypsies from the land was rather unhealthy His sense of duty was quite admirable, but his treatment of Letta in the beginning I found very aggravating I thought he could have made a greater effort to be kind to her She didn t want to be there any then he wanted her there I wanted to whack the King over the head with a wooden baseball bat Queen Isa was sweet Kind and caring, but no nonsense I loved how loyal Jane, Letta s maid was, even when obeying Letta meant risking Prince Kyle s grave displeasure Rumplestilskin was a very well done villain, he seemed like just a kind old gentleman, but had that hint of black magic about him that made him feel sinister I rate this book 4 out of five stars.Note There is violence and a child s death I would not recommend it to anyone under 14.

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    I received this electronic Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review Further disclosure I received this from the author through a teen writers group that I follow, but we only interacted when she announced in the group that her book was getting published My review is not affected by these facts.In this retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, an abused miller s daughter is sold to the king for her alleged ability to spin straw into gold She is to be married to the prince if her gold making skills are proven to be true In the process, she starts to fall in love with prince and tries to work out how she will accomplish the impossible task of making straw into gold Spinner of Secrets by Annie Twitchell is an underdeveloped novella, providing another look at Rumpelstiltskin.This book fell short, and I see areas where it could have been improved There were plenty of moments within each chapter where it would have been better to be in scene than just summary As it stands, there was too much summary and not enough believable character development.None of the born nobility are developed Kyle tries to have some defiance of his father, but he is still dealing with the death of his previous bride For trying to avenge a murdered lover, he does not seem mournful of her loss or uncomfortable marrying another girl.Growing up under the hand of a cruel stepfather, Letta is forced to labor over men s work She has learned to do what he expects of her Throughout the novella, she focuses on truths and lies because of the meaning of her name It haunts her a lot, but she has few secrets, despite the title of the book Letta likes sleeping in the kitchens and prefers to eat with the servants as equals while otherwise not proving she prefers this She whines and cries so much that everyone, including herself, says that she is being childish The withdrawal and crying is usually without reason.The romance was not believable Letta instantly falls in love with the prince I understand Letta wanting to love the man she is marrying, but he becomes less and less lovable as he treats her horribly and constantly mocks her for not understanding royal ettiquette Kyle tells her at one point that she is his equal due to the marriage, but then he spends the rest of the book ordering her around He also gets physical when he is angry Very romantic There s also a lot of waist grabbing and carrying of the girl.This is a fantasy novella, but the book was not believable She can learn all that a princess needs to know, including reading, in the space of one month I do not believe that a queen or prince would have any control over a king regent Another problem I have is a king deciding to sell his spun gold Not that selling the gold would not happen, but I would expect a kingdom to hoard gold as much as possible, even if it is in debt Apparently, nobility can easily divorce in this kingdom My conception of kingdoms is that it would be very difficult or impossible to divorce Perhaps this comment comes from a historical basis Even so, this should have fallen under world building.The ending was too coincidental Too many things wrap up easily, and it is annoying.The Gypsies are the villains, and I hate that I believe that a kingdom would try to eliminate a group of people within its borders, but I do not care for how this becomes a portrayal of all Gypsies being bad A level of stupidity was created by giving them a dialect that uses poor grammar Twitchell attempted to show them in an alternate light with a little gathering that Letta dropped in on, but it resulted in painting the entire group as malicious villains who want to steal babies.I do not recommend Spinner of Secrets because of its underdevelopment, lack of believability and its bigoted portrayal of gypsies travelers.Review originally posted on Cat on the Bookshelf.

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    A short, whimsical retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.It took me some time to slip into the narrative style, but once I realized the homage to fairy tale lyrical quality, I easily eased into it The story is an interesting play on Rumpelstiltskin, and I loved the references to the original tale However, it felt too short Because of the length, some of the character development lurched back and forth rather than being a smooth transition Though I grew to like Prince Kyle, some of the actions he took towards Letta, were in my opinion not properly dealt with I would have liked to have seen Letta struggling with what happened, to add a richness to her character, and Prince Kyle apologise out right for his actions I did enjoy this quick read though, and am interested to see where the authoress goes next

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    Review to come later.

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