Spy Who Kissed Me

Spy Who Kissed Me Funniest book I ve read in a long time I can t believe I haven t found this book before Hilarious, slapstick comedy Talk about a meet cute He dives through the sunroof of her sister s car and says GO That s how Isabel Stan Stanley meets Kel What do you do with a wounded spy You take him to your vet and have his wounds sewn up Neither Stan nor Kel realize what a hornet s nest they stir up More people want her dead than him And she writes kiddie lit A fun book that I had a hard time putting down I mean, 2 a.m is way past lights out. Everything was pointing to this book being rubbish The cover art is pretty crap It doesn t scream sophisticated writing that s going to whisk you away into a story that feels so real you ll I don t even know how to end that sentence.Then the book starts with author s notes informing us that this is the author s first ever completed novel, and she had real issues getting it published Oh joy I m definitely in for a thrill here.If this was a movie, it d be an action comedy Or a comedy action It had a lot of action and a lot of comedy There were shots fired, car chases, stabbings, people getting run over, explosions, and lots of kissing But it was interwoven with a sense of humour that kept me smiling as I turned the pages It was the kind of humour that made you chuckle to yourself or snigger quietly as you read on the train, leaving people wondering what you re reading or watching.The story is told in first person by Isabel Stan Stanley She is hilariously self deprecating It s a weird kind of humour too, because the other characters keep commenting on it, which makes sense when you re reading, but looking back makes you realise that the author was kind of laughing at her own jokes Never mind, I was laughing at her jokes too, so all good.Despite all the action, despite the deaths, despite the bad guys doing bad things, it was a light hearted romp of a read, and I really enjoyed it I d recommend it as a perfect holiday read, something to read at the beach, or if you ve had too much of reading dark, intense, brooding kinds of books.I know humour is individual and you might not enjoy it the same as I did, but definitely give it a go I was pleased I did I gave it four stars. Isabel Stanley Has Been Waiting Years For A Man To Fall Into Her Lap, But Face First Through The Sunroof Of Her Sister S Mercedes While Dodging Bullets Was Not What She Had Anticipated Plunged Into Murder And Intrigue By A Stranger With Blue Eyes And A Dimple, Isabel S Hopelessly Ordinary Life UnravelsStolen Military Supplies And Terrorism Send Isabel On A Wild Race To Save Her Own Life And Into The Arms Of CIA Agent Kelvin Kapone She Trips Over A Dead Body, Is Shot At, Chased, Nearly Blown Up, And Has Her First Proposal Interrupted By The SWAT Team And Her Mother Her Safe, Uneventful Life Is Beginning To Look Very Attractive Oh, goodness I m going to feel really badly about this if I m wrong, but I get the feeling that this was meant to be a satire of the mystery romance type genre Why do I feel this way Perhaps it has to do with the seven gents presented as love interests for our main character Or with the fact that one ends up dating her sister and another ends up dating her mother Or maybe it was the three to one date with the band guys, each of whom was in their early twenties We ve been reading Cosmopolitan And the part where she holds up the bad guy with a glue gun Definitely a contributing factor You should ve shot him I couldn t It wasn t plugged in Also, at the police station Bad Cop Don t mess with me Isabel Stanley I m not You don t have to scare me into spilling my guts I ll spill them without the act.Good Cop What act I.S Good cop, bad cop Don t feel bad You do it very well It s just that I was expecting it I can pretend I don t notice if you want.So, apologies to author and fans if I m wrong, but I definitely think that this is a mystery romance satire And I think it s a very good satire I laughed Out loud It s possible I was a little punch drunk, since it was three in the morning, but I still laughed Out loud. This is a most entertaining tale about a woman who has little going for herself except that she is the caricaturist of a children 19s book She does not appreciate this success however, especially since her twin sister is married and has teen kids to account for.Her life changes dramatically when a bleeding man drops in her lap from the open sunroof in her sister 19s car and she has to flee or take a shot herself This man brought with him a stirring in her heart and confusion to her mind Her peaceful existence was torn apart and her life changed forever.This book had me glued to the pages with the witty ways the author tells her tale I finished it in two days The protagonist finds herself in many situations that not only turn her blood cold but make her heart and cheeks hot The use of the English language is superb and you can share the feelings the characters are having in a very real way Not many authors can convey to their readers these feelings, but Pauline did a superb job in this book I recommend The Spy Who Kissed Me to anyone over eighteen and to all who want to have a warm fuzzy feeling while reading. This was a super fun read, with many moments leaving me laughing out loud from the incredible dry wit Isabella or Stan was someone you felt like you could really relate too, with her ordinary life thrust into such exciting circumstances She was sparky and sassy, and her inner monologue was the best Between avoiding a matchmaker mother and wielding hospital soap as a deadly weapon, she won me over.The mystery throughout the story was surprisingly good I had most of it figured out, but there were still several twist and surprises that caught me off guard, which was satisfying I caught several the clues early on, but wasn t able to put it all together until the end.The romance between Isbella and Kel who was the perfect blue eyed, boy next door dangerous spy was well done not too fast, despite the attraction between the two It built well, and ended well, especially with all her other guy encounters throughout the story I really appreciated how there was heat between the characters, but the romance still remained clean and sweet And it was fun seeing her interact the with the other male potential candidates as well.I would certainly recommend this book for anyone looking for a fun, clean spy romance with a great mystery, lots of action, and a spunky heroine who makes a living by illustrating kids books about a roach. I am a fan of Ms Jones writing style, especially her humor The Spy Who Kissed Me is funny, smart and quite the adventure Plus, it has an historical setting Well, maybe not all that historical, because the setting occurred in my lifetime But that was the fun of it If you are old enough to remember watching the first Gulf War on TV, taking a typing class, rewinding an answering machine tape, and not having a phone in your pocket, you will appreciate the culture in The Spy Who Kissed Me Plus, there is romance, mystery, adventure, danger and a musically talented writer heroine That is about all you need in a good romantic suspense 5 stars for the story of The Spy Who Kissed Me I wasn t crazy about the narration on the audiobook, but the story made it worth listening to. Good ReadThis was a really cute story with an adorable leading lady There were several proofreading errors though The CIA does not work within US borders unless directed by the president or if terrorism is involved The president would not be involved with a retired teacher s murder While it might be okay for Kel to look into it at his mother s request, the story had the CIA working on the case before it was known to have terrorist connection While this is a work of fiction, that error could have and should have been corrected with a slight change before releasing this book. Hilarious rom com Isabel Stan Stanley is a 30 something author of children s books that has tried her best to avoid romantic entanglements all her adult life They tend to complicate things too much Add to that her strict Baptist upbringing and her mother who sees it as her duty to marry Stan off, and regards one of her necessary chores to play matchmaker for Stan and men who Stan has nothing in common with On the way home from choir practice one evening, while driving through a hail of gunfire, a mysterious stranger comes through her sunroof who evidently has been shot He passes out and she has to take him to her vet to get medical attention because the guilty gunmen seem to be waiting for their victim at the hospital This new, mysterious stranger is very handsome and just does not fit the profile of a bad guy, even though Kelvin Kapone with a K has just dove through a plate glass window being shot at and is now bleeding all over the inside of her car As each day goes by, she can t quite figure him out is he a good guy she should be interested in or a bad one to avoid because, ever since that first extraordinary meeting diving into her car, every day someone has tried to kill her, and he must be somehow connected A mysterious plot unravels, that seems to involve people in the community she knows that have connections she would have never guessed, and seems to involve espionage, terrorism, the CIA and ex in laws I laughed out loud many times in the book author Pauline Baird Jones sense of humor and style of writing is very enjoyable I would recommend this book to any who enjoy romantic comedies and romantic suspense as well as a fun mystery I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review thank you If I was to sum up this book in three words, it was sweet, fun, and ADORABLE A rollicking rom com from beginning to end, with a dash of corny James Bond in the mix, it was so well written that it reads like a movie that I really wish existed It s about an author named Isabel Stanley, called Stan because she didn t feel pretty enough to be an Isabel, who is approaching mid thirties and has no hopes of catching a man And then one falls into her lap, literally After taking a wrong turn into an unknown neighborhood, a man suddenly crashes through the bay window of a house amid flying bullets and falling glass shards, leaps atop her car, and dives head first through her sun roof Caught in the middle, she does the only thing she can think of drives When she discovers that the man she was driving has eyes and a smile even lethal than the gun he s toting, she decides that nobody that cute can be all bad, and when she finds out he is wounded she decides to help him This could be the chance of her life Or her death, because now they were after her too She discovers that the sweet old lady who owned the house that used to have a bay window was murdered that day can she trust this wild man she involved herself with, or did she just assist in a murder This book was so funny in spots that it had me in stitches, and so cute in other spots that I found myself saying awwwww It wasn t exactly clean it had way too much lusty kissing, fondling, and innuendo for that but it wasn t obnoxious about it, and was cleaner than a whole lot of other romances out there The plot was good, albeit a little bit corny, but that just added to the funness and humor of the book I enjoyed this book immensely I can t even stop smiling after reading it Five stars.

USA Today Bestselling author Pauline Baird Jones never liked reality, so she writes books She likes to wander among the genres, rampaging like Godzilla, because she does love peril mixed in her romance.

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  • Hardcover
  • 238 pages
  • Spy Who Kissed Me
  • Pauline Baird Jones
  • English
  • 17 December 2019
  • 9780786224135

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