Stairlift to Heaven

Stairlift to Heaven If I had to sum up this book in one sentence I would say British comedy at it s best I have never read any of this author s books before and I was very impressed.Stairlift to Heaven is a diary of an OAP, the accounts are all true with a little bit of exaggeration added here and there.Terry lives with his wife the trouble as he has nicknamed her, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their relationship I am not going to say his long suffering wife because she can certainly hold her own and I would say their marriage is equal Terry and his wife are a very entertaining couple and I was in hysterics reading about them.He also talks about his very good friend Atkins, the parts in the book which involved Atkins and Terry were my favourite and the tears were rolling down my checks as I was reading about them The things they get up to we re almost like what a couple of naughty schoolboys do behind their mum s backs.A selection of my favourite parts of the book were when Terry went into a barbers shop quizzing him about his advertised prices, the part with the duck in the restaurant, the bit where he jumps the canal and the charity shop trip in York.This book doesn t hold back at all and reminds me of the older British comedy which I have always enjoyed The added bonus for me was that it mentions a lot of familiar places to me as it is set near where I live and I recognised a lot of the places, pubs and restaurants mentioned.I have read a few of the reviews and a lot recommend this book for the over 50 s, I disagree and would recommend it to anybody with a good sense of humour I am mid 30 s and I loved it.I am definitely going to read of the author s work.A great read, 5 stars from me. I bought this book to read on holiday and I m really glad that I did A series of really funny stories from a professional writer of comedy of long standing albeit, with the occasional aid of a walking stick Delightfully non PC, these stories will have you laughing out loud I particularly enjoyed the story about the swimming lessons These stories are the sort of standard that I have long aspired to Great fun, Terry and I look forward to reading of the same. This book is a collection of stories written by a senior citizen from age 65 to 70 I had read the reviews online and since people said that they were laughing so hard they were crying, I figured this was the book for me since I love humorous books I admit I was very disappointed Many of the stories didn t even bring a chuckle Several of the stories involved the author, Terry and his best friend and the inane little things that they decide to do My favorite story involved Terry and how he handled telemarketers The best story of the bunch and very enjoyable. One of the funniest books I have read for a long time it helped me get through a dose of the flu, but sometimes the laughing made me cough.This book is of notebook entries of Terry from the age of 65 to 70 The pranks that he with and without his friend Atkin gets up to, leave many young pranksters to shame Loved the story of when accidentally shot the farmer s pig, also the idiot proof camera This book is not for the gentile, but I loved it, even after the disparaging remark about Australian wine. Stairlift To Heaven The Journal Of An OAP Don T Miss This One Although Stairlift To Heaven Is Written By An Old Age Pensioner, Non Coffin Dodgers Should Not Be Put Off By This Everyone Will Be Old Someday, If They Re Lucky, And There Are Valuable Lessons In Coping With Old Age To Be Learned Here Written By Terry Ravenscroft, Former Scriptwriter To Les Dawson, The Two Ronnies, Morecambe And Wise, Ken Dodd, Alas Smith And Jones And Many Top Comedians And Television Shows Stairlift To Heaven Has Been Likened By One Reviewer To Be Like Last Of The Summer Wine On Cocaine This Journal Really Will Make People Of Any Age Laugh Out LoudIf You Enjoyed Reading Stairlift To Heaven I Would Really Appreciate It If You Were To Recommended It To Any Of Your Friends Who You Think Might Like ItTerry Ravenscroft If you enjoy British humor, this diary like account of events in the life of an old age pensioner might just be your cup of tea If his style, which is definitely not gentile or PC, but quite colorful does not offend your sensibilities, you will find yourself laughing out loud I have to agree with another reviewer who says this author stays on the tasteful side of crude If you are looking for a break from your usual reading fare, this will be a book to consider Funny stuff Really FunnyThe author is a crazy old man crazy as in VERY funny I will have to read of his books He has a dry sense of humor that I think of as very British, but it does not get lost in translation for this American. This book has been on my Kindle for years, but I came across it unexpectedly and I m so glad I did I needed a lift and this book provided it in spades I laughed out loud many times and even shed quite a few tears of laughter I love British humor and sarcasm so this was right up my alley Another reviewer complained that the British terms and establishments were unfamiliar and therefore spoiled the humor for her Well luckily for me, my Kindle provides all the information I need when something isn t familiar And if my Kindle doesn t have it, the internet does I m not about to let a little thing like lack of knowledge ruin a good book for me I will definitely be checking out a few of Mr Ravenscroft s books I have even passed this one on to my husband I have a feeling he will enjoy it even than I did Brilliantly funny observations from an accomplished writer Well, I guess having written for Les Dawson he should be funny and this book certainly doesn t let you down Genuinely laugh out loud often cautionary tales about getting old Too oldThis book was not my type of humor After reading the first thirty or so pages I was ready to quit So I did.

The day after I threw in my mundane factory job to become a television comedy scriptwriter I was involved in a car accident which left me unable to turn my head Since then I have never looked back.Before they took me away I wrote BBC television comedy scripts for Les Dawson, The Two Ronnies, Morecambe and Wise, Alas Smith and Jones, Not the Nine O Clock News, Ken Dodd, Roy Hudd, and several

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  • 26 June 2019

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