Stony Kill

Stony Kill After The Sudden Death Of Her Mother, Joss Ryckman Finds Herself Running Away From Everything The Life She Did Not Choose Of Managing The Family Bakery In Brooklyn, The Troubled Relationship With Her Sometimes Violent Father, And Her Conflicts With Wyatt, A Lover Who Always Wants But When She Flees To The Country Farm Of Her Childhood In Upstate New York, Will She Finally Find The Truth Of Dark Events In Her Family S Past Or Will All That She Has Held At Bay For Twenty Years Come Crashing Down As Joss Comes To Terms With Her Loss, She Is Forced To Confront Memories Of A Childhood Steeped In Both Joy And Sorrow As The Past Seeps In Through The Rich Farmland And The Landscape Of The Treacherous, Churning Stony Kill, Piecing Together The Broken Past And Her Family S Dysfunction, The Dark Secrets Of A Family Submerged In A History Of Violence And Regret Begin To Take Shape, And The Reality Of Two Brutal Killings Can No Longer Be Denied Joss Must Make Her Own Choices And, Ultimately, Let GoRich With Beautiful Language And Immersed In Powerful Descriptions Of Joss S Feelings, Stony Kill Tells A Powerful Story Of The Heartbreak And Suffering From Violent Acts Of A Dysfunctional Family, And Ultimately Her Hope And Choice Of A Better Life

A secret writer from a pragmatic blue collar neighborhood, Marie White Small brings her skills as a florist, waitress, antiquarian bookseller, bookbinder, cook, and pie baker to the page She studied at the Center for Book Arts in NYC and was the founder and moderator of a community literary critique group, North Gotham Fiction Writers, for ten years Most recently, Ms Small was the writer in res

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  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Stony Kill
  • Marie White Small
  • English
  • 28 June 2017
  • 9781590793114

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    Stony Kill is a fantastic read, a beautifully written novel I was transported into the world of Joss, the heroine, and her complicated family The author has a real talent for developing settings through specific detail and observation The cultural references of various eras and the dialogue were terrific It felt like the author had to have been there and done that to know I loved how the action flowed between past and present so seamlessly The vivid language made it feel like watching a movie And the central heartbreak of the book, the sadness and secrets that this family has carried for decades, is made all the powerful by the reader s connection to these fully developed characters The author clearly has a keen eye for human behavior and shows us what this family is all about in an affecting way Like all great books, Stony Kill is bound to touch readers who can relate to one aspect or many of the messy, less than perfect family dynamics There s no glorification here we get an honest depiction of how easy it is for simple acts to haunt people far into the future and how life can change on a dime I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys novels that are both literary and highly relatable These characters and this story will stay with me.

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    I think Stony Kill is an amazing book, rich with beautiful language and a deep understanding of complex relationships through the portrayal of a young woman named Joss, coming to terms with the loss of her Mother, old family secrets and a dysfunction that reaches out from the past and affects her life as a young woman This is shown brilliantly with the back and forth between Joss s experiences as a 12 year old girl and the repercussions of past events and her struggles as a thirty something year old.The characters seem like memories of real people than made up characters in a book In fact the whole story, setting and people take on a realness that transcends the pages, feeling like you have actually been there and met them It s a real page turner the story propels forward almost effortlessly and I found myself finishing it in just a few sittings The themes are than relevant in today s world and the sorrow of the book is both heightened and made richer and deeper by the truly beautiful and surprising ending which I won t give away The writing is superbly descriptive and has a very lyrical quality some sentences and paragraphs just beg to be read aloud One of my favorites, which also captures the intense anger Joss feels as a child goes, I glared at the back of his head as he walked away and wished the sun would melt him all over his putrid tomato plants Or that some young green tendril would grow oh so wicked and wise and bend its spiny arm round and round his haggard neck until it turned gray and broke In the snap of a branch Clonk His head fallen off like one of his rotten, overripe tomatoes Rolling and rotting beneath his Big Boys and Beefsteaks I highly recommend this book the story itself, the characters including the wise and wonderful Miss Euphrates leap off the page The writing is stunningly crafted and a joy to read Do yourself a favor and give this book a read.

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    Stony Kill is a beautifully written book, with well realized characters, especially vivid physical descriptions and a compelling story of unfathomable pain the generosity and wisdom of empathy.

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    Stony Kill a disappointment ARC edition Breaking into print is the brass ring writers lunge for And I applaud Ms Small s ability to get her novel published It is neither easy, nor something to be taken lightly And as a reader, I tend to crack open a book by a new author with hopeful expectations Stony Kill was no exception Even though the first couple of pages were a bit of a slog, there were glimmers of intriguing prose, a nice turn of phrase here and there And the initial set up hinted at definite possibilities I truly hoped for an enjoyable read.Sadly, my hopes were dashed in short order With contrived plot, two dimensional characters, and overwritten prose, Stony Kill has all the mushy pretensions of literary fiction without the imagination, ear, or skill to make it than a creative writing class assignment The dialogue is clunky, the prose redundant and at times outright offensive referring to a vender in the garment district as a witless slob and Miss Euphrates stereotyped patois and persona were definite WTF moments.As for the story itself, the protagonist is a whiny thirty something who is supposedly haunted by family secrets she never even imagined until her mother s recent death As dysfunctional families go, hers is run of the mill at worst, and the most interesting questions the author raises wind up being totally ignored Though living in NYC, it seems she has to go upstate to meet any black people And in that role, Miss Euphrates is but a caricature of the earthy, wise, magic negro, little than a pale imitation of Margaret Mitchell s Mammy and Carson McCullers Bernice Sadie Brown The Member of the Wedding And if one person rattles off the menu of one meal I don t need to know how to make an apple pie complete with a product placement for King Arthur Flour I want to know how it plays with the taste buds and tickles the nose I want to know how it is important to the story aside from the fact that the protagonist is a baker I understand that SelectBooks has only recently expanded their standard catalogue of non fiction self help fare to include a little fiction SelectBooks might consider providing their authors with decent editors next time around From split infinitives to overwrought description, not to mention whole passages that feel like author s backstory better left in one s bedside journal, this book is rife with rookie mistakes any good editor should have caught and corrected.If this is the caliber of current American literary fiction, then we are in serious cultural trouble.

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    I read this because I am in awe of the author as a person and knew that whether this story was my cup of tea or not, it would be a book to pay attention to Perhaps one of the most important tales in this current climate.The message to me Guns kill innocent people Whether by design, whether by mistake The result is the same It will affect all involved for the rest of their lives.The story itself is a tale of personal tragedy, of sadness, and of hope for possible redemption It has a father who wishes for a son and imposes his designs for the boy on his daughter It has the bond of friendship between children that made me think of something akin to Huckleberry Finn, and the plight of the central character to move beyond a history that never wants to let go of her.It also has the most wonderful character in Miss Euphrates I would not spoil it for you, but she made the story for me I am on purpose avoiding retelling the story That is for you the reader to find out yourself.I will say that the POV isn t my thing I am not a huge fan of first person and flashbacks, but they are combined to show the imprint of present life on past and vice versa But what is undeniable is the power with which Marie White Small writes This is a book that, like it or not, should have you reading cover to cover.

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    Stony Kill is about a woman named Joss, whose father has always called Paulie girl and Boy o, a mini replica of himself With her older sister Naomi closer to her distant mother, Joss becomes her dad s favored child, as if the family were split with divided loyalites, all her mother and father s making But being her father s favorite wanes and she longs to be closer to her mother, much to her fathers dismay There is a dark memory her mother carries as a heavy grief, having mysteriously lost her brother long ago, but who did it and why The truth is a long time coming Joss Paulie girl doesn t know her father as well as she thought, and we journey with her memories of the past as she struggles with her angry aging father and strains against the love she shares with Wyatt This story has one foot in the past and the other in the present.When Joss and her mother pack up and leave her father to live on her mother s family farm, Miss Euphrates enters her life, caring for her on weekends when her mother cannot She is my favorite character of the novel with her stories and wisdom Joss learns her cooking skills from Miss Euphrates and so much It s not long before her sister brings her son, Haley Joss nephew to live on the famr, the two ramble through the land with Joss s friend Fletcher in tow When Joss s father comes to visit, it s clear the peace of the place rises with tension her father is angry and no one quite understands why From the start he wants nothing to do with his grandsonn Haley, but the boy is gifted musically and bonds with his grandfather, winning his heart.The parts of the novel that take us through Joss s childhood is delightful, and Miss Euphrates is vital to the heart of her youth but there is a cloud of tragedy following this family Adult Joss is holding back her own life and chance of having a family of her own with Wyatt, who also has a haunting past that makes it easier for him to connect with Joss s irrate elderly father The reader will understand what has tormented him by the novel s end and everything connects This is not a happpy story, but it is a family one One could very well use the famous quote by Tolstoy from Anna Karenina All happy families are alike each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way Whether ice skating, catching fire flies, baking with Miss Euphrates or struggling to dissect her parents complicated marriage and strange ways Joss will pull you in.

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    The story of Joss Ryckman s journey to confront her past, one carved by deep family secrets, steeped in violent tragedy and yet laced with joyful childhood recollections, is complex and complicated Therefore, it s a good thing such a spellbinding tale is written by the hand of such a gifted storyteller In this fine debut novel, Marie White Small not only masterfully carries us from Page 1 all the way through to a suspenseful and satisfying conclusion, but she leaves us hoping for many novels that will transport us so fully and vividly as Stony Kill does Harsh realities, insight into the human condition and elegant, spot on prose makes this book a real treat Read the first chapter and try to stop I dare you.

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    A poetic slice of lifeMarie White Small creates characters that are relatable, and that you root for, keeping you turning the pages The writing is poetic, and the descriptions elegant The food descriptions alone will leave you wishing you could have Joss, Mrs E and Wyatt cook for you.

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    I really enjoyed the descriptive way that this author writes.

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    Overall, this was a beautifully written book the perfect lazy summer read I liked how thoroughly I got to know the characters, who were quite well rounded.The main criticism I had was that I wanted to pick up the pace quite a bit I enjoyed the meandering pace for awhile, but by about halfway through, I started to get a little impatient, which is probably my personality showing through than anything The book starts out with a murder that happens at Stony Kill, then flash forwards to our main character In my opinion, this murder scene is misleading It makes it seem like the book will have an element of whodunnit mystery, when in reality, it s a very different type of story I spent the rest of the book wondering what that scene had to do with the story I was reading, and honestly, the main reason I stuck it out and finished the book was because I stubbornly wanted to know the resolution for the opening scene.My criticisms, however, are not indicative of the quality of this book The writing is strong and beautiful and is probably the perfect fit for many readers It s not exactly my cup of tea, but that doesn t mean it s not someone else s 4 stars out of 5 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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