Stubborn as a Mule

Stubborn as a Mule A perfect summer read Stubborn as a Mule has it all small town charm, witty exchanges, hilarity, sexiness, and heart. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud, but a few chuckles and big smiles were evident to anyone throughout the entire read But let s back up a bit I met Melinda and Lowe at the end of Ain t He Precious , the kickoff book in the series I was sure they d make a great enemies to lovers story as Melinda Rothschilnd declared war on Lowe Mancinkus by taking him to the small town s court on vandalism charges Melinda is a city slicker who just bought the historical Mainer House, which was than a beautiful structure to Lowe It was part of his family s ancestral home and he wasn t happy about having to let it go Ergo, the vandalism But after being sentenced not only to repair the damage but to work on the house for several months together with Mely, they not only acknowledge the attraction between them, but also form a bond they never expected I can always count on Sawyer Bennett to deliver enjoyable books with loveable characters, a wonderful plot, lots of sexiness and in this series case the wonderful southern charm and hospitality of Whynot, NC Every character goes for broke hilariously and here s a good place to add that this book is told in its majority by the main characters but Bennett injects this story with humor by including several Gossip Mill chapters told by different quirky characters, interspersed throughout the story I thought this concept was novel and fun Melinda and Lowe are wonderful together Of course they start off by butting heads but the grumpy and ornery man is actually hiding a soul that feels deeply and caveman DNA that sometimes takes over which makes him absolutely swoon worthy What s not to like about the kind of man who shuts a woman up with his lips Stubborn as a Mule is book 2 in the Sex and Sweet Tea series by Sawyer Bennett writing as Juliette Poe It is a standalone, contemporary romance It s deliciously sexy, almost as good as authentic southern sweet tea Told from various points of view with a happy ending I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via InkSlinger PR The excerpts taken are from that copy More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers Down In Whynot, NC, There Are Three Things That Hold True Life Moves Just A Little Bit Slower, Family Means Everything, And You Don T Mess With History When His Family Decides To Sell A Home That S Been Part Of Their History For Over A Century, Lowe Mancinkus Is Madder Than A Hornet To Add Insult To Injury, The Woman Who Purchased It Is Some Fancy Pants, City Girl Looking To Fix It Up And Sell It Off Doesn T Matter That She S Sexy As Hell Or That Just Being Near Her Gets His Blood Racing Like Never Before That Home Belongs To His Family, Or At Least It Did Until She Came To Town Well That Just Won T Do, Now Will It From The Moment That She Laid Eyes On The Historical Home In Rural North Carolina, Melinda Rothschild Knew Mainer House Was Something Special The Perfect Escape From Life In New York City, Melinda Signed The Papers And Set To Work Restoring The House To Its Natural Beauty That Is Until An Angry Lowe Showed Up On Her Doorstep One Day With A Scowl On His Handsome, Chiseled Face And A Shotgun In His Strong, Muscular Arms Is It Getting Hot In Here Melinda S About To Get A Lesson On Life In The South, But Lowe Is About To Learn A Lesson Of His Own This City Girl Doesn T Back Down From A Fight Get it here US UK Stubborn as a Mule was a very easy and sweet read A true southern romance full of small town gossip and stolen kissed on the front porch I really enjoyed reading about Lowe and Mely and seeing them put their differences aside to realize that they were perfect for one another There was also some humor added to the story in the form of some pretty hilarious pranks, which I loved getting to laugh at Bottom line, a perfect read for a summer day and a big recommend from me. Sawyer Bennet writing as Juliette Poe has a much lighter feel to her words than her usual contemporary romance vibe A sweet, southern and charming book STUBBORN AS A MULE is and I had a lot of fun reading it I m always in the mood for a rough around the edges, handsome southern fella The charm and wit is endearing and Lowe Mancinkus has it in spades He s all fired up because a fancy New Yorker has come to town and purchased his family home and can t stand someone other than his kin living in it He does what he can to ensure she flees town and never comes back but Melinda Rothschild has different plans, and fights hard for what she wants and what she wants is Mainer House Mely, as her fiends call her which doesn t include Lowe , will stop at nothing to keep her gorgeous buy of a house to herself It s sentimental to her as well She s feisty and funny, smart and savvy, and I really loved her passion Speaking of passion even though Stubborn as a Mule was very PG, Poe still managed to write the connection Lowe and Mely had very well They were a sweet, cute and a sexy duo who really connected and kept me smiling for the duration of the read Lowe is just a southern gentlemen with a wiff of alpha and I just LOVED that s about him Some of my favourite parts of this book were with all of the sub characters Morri, Floyd, Pap, and even Lynette created a dynamic story line which was extremely hilarious and kept me on my toes I will say, that the last 15% flew by for me and there is a bit of a shocker I didn t see coming and still can t decide if I loved or not, but otherwise I enjoyed the evolution of Lowe and Mely immensely I ve gone about this series all wrong and started a my book two, but each one can be read as a stand alone with inter connecting characters that are rich and entertaining and I plan on going back to read from the beginning ARC received generously in exchange for and honest reviewReviewed by Jess for joandisalovebooks blog I m very quickly FALLING IN LOVE with Sawyer Bennett s alter ego, Juliette Poe This is a very different writing style from the erotic words of Ms Bennett This is her lighter side, her sweet and swoony side, and I absolutely ADORE IT I started falling after reading the first book in this series, Ain t He Precious And then I fell HARD with Lowe and Mely s story Not only do these stories have INCREDIBLE covers and CUTE titles, they have equally INCREDIBLE characters that are so unforgettable and storylines that will make you laugh, blush, and swoon all over the damn place After meeting him briefly in Ain t He Precious I was definitely jonesing for some Lowe Mancinkus And boy, Ms Poe paired him up with a woman who was able to bring him to his knees on multiple occasionsif you ever take off like that again without talking to me, I ll redden your hind end something fierceOh Lowe does have a way with words His southern charm with a dash of the dirty is just PERFECT for this story Not only do I love the main characters, but the whole town of Whynot, NC was on my radar from the very start This small gossipy town is so quirky, ridiculous, and just downright hilarious Juliette Poe paints quite a picture for this town and it makes me want to pack my bags immediately, so I can have a crack at this town and these colorful characters It continuously surprises me that I love these slow burn, small town romances If you take a look at the books that I read, they are on the erotic side, but since I trust the words of Sawyer Bennett, no matter what she is calling herself when she writes it, I m going to read it and I m going to LOVE it This writing style still brings the sexy, but in a subtle way It is packed full of tons of sweet, tons of sassy, and a huge helping of romance I absolutely ADORED this book cover to cover and I can t wait until Ms Poe brings us back to this fabulous and charming world that she has created ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewOh I am completely smittened with Sawyer Bennett s alter ego, Juliette Poe There is just something about theSex and Sweet Tea Seriesthat has me smiling like a fool Maybe it s the fact that this series is ridiculously sweet and subtle, which I find refreshing Or maybe its the fact that it, this series is written by one of my favorite authors In all honesty, it s all the above and of course Lowe Mancinkus and his stubborn and yet sweet personality In this second installment,Stubborn as a Mule readers are introduced to Lowe Mancinkus, whom we met in Ain t He Precious. Lowe is very upset that his family historical home was sold off to a rich New Yorker, who is rud to flip and sell the house So when he went to go confront the new owner, he is in for a rude awakening when Melinda Rothschild does not budge at all Truth of the matter is, she s now got me intrigued I can t quite remember a woman doing that to me for a very long time Melinda aka Mely bought the Mainer House for a reason and so she wants to restore and renovate the house but it seems Lowe is not giving up without a fight So when Lowe paints her house trimming, neon pink, it declared war and so she immediately goes to the courthouse demanding Lowe be punished When the judge decides that Lowe is required to repaint what he destroyed and work 250 hours of labor on the house, Mely is forced to interact with Lowe Lowe and Mely immediately butt heads Lowe loves that he can get a rise out of her but soon the minor arguments leads to them kissing Yes, so all you enemies to lovers fanatics are gonna love this book as Juliette Poe has readers grinning big as Lowe and Mely finally admitted their attraction to one another Soon a kiss led to something meaningful and Lowe discovers the reason why this house is so important to Mely.Living in a small town like WhyNot, it was inevitable for them to not avoid small town gossip since everyone wanted to know what was going on with WhyNot s handyman and it s new resident It didn t take long for the gossip to reach Mely Will Lowe be able to prove Mely that those rumors are not true The way Mely feels in my arms and against my mouth, I d be a fool to ever take this serendipitous gift for granted Stubborn as a Mule is your sweet sticky as molasses small town romance that was layered with charm, banter, humor, and love If you are looking for a feel good book, that will leave you happy and satisfied then this book is for you So sit back, grab some sweet tea and get ready to have your hearts stirred with equal parts of banter and love Juliette Poe 4.5 starsAuthor Juliette Poe returns to the town of Whynot, North Carolina with the second book in her Sex and Sweet Tea series, Stubborn As A Mule Enemies, turn to frenemies and finally turn to so much is this funny, sweet, and sexy small town romance.Furious that his family sold the family s ancestral house to an outsider, one from New York no less, Lowe Mancinkus as made a nuisance of himself to Melinda Rothschild, the new owner of Mainer House so much so that he finds himself in court again facing jail time, but instead gets sentenced to two hundred hours of working on the house for restitution something soon both he and Melinda find they don t mind too much.Talk about a slow burn romance and it was perfect for this couple I loved they were forced to work together and through that began to really see each other and grow to appreciate one another Their banter was both fun and sexy, their interactions grew from tense to intimate, and it was entertaining to watch their feelings change Mely begins to appreciate small town life and Southern manners with each passing day and falls in love with Whynot and Lowe s very welcoming family As Lowe discovers Mely s reasoning for buying Mainer House, he discovers that she appreciates the past and the history of the home and her family.As always with small town romances, the secondary characters play a huge part in the story and this one is no different, most notable were Mely s best friend, a gay, black, drag queen Morris D, Lowe s sister, Larkin, and Floyd, who runs the town hardware store and is a self appointed town protector Stubborn As A Mule was completely engaging and I cannot wait for the next book in this series.Review copy provided for a voluntary review. We return to the tiny town Whynot, North Carolina but this story focuses on Lowe Mancinkus He s been angry and hurt that his historical family home the Mainer House has been sold outside his family to a city woman no less In taking a stand, he gets himself into some hot water a couple of time with a judge and finds his punishment is going to force him to spend time with the out of towner to help fix the house Melinda Rothschild has her own personal agenda for buying the house She she can also afford it including the renovations She is not happy to have Lowe s interference and destruction of her property.First impressions are not good He sees her as an Ice Queen She sees him as a country boy with a bad temper But as they are forced to spend time together, they begin to see that is not really true They go from fighting to lusting and liking each other It s a slow burn, but they have good chemistry And they ve got the whole town s tongues wagging about what will happen with hometown boy, Lowe and the city girl, Mely.Lowe can be an impulsive hot head, But he is also smart, thoughtful, loyal, protective, funny, and sentimental Under his anger and bluster is a god guy who is not afraid to admit when he is wrong He s a southern charmer with a sexy edge Mely is a wealthy and from the city, but she can also appreciate the small town history and appeal She is sassy, strong willed, and sensitive This brings back the curious, nosy, and quirky characters of Whynot we met in Ain t He Precious I enjoy Lowe s family and friends They are fun and interesting Although sister Trixie is now settled down, there are still several single Mancinkus siblings Colt, Larkin, and Lakin Mely s friend, Morri ramped up the fun too This is a feisty, flirty, sweet, funny story told in both main character s points of view and some from the townies It pulls you right into the setting and is a comfy, cute, and charming read.I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.Follow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim Facebook Twitter The dynamic between Lowe and Melinda Melly was established during Ain t He Precious with Lowe going out of his way to antagonise the Yankee who dared buy his family home Lowe has a desperate need to preserve his family history and the connection he has to Mainer House has been stripped away from him Although he subconsciously understands the cost of keeping the house was not financially viable for his family, he is too stubborn to let go of his desire to preserve his connection to the house.Melly also has a connection to Mainer House that only she is currently aware of through her grandmothers recollections prior to her death As a manes of keeping he grandmothers memories alive, Melly seeks out and purchases Mainer House Dreaming of a finding a love like the one her grandmother experienced via Mainer House Melly and Lowe s bickering and animosity do little to conceal the bubbling attraction between them It s a case of pulling a girls hair when you like her on the playground lol One sizzling kiss alters the foundation of the relationship between Melly and Lowe I loved the slow burn of their relationship, building a strong foundation for the future Although, being the outsider in a small town as well as the target for a malicious tart causes trouble between Melly and Lowe.I loved the unique perspectives portrayed within Stubborn as a Mule, not only do we get to see both Melly and Lowe s point of view but also the perspectives of different characters within the towns gossip mill Melly s flamboyant best friend adds another dynamic to the plot as a whole, especially where tolerance and acceptance are concerned There are fleeting appearances from the other members of the Mancinkus family within Stubborn as a Mule providing continuity for the series as a whole.Stubborn as a Mule provides the perfect amount of sass and swoon, showing you can find love in the most unlikely of places even where neon pink paint is involved Stubborn As A Mule is a sweet, funny return to Whynot, North Carolina, in a feud over an old house Lowe Mancinkus is mad his family sold a house that had belonged to the family for over a hundred years It didn t matter that it was in disrepair and no one lived there it was family and it was history Melinda Rothschild wanted to restore Mainer House to its former glory, but vandalism stops her in her tracks Bringing the matter to court only ramps up tension between herself and the vandal Lowe After the judge orders Lowe to repair the house in proper order, Melinda and Lowe are forced to find a solution to the feud between them I loved watching these two spar as the slow burn between them continued to build This was not a fast paced romance, despite the short timeline But the heat that builds messes with both of their thought processes and has them questioning why they fought in the first place.The pranks between Lowe and Melinda s best friend, Morrie, also had me completely entertained Waiting to see how one would one up the other had me turning the pages almost as fast as watching Lowe and Melinda circle each other The small town atmosphere once again plays a role in the build between Lowe and Melinda Gossip runs rampant through the streets of Whynot, often preceding the characters themselves and often causing unintended consequences I loved the way this town came full circle in their acceptance of Melinda and her plans for Mainer House.This was entirely entertaining, from start to finish I expect light and fun from this series, and that is exactly what is delivered I was able to read the entire book in one day and found myself torn between racing through it and slowing down to savor I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Juliette Poe is the sweet and swoony alter ego of New York Times Best Selling author, Sawyer Bennett.A fun loving southern girl, Juliette knows the allure of sweet tea, small towns, and long summer nights, that some of the best dates end sitting on the front porch swing, and that family is top priority She brings love in the south to life in her debut series, Sex Sweet Tea When Juliette is

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