Sunlight In The Rip Roaring S, A Withdrawn Man Named Fred Ecklund Meets A Kaleidoscopic Soul Called Harry Faulkner, Instantly Changing Both Of Their Lives The Next Three Decades Are A Harrowing And Heartwarming Period Of Danger, Passion, And Soul Deep Love Under The Oaks Of The Oppressive Deep South Brace Yourself For Acclaimed Author Seth King S Most Impactful Story Yet, A Transcendent Tale Of Heartbreak, Resilience, And The Astonishing Habit Of True Love To Bloom Even In The Darkest Of HoursI Read Sunlight In One Sitting, And It Has Stayed With Me Sunlight Will Remind You Straight Down Into Your Heart That True Love Happens, Even In The Dark Bestselling Author Lucy Lennox Heartbreaking I Will Be Thinking About Sunlight For A Long, Long Time Bestselling Author Kindle Alexander Brilliantperfectly Executed Bestselling Author Eva LeNoir Beautiful And Devastating Sunlight Changed Me Bestselling Author Sam JD Hunt

Seth King is a twenty eight year old American author.

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  • 03 June 2018

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    I can t stop crying This story just breaks my heart I hate that even today, in 2017, that people feel they have to hide who they love Why does it matter who loves who It doesn t hurt you or me if Jill loves Jan instead of Jack, or if Jack loves John instead of Jill IT SHOULDN T MATTER who loves who All that matters is that they love each other I know this is a work of fiction, but you know things like this happened way too often back in the day, and it is sadly still happening people hiding their true selves for fear of being hated and judged and demeaned because of who they love It makes me so sad and angry that this is a reality for too many people Why can t we all just live and let live My heart hurts for Harry and Fred and all the many men and women like them No one should have to live their life as a lie When is society going to wake up

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    Wow I just finished, Sunlight by Seth Nicholas King I m motionless and raw I don t know what I expecting going into it But I don t think it was this heaviness and sense of dutyIt s sad and poignant It s a story that needed to be told As you may know, I m a huge M m supporter.It s books like Sunlight make me proud They are the reason why I push people to open their minds and hearts and read this genre I stand on my soap box preaching, how it will change their perspective forever How love is love The world needs stories like this To bring gay couples into the light People need to see how far they have come, but also how far they still need to go when it comes to the LGBT community.Sunlight is a short novella, but it packs a powerful punch I read it in about an hour Once I started I could not put it down Get transporter to a time when being gay was basically a death sentence Where living a lie was necessary and love did not conquer all.

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    My words can not do justice to the empowering, beautiful words written in this novella by Seth King From the moment I started this novella I could not put it down and had to read in one sitting This love story that passes through decades of the lives of Fred and Harry bring forth such strong emotions that will touch lives not just in the LGTBQ community, but in everyone that reads this story This love story will leave the reader, like it did to me, feeling the story as well as these characters for a long time All Seth King stories have always left a mark on my soul, but like Fred said as long as the trees stood, so would their love , and it is true for how this story will stand strong in my heart.As Seth King states in this story it hurt so beautifully , this is how I felt from the devastatingly beautiful yet sad dedication to the last words of some storieswe re lived to be told others required moonlight And Seth King does make one question how Fred and Harry would be, along with so many who are still afraid to express their love if people had just let him step into the sunlight After reading the words of Seth King, and hoping so many others read these words, I m hoping are empowered to step into the sunlight Thank you Seth for being brave enough to step in the sunlight for those who are not able to.

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    what a luxury it must be, to fall in love with someone and actually get to love them Seth Sunlight had brought to surface all the emotions that I had hidden Never have I wanted to break down and cry my eyes out this was a story of fear and love I truly wish that I could cry The simple act of being able to release ones pent up emotions in a single drop would be a godsend This is the story of a man who fell in love and allowed the fears of what society would think of him come in between the man he loves and his future.

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    3.5 StarsWish there was .

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    My pillow is all wetThis book has broken my heart As a child of the forties, this is my story too I have one special friend who I never admitted having feelings for He haunts my dreams and now In our 70 s and both married with wives and children and grand children I don t foresee ever changing our situation But it still saddens me that he may have been going through the pain, agony and hurt that so many Free and Harry s faced.This is Seth s best to date.

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    Step Into SunshineI just read Sunlight by Seth Nicholas King and I feel the way I felt, years ago, when I watched the movie, Love Story, but worse, so much worse.This story, as shared by the author, is the true to life story of Fred and a million other men and to a lesser extent women of his time It is a story that I know intimately although rarely discussed, rarely spoken.Initially I was overcome with a sense of hopelessness and overwhelming sorrow I thought, No you didn t, Seth King You didn t rip open this wound But he did After I had a chance to recover a bit from the shock, I came to understand that Harry and Fred from the book , and James, and Johnny and Danny people from my life have an important story to tell through the heart and soul of this author After the tears, nasty gulping stuffy nose tears, I thought of my social media connections who live their truth and I know that it is possible, today The cost was so damn high.The story begins on June 26, 2015 with the Supreme Court ruling that the Constitution guarantees a right to same sex marriage We join Fred at age 73 or so, as he reminisces about his one , the boy with the midnight eyes The one he loved throughout his life from the time they met while Fred was in his final year of junior college, perhaps 20 years old.This is also a story of different men, gay men, who disappeared or were found dead and it is the story of thousands of men who died, often with the stated cause never spoken or called the flu , cancer or some other disease without the stigma associated with AIDS.Fred fell in like with Henry during his final year of junior college and through a series of secretive meetings and walks in the woods and parks they both came to appreciate, understand that their attachment was much stronger than like The danger of being identified as homosexual in the south was frightening and fear of what they knew could happen if they were discovered couldn t be borne Fred told himself that he was content with aching for the grass ached for the morning dew in the dawn Fred s memories of his time with his ONE lived in his flesh and his bones.This is an epic LOVE STORY, not a romance novel and the HEA isn t there, in the traditional, expected sense Now that I can breathe again I choose to join Fred of this story and smile as he considered the effect of light and wondered How different would his life have turned out if people had just let him step into the sunlight.I will spend my afternoon watching videos of Yanis Marshall, Matthew Richardson Circus Arts, Fabrice Calmels and other talented, beautiful artists while I think of all of the wonderful men and women who I know are living in the sunshine

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    Once again Seth King uses forbidden love and sheds light upon how society has driven people to hide their true selves and the consequences of doing so Sunlight documents the relationship between Harry and Fred, two college students that meet during the turbulent 1960s What begins as a friendship and shared walks in a local park becomes a romantic relationship that spans decades and forces the two of them to live their lives holding onto the secret of what they really mean to each other Without being able to publicly display their affections both men end up leading lives that lack true fulfillment The message that this book reveals to its readers is powerful and one that must be shared if there is to be any progress in the acceptance of love in its different forms However, at the end of the book I still did not feel that I knew either of these characters very well I felt in many places that glimpses into the minds of these two tortured souls would have given their story greater depth I simply found myself wanting The most emotional part of the book for me was at the very end when the only evidence of their love is discovered Seth King is not afraid to take chances with his novels often bringing social issues, both past and present, to the forefront This story turns a spotlight on how incapable society was of dealing with homosexuality and the stigma of AIDS My heart definitely ached for Fred and Harry and for all those who still live with the fear of the consequences when their life choices don t conform to what society considers normal.

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    There are times when a story touches you in all the unexpected yet right places I read that two of most favorite book people, Kindle Alexander and Eva LeNoir, said they loved it, you just one click that story no questions asked What I expected was a quiet evening read but what I got was something to think about a little harder than most Although this is the story of unrequited not sure if that s the word I want but we ll go there love between Harry and Fred, you can take any couple suffering hardships of prejudice and substitute in Whether it is sexual identity, ethnicity or eye color, these two didn t want the risk of being together They held onto their friendship as best they thought possible Mr King weaves his words masterfully so that the reader not only understands but feels the pull that he can t answer Although it wasn t the ending I wanted, it was the best possible ending to have If you are looking for something that is about love and the possible impossibility of it, this is a brillant short read you are looking for 5 heartfelt stars

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    I don t know what to say If you ve read the reviews I ve written for Seth King before, then you d know that I love his words That they touch me on a level that most don t And it s taken a long time for me to figure out how to write words to help describe this book And yet, I still can t.Sunlight is a story of love Of love everyone wants, but so few get That is really all I can say.Harry and Fred are in an impossible situation during a dangerous time, and it s a harsh reminder of what happens to people who aren t allowed to love God, Seth King broke me He owns my soul and with every word he writes he breaks me a little But at the same time, he fills me Even when I have tears running down my face and my heart is in a million tiny pieces I know how true, how relevant his words are, and I feel honored to be able to read them.Sunlight will take you through a dark time in the life of two people who just wanted to love each other It will hurt It will make you hate the world we live in But at the same time you will love it because it is beautiful and honest.I can t wait for the next heartbreakingly beautiful book Seth has coming our way.

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