Taming a Highland Devil

Taming a Highland Devil Laird Magnus Sutherland Loves Women His Prowess In The Bedchamber Has Earned Him The Name Devil Of Dunrobin, But No Woman Has Ever Stirred His Heart Magnus Needs To Provide His Clan With An Heir, Which Is The Only Reason He Agrees To Marry The Neighboring Chieftain S Sister When His Betrothed Arrives, He Discovers The Chieftain Has Two Sisters If Magnus Must Bind Himself To One Woman, He Intends To Discover Which Is Best Suited To Be His Wife, For He Wants Than A Body To Plant His Seed He Wants A Mate For Life There Are Three Reasons Lady Effie Reay Refuses To Vie For Laird Sutherland S Affections For One, She Is Thirty Two And Would Surely Lose A Competition To Her Beautiful, Younger Sister Secondly, Laird Sutherland Is A Well Reputed Rake, And She Holds No Desire To Wed Another Faithless Man And Thirdly, The Sight Of Him Makes Her Tingle, Shiver And Ache Will Effie Be Successful In Thwarting Magnus Advances, Or Will Her Body Succumb To A Temptation That Can Only Lead To Heartbreak

Award winning author, Kimberly Killion, has been hailed by Romantic Times Magazine as an author who writes captivating romance with excellent pacing and characters who are honorable, intelligent and full of humanity Her debut book, Her One Desire Kensington 2008 , was nominated for the romance publishing industry s highest award of distinction, the RITA Award Her One Desire won the 2009 Book

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  • ebook
  • 65 pages
  • Taming a Highland Devil
  • Kimberly Killion
  • English
  • 14 October 2018
  • 9781419932687

10 thoughts on “Taming a Highland Devil

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    spoilersWell this was hmmm don t know hahahaI was expecting it to be a good, safe, short choice about HIGHLANDER Obviously my expectations were high too high He d built up his stamina over the years which had earned him the name Devil of Dunrobin The book started well i didn t mind the start so much his whoring with maids as i found really disgusting what followed.When his betrothed arrives, he discovers the chieftain has two sisters One is in the bloom to deliver him lots of his babies and the other sister is way beyond to deliver him his babies but he can t choose in the beginning so he decides to well try out both of them in his bed chambers I just turned two and thirty I m hardly dead Do ye still bleed The younger one goes first and she isn t virgin because she heard his famous reputation, yes you know which reputation, and didn t want to disappoint him YEAH RIGHT. , but if she was he would have waited for their marriage So the younger one TAKES IT OUT and does the job Now comes the older one well she doesn t actually because she hides from him because she knows she could love him easily and she doesn t want to ruin her sister s marriage because she already had a family but lost it in war.But he is very interested in the older one so he tries but all he gets is NO as an answer.One day Effie the older one realizes that Vanna younger one is having an afair with someone so to keep Magnus from Vanna s room she tells him that maybe she is interested to be his wife.I can not believe but I actually started to like the story from this part Do ye fear me I fear the wanting of ye Ye asked me if I feared ye, and the truth is, I do I fear trusting ye I fear what will happen to my heart if I offer it to ye But I m no coward She poked him As terrifying as the prospect is to me, I let ye in I allowed ye to touch my heart I allowed ye to kiss my scars He snorted and kept his eyes guarded Ye have no scars Yourskin is flawless Ye are wrong My scars are here She pressed his hand against her heart My enemy s blade cut a hole in my chest and left my arms empty I could fill that hole I could fill your arms and heal your scars but as you might have guessed it didn t last long He was big Verra big Ye look terrified He wrapped his arms around her and leaned into her ear It will fit I vow it Tis not the size of your cock that concerns me Then what is it I fear I will disappoint ye, she admitted I can smell your desire for me Tis like a bouquet of burning flowers He pumped two fingers in and out of her and snuck his pinkie into the forbidden ring of her rectum Few women are capable of ejaculation It pleases me verra much to know ye are one of the few here we have a small soft amount of bdsm..So he obviously chose Effie and goes to fetch a minister but when he comes back he can not marry her because Vanna is pregnant view spoiler but no worries not with him, with her stepbrother hide spoiler

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    Ye ve bewitched me body and soul AYE me too I m bewitched by the bookIts like melted chocolate with a pinch of saltwhich make it all the sweet the chocolate would be the love scenes and passion and the great chemistry between the H h you just want them to be together forever and the salt would be the deep pang feeling I felt when something is totally wrong you gonna cry which make you hook up with the storyI wish this would have been a novel yet it still affects me in great way I can t believe this short story can put a lot of emotions on me.AMAZINGjust a hint on the love scenes view spoiler with the use of candle oh I love that scene hide spoiler

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    Um Okay Not really sure what to say about this novella It s not really all that well written and the hot factor is not particularly hot IMO, nor is the romance even all that believable All in all, pretty darn forgettable

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    I usually don t care much for short stories but I LOVED this one I clicked 5 stars but really it s 4 1 2 because at 65 pages it was just not long enough for me This could have been an Amazing book, I wish Kimberly would have spent time to make this a longer story What I did get from this book was a fast HOT easy read that kept me very interested I liked both of the Hh in this story and it had a HEA If you read this review Kimberly please write your fan s another regular sized romance I have loved all your book s to date and want from you than just shorts You write them and I will buy.

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    Oh.My.Laird This book was so hot, I needed an oven mitts just to hold it I loved Magnus the sexually advanced highland Laird Well what not to love considering he was very wicked and very creative This was just a short story, but I felt that it was very sufficient Don t wanna ruin it by being too much..

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    It was surprisingly good An entertaining and passionate short story

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    Received and ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 I like it but don t love it Stars For a novella, I thought Kimberly did a great job in ensuring equal parts plot and smut Sexy time started right on the first page but before the end of it, I was much intrigued by the story itself Having said that, since it s a novella, things had to happen fast Meaning to say, insta ttraction and falling in love after talking for a few hours If finding love was that easy, I would have found someone to love already, yo I won t go into details of what Taming a Highland Devil is about, you could just read the blurb My thought on this is that it s the perfect quick read on a Saturday afternoon As opposed to other shorties that focused too much on the smuts, Taming a Highland Devil has quite an exciting plot who will Laird Magnus choose Vanna the young sexy thing who would match his sexual appetite Or her 32 year old plain looking widowed step sister who may not be fertile enough to give him an heir Now the thing that I find hard to believe is how a whoremonger like Laird Magnus able to stay faithful after only talking to Effie for just a few hours Oh well I wish it was a little bit longer so that their courting could be stretched and made believable Conclusion A perfect afternoon read

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    Relato corto er tico en la que la precipitaci n es la gran protagonista Una serie de escenas de sexo que en mi opini n son un sinsentido y con un giro final que me ha dejado horrorizada.La cosa promete para convertirse en mi peor lectura de este a o.

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    Este libro me fue enviado para realizar una rese a honesta Debo decir que me llev una gran sorpresa con este libro, no ten a ning n tipo de expectativas y la verdad que me termin gustando mucho.Es una historia corta que en parte es una l stima ya que tiene mucho contexto hist rico que se podr a haber aprovechado m s y hubiera alargado el libro, pero creo que el objetivo de la autora no era darle tanta importancia a esos temas, sino que quiso centrarse m s en contar la historia de dos personajes heridos por esas circunstancias dolorosas de la poca.Est escrita de cierta forma para que la lectura sea ligera y no se torne pesada ni aburrida Es conciso, va a las escenas claves, es verdad, el amor entre los protagonistas se da muy r pido, porque no es un libro que va con muchos rodeos por ende no hay cap tulos de relleno con el fin de alargar el libro as que eso me pareci un punto a favor Al principio pens que iba a detestar al personaje de Magnus, es un libertino, pero reconozco que le termin tomando cari o Me gust mucho el personaje de Effie, es una mujer fuerte, leal, con sus propias convicciones Es un libro cargado de erotismo, pero creo que tiene lo justo y necesario seg n lo requiere la historia, no coloca escenas de sexo para rellenar, todas tienen una raz n ya sea para caracterizar a un personaje como para el desenlace de la historia.Y como toda novela de esta poca, nos muestra las traiciones, enga os, envidias, as, lujuria, el deseo de venganza, el honor, el poder, entre otras Es una linda lectura para cuando se quiere pasar leyendo algo r pido y breve.

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    4.7 5Primero que nada Gracias a Carolina Garcia Stroschein por la oportunidad de rese ar este libro maravilloso Cuando pusieron que buscaban a alguien que quisiera hacer una rese a sobre una novela ubicada en las tierras altas de Escocia, dije D nde firmo Desde que conoc Outlander quise leer m s de los Highlanders escoceses suspiro Y debo confesar que tengo un peque o problema con las novelas en el que la protagonista es mayor que el protagonista Pero esta novela la verdad ni lo sent.Tenemos a Effie que en aquellas pocas tener 36 a os era ser un alma que iba que volaba para el pante n pensamiento de Effie no m o y a Magnus una especie de lo que conocemos ahora como fuckboy un libertino Este estimado caballero debe casarse con la hermana de Effie, Vana o no s como se llama la vieja me caga para unir clanes pero cuando Magnus conoce a Effie pues Digamos que el cerebro masculino hizo su selecci n antes que su coraz nY as la historia va avanzando Mi problema es que la historia entre ellos avanza muuy r pido En una parte entiendo como funciona en amor en aquella poca por eso no me quej as de no me gust el romance, porque mentir a Me gust y mucho Unas 10 p ginas m s donde se conozcan y as caer an perfectas Pero a n as la historia es bueno Y mi otro problema NO tiene ep logoO sea necesito uno.Vivieron felices para siempre tienen 3000 hijos s que no es posible pero se vale so ar ok Vivieron y el es un jacobita ignoren eso pero si me hace falta m sRecomiendo esta lectura por r pida, adictiva y que de una u otra forma te llega al coraz n.

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