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Temptation at TwilightA Fantasy Resort That Offers All The Pleasures Of Life And Death Vampire Brothers Aldric, Soren, And Luc Fontaine Own And Run La Petite Mort, An Adult Fantasy Resort For The Adventurous Of Heart And Body Humans, Shifters, Fae, And Other Beings Gather To Enjoy Two Weeks Of Fantasies Come True At The New Orleans Estate The Brothers Themselves Have Experienced Everything Life, And Death, Have To Offerexcept Finding Their True MatesSoren Makes A Bargain With A Voodoo Priestess, Binding Him To Her Forever In Exchange For The Return Of The Wife He Lost A Hundred Years Ago He Is Soon Convinced That One Of The New Guests Is His Wife Reincarnated, And An Intense Sexual Attraction Turns To A True Emotional Bondbut All Could Be Lost When The Priestess Comes To Collect I wanted for find out how it ended and it was a pretty dark journey I think I enjoyed it but not sure I ll be racing out to get book 2. Temptation at Twilight by Jo CarlisleParanormal Romance Nov 1st, 20113 starsSoren Fontaine, one of the infamous Fontaine vampire brothers He can t forget about his long dead wife, Helen Obsessed with bringing her back, he makes a deal with a dangerous and powerful voodoo priestess, Leila Leila is pleased to have one of the greatest vampires in her power and will do anything to further her own sinister ambitions When Harley Vaughn is hired as one of Soren s Chosen, Soren is convinced that she is the reincarnation of Helen How can he get out of his pact with Leila and keep all that he loves safe I really love the post apocalyptic vibe of this world where the Others are high up in the food chain and humans have fallen from power The setting promises a dark and lush story, unfortunately, I really didn t like Soren I seriously cannot believe how stupid he is to willingly make a pact with the voodoo priestess even though everyone warns him not to The worse part is that he willingly sleeps with her It makes me feel like Soren is ruled by lust and doesn t possess any common sense Harley, the heroine, is such a bland character who just wants some exciting bedroom action she doesn t have any depth to her The whole story feels like a collection of sex scenes with the plot serving as an excuse for everybody to sleep with everybody At some point, too much of a good thing is bad.Great potential and fascinating world Too bad the main characters and plot are a tad too weak to make for an exciting read.Reviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Club Book Dragon would like to know when forced seduction the polite term for you re going to have sex whether you really want it or not, so just come along quietly and don t make a fuss or I ll do something to make you enjoy it so you forget all those nasty no please no sounds you were making became acceptable publishable material in erotica.I would like to make a correction to that back cover blurb What you read there makes the book sound somewhat interesting, no Perhaps a bit intriguing What that blurb does not tell you is that Harley was not a guest of the resort, she was a kidnapped, raped slave who was sold at auction in a sex slave club Soren, the hero, is ruled by his wang throughout the entirety of the novel He makes a deal with the crazy voodoo witch who, of course, turns out to be something worse later on and at her urging goes to the club Whereupon he notices Harley and purchases her.Oh, he promptly frees her from her bondage, but it s still creepy, disgusting, and he follows this up by giving her a deal she can t refuse.Let s start a bit earlier.The basic premise of this fuckery is that 3 vampire brothers own a sex resort near New Orleans in a sort of alternate future where demons, fae, vampires, werewolves, and witches are now common than plain, vanilla humans Slavery is now considered A OK by society, and most of humanity is trying to stay out of the cities so they won t end up as a meal or a slave A few willingly give themselves over so they don t have to deal with that nasty business of paying their own bills or making their own way in life so they can cater to the whims of the super rich and powerful, hopefully in the let s make sexy sexy timez vs the do all the menial chores around the house until the end of time way.This book is about the middle vamp brother, Soren, who lost his human mate to a demon attack a long time ago The 3 vamps used to be enforcers until Soren went apeshit and destroyed the demons who killed his mate So now if he or the other 2 ever try to take justice into their own hands, the Council of supernatural bigwigs will kill them all.Soren keeps trying to find a way to bring back his dead mate He goes to this witch in the swamp side note everyone he mentioned this idea to is all DON T DO IT BRO EPICALLY BAD IDEA but he charges ahead anyway and he offers her the seat on the Council she wants along with anything else she desires if only she ll just bring his Helena back.Meanwhile, in TSTL ville, our heroine who is obviously destined to be Soren s new mate is driving a beat up truck which breaks down in the swamps outside of the city Instead of, oh, I don t know, sitting her ass down, locking the car, and waiting for sunrise, she goes traipsing off into the swamp by herself in the middle of the night in search of help A pair of winged demons find her and put on their rape faces, so she offers them a good time if they only bring her to the city so she at least has a choice in the matter.Hel looooooooooo threesome.Of course, because she has the magic hoo ha, the demons really like her but they don t want to keep her Clearly the thing to do is sell her at a sex club They auction her off Soren wins Side note Book Dragon is still gagging a little from this scene Witch jerking off the vamp while he watches the auctioneer ready Harley by having kinky, drugged up sex with her on the stage in front of a huge crowd was a bit much for this dragon to handle Soren then tears up her slave papers where she got those is still a bit of a mystery considering how she became one and he offers her a job as his Chosen basically someone to have sex with and provide blood whenever the vamp wants it Except his offer is that she has no choice but to come with him and try it out for a while to decide if it s for her or not.So then the story romps through a somewhat ridiculous number and variety of sex scenes where the vamp is slowly turning into a monster due to something the witch is doing to him He almost kills a male servant while fucking him, almost kills his brothers, etc Eventually the witch corners him and finishes off the curse spell change whatever.He turns epically evil and of course immediately has time to get his freak on with the witch and then with Harley as soon as the witch walks away for a few minutes I was really hoping the book was over when the battle with the witch was over, but alas, on page 261 of 292, I knew the wreck hadn t finished grinding to a halt yet The thing about this book is that it might have been an interesting story under all of that sex if only the rapey undertones hadn t been there Soren didn t want to be having sex with the witch, or her boy toy, or his brother s Chosen Harley was kidnapped and forced into a sexual situation with the demons She couldn t say no to being screwed by the auctioneer on the stage, or to Soren when he told her she would be one of his Chosen There were a couple of scenes were someone was very clearly saying NO and STOP and DON T where the instigator kept right on with their smexy business Ultimately, the victim may have gotten off and enjoyed the experience in the end, but that doesn t make it right The graphic descriptions of those issues and the slave master BDSM stuff, along with the torture scenes, were horrifying than titillating Even the consensual stuff wasn t thrilling or arousing it was mostly bland, too short, and or very odd.A sample The blond demon brought the head to her lips, and she opened like a baby bird Suckled the spongy head and then swallowed him down, the length and girth every bit as daunting as Val s meat No, not a joke, that s a word for word quote If you find that sexy, then maybe this book is for you Hell, Book Dragon finished it, she won t judge you Book Dragon freely admits that she only kept reading because she has a bad case of book rubbernecking It s like those people who can t look away from accidents only with terribad books.So it looks like forced seduction is the order of the day Plus there is so much sex that barely any plot shines through I know it s supposed to be erotica, but it reads like the written version of a porno that s trying to have a story a la Fantasy Quest or whatever the hell it was called with Jenna Jamison don t ask how I know about this movie , only with really rapey undertones It s got m f, m m, m f m, BDSM, torture, and rape The only reason I finished it was because I couldn t believe half of the fuckwittery I was reading and wanted to see where the trainwreck was going.I would like those hours of my life back.Originally Reviewed Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty A potentially great and interesting world falls short and is filled with sexual scenes.Opening Sentence Above nearly all else, Soren Fontaine loved playing with his food.The Review I have been on a roll with reading books geared towards the adult crowd One of my next books was actually Jo Carlisle s Desire After Dark, which is the second book in the Lord of Pleasures series Once I realized that it was a second book, I quickly purchased Temptation at Twilight As the first book in the series, Temptation at Twilight is a mix between urban and sexual fantasies There are many different sexual scenarios and most involving three partners at a time.Temptation at Twilight follows the story of a specific brother, Soren Fontaine The Fontaine brothers are a part of vampire royalty They are Lords of their own right, famous as the warriors of the paranormal realm Together, brothers Aldric, Soren, and Luc serve to protect and serve to please They have focused their attentions towards La Petite Mort, an adult resort that fulfills every fantasy and desire that their patrons have Soren enjoys the pleasures and benefits of La Petite Mort, catering to their guests needs But deep inside, Soren longs for his mate, Helena, who was killed over a century ago in a very brutal way He has been searching for a way to get back Helena, and in his desperation, he has sought out the voodoo priestess, Leila Doucet.Leila s reputation precedes her, and she is as evil as they say she is She has an ulterior motive, implanting an evil being into Soren But she does deliver in her promise, and she does bring Soren to her mate Harley Vaughn is a sexual being, with very similar traits as to Soren s late Helena But she differs in her self confidence and sexual prowess Soren hires Harley as one of his personal Chosen Now Soren needs to get out of his agreement with Leila before she kills him and he loses his mate all over again.Soren Fontaine was a likeable protagonist, but I felt disconnected from him It could be his lifestyle or his dialogue I felt like he lacked something and I couldn t like him as much as I should have His story is tragic, and given the history and culture that Carlisle presented in Temptation at Twilight, no one should ever lose his mate I disliked him when he was Leila, always giving in to her sexual wants and desires He has a mate that he finally found again, and he sleeps with another woman I understand the rules of sexuality, within the boundaries of this book, but I just didn t understand that concept.Harley Vaughn seemed like a lost soul looking to discover who she really was She is an orphan, not having a living relative left in this lifetime She gives in easily to her desires and becomes this unadulterated woman, ready to fulfill the fantasies of demons and vampires.There was a lot going on, and at times all I wanted to read was about the story But maybe I missed the whole point behind Temptation at Twilight Maybe the previous books that I ve read had me looking for than just sex and pleasure I felt that everyone was having sex with everyone, and no one cared about what was going on outside of these sexy times It became a little too much for me, at times forcing myself to just skim through those scenes.Notable Scene We don t own slaves, Soren said shortly Though it s perfectly legal and even economical, Aldric doesn t believe in the caste system, and, frankly, neither do I Really She arched a brow That will soon change With that cryptic statement, she went to gather her things, leaving him to scowl after her and wonder exactly what he d gotten himself into Already, he felt different The blood he d drawn from her still tingled on his tongue, coursed through his veins like an illicit drug.He craved of it Of her And that need within him frightened him than any dangerous enemy he d ever faced He couldn t let it overwhelm him, couldn t allow dark desire to obliterate his purpose.Somewhere his true love waited Soon he d have her back Even if the price was far higher than he d dreamed.FTC Advisory I purchased this copy of Temptation at Twilight No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review.

When award winning author Jo Carlisle developed a lucrative side business in the third grade writing and illustrating stories, then charging classmates twenty five cents each to buy them, she discovered a calling that would last a lifetime Breathing life into the colorful characters crowding her head and sharing their dark, decadent world with her readers proved a temptation too powerful to resis

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