Texas Storm

Texas Storm ENTICING FILLY Looking At The Deserted Spread He D Been Awarded By General Sam Houston, Reiver MacPherson Knew He Was Going To Spend His Days In Backbreaking Labor But When He Spied A Shapely Blonde Runaway Hiding Out On His Property, He Was Sure That The Breathless Lusty Nights Would Make It All Worthwhile A Man Could Forget His Troubles Wrapped In The Beauty S Long Sleek Limbs And Covered By Her Spill Of Shining Golden Hair Even If She Was Feisty And Fought Against His Strength, Reiver Had Been With Enough Women To Know That After One Deep Kiss She D Come Warm And Willing To His Side HOT BLOODED STALLION When Mercedes Saw The Russet Haired Cowboy Take Over Her Ranch, She Planned To Keep Out Of Sight Til Nightfall And Plant Her Knife In The Intruder S Heart By Dawn But Before She Knew What Was Happening, The Proud Lovely Felt A Hard Lean Body Behind Her And Curving Sensuous Lips Tracing A Molten Path Along Her Neck She Fought Him Like A She Cat, Telling Herself Over And Over He Was Just A Lowdown Dirty Landgrabber Then As His Hands Claimed And Tamed Her Silken Flesh, She Knew His Love Would Forever Be As Fierce And Savage As A TEXAS STORM

Aka Rachel Davis Mona D Sizer Mona Sizer

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  • Paperback
  • 475 pages
  • Texas Storm
  • Deana James
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9780821718049

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