That Wicked Harlot (A Steamy Regency Romance Book 2)

That Wicked Harlot (A Steamy Regency Romance Book 2) Oyy.I don t necessarily want to call historical romance a guilty pleasure because I don t think I should feel guilty about occasionally wanting to read about the sexytimes of 19th century British aristocracy There s a time and place for highbrow books and there s a time and place for brainless fluff I should probably spend time on highbrow books, but that s a different discussion altogether That said I can t completely shut off my brain even while reading brainless fluff Which brings us back to the oyy.For one, it desperately needs an editor The typos and grammatical errors threw me off often enough, and some of the vocabulary was too modern for the period.Secondly, was there even a plot there I don t remember one Not that one reads historical romance for world building, buuutThirdly, maybe I m priggish, or maybe I m uninformed, but I was operating from the assumption that, in the world of Regency romance, sweet clean chaste kiss at the most and steamy sex, and would have appreciated a BSDM content warning Obviously, I looked at the Goodreads page too late More problematically, oyyyyyyy with the dubcon I almost DNF ed after the maze scene I m still kind of ill at ease with myself for pushing through.I did really like the heroine as long as she wasn t melting into puddles at the H s feet , so there s that.Euphemism of the day spend She Put A Spell on Him Darcy Sherwood works at a gaming hell to support her family and get them out of the debt her father left them in When Darcy wins an entire estate from Edward, the younger cousin of Radcliff , the Baron of Broad, she brings the wrath of the Baron down upon her, the Wicked Harlot Instead of wrath, Radcliff , a handsome rake, finds himself caught up in her womanly spell Great book Great story It s a fun, sexy read, all The way through Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Hot In This Steamy Regency Romance, Darcy Sherwood Holds Her Own Among The Cads And Rakes Who Frequent The Dubious Gaming Hall Where She Works When She Has The Opportunity To Exact Revenge Upon The Family Who Wronged Her Sister, She Intends To Provide The Arrogant Baron Broadmoor The Biggest Set Down Of His Lifeby Requiring Him To Be Her Suitor But When Lord Broadmoor Begins To Play His Role Too Well, Can She Resist Falling For The Man She S Supposed To Hate Radcliff Barrington, The Baron Broadmoor, Has No Intention Of Quietly Submitting To Miss Sherwood Even If She Does Hold The Deed That Could Ruin His Family He Intends To Turn The Tables On Miss Sherwood She Must Surrender The Deed Or Surrender Herself If You Love Georgette Heyer, You Ll Have Fun With This Super Sexy Tribute To Faro S Daughter Tantalizing and sensualRadcliff Barrington, Baron Broadmoor, is sent to deal with Darcy Sherwood His aunt has deemed calling her the harlot who has taken away the family home But it s his cousin Edward Barrington who foolishly wagered his house and lost Now Radcliff is forced to use any means necessary to acquire the family estate from Darcy Sherwood.Darcy Sherwood finally has her revenge on Edward Barrington as he s wronged her younger sister, Priscilla, and her innocent nephew While her father has left an enormous debt, Darcy works at the gaming hall to help provide for her small family And now, holding the deed would allow them to be clear of any financial burden Darcy learns about Radcliff and his involvement in the ruined romance between Priscilla and Edward She never meant to keep it, but before handing back the deed to Radcliff, Darcy means to exact some justice The agreement is that Radcliff be her ardent suitor for six months And it s wickedly delicious as she demands his submission Curious and aroused by such a creature, he can t recall being so enthralled by a woman In this game, neither wagered on losing their hearts.I loved reading That Wicked Harlot Darcy is a match for Radcliff in every way, but his arrogance and stubborn ways prevent him from feeling what his heart knows Again, Ms Brown captivates her readers with a well written story I love that Darcy is of mixed heritage, well read, and a strong heroine I recommend this story to fans of regency romance who love their stories with a sensual touch Light spanking and sensual bondage I received and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. I liked this book It was a quick read but it was worth it In the beginning of the book we meet Baron Broadmoor, Radcliff Barrington and some of his family, mainly his cousin Edward who is the one causing all the problems Of course Edward gambled away the deed to his family home and can t figure out how to get it back The Baron is now required to fix his cousin s problems So the Baron goes to see Darcy Sherwood who won the deed and plans on giving it back The Baron does not like Darcy because of where she works and Darcy does not like the Baron because he is a Barrington and his cousin Edward has caused trouble that the family knows She ends up making bets with the Baron I don t want to give away too many details because it is better if you read it for yourself I like this author and I plan to read of her books I received this book for free to read from the author in exchange for an honest review The opinions in this review are 100% my own. Very, VERY naughty 3 1 2.stars for the heat alone Is my first book by this author and I have to say I was impressed She takes the subject of a mixed race heroine trying to take care of her family, and mixed it with a stuffy know it all hero in Regency England I was amused and taken with Darcy, and loved her strength, her open sensuality and her loyalty to her familyNot as impressed with the groveling or lack there of on the Hero s part, but it was in keeping with the Hero s personality and station in life YOU CAN BE TO FREE WITH ANY BEHAVIOR A HARLOT OF Bridgette Brown for The Wicked Harlot A Steamy Recency Romance gets only 2 STARS which I having read her books before really expected better, however the plot idea is a good one I found parts of it choppy and felt like paragraphs had been deleted as well as character dialog, because just in middle of conversation, the Baron ask his cousin So you know who the father of the boy is which is totally out of whack , the reader can guess which boy, because we read about one earlier but not how these two actually know there is in fact a bit besides other times like this that just leaves the reader confused Two other things that pop out that play with several of your emotions is Darcy is bi racial and one of the things that conflict is an ex slaver hangs out at her gaming establishment, he also keeps his abused ex slaves at home as servants pays poorly didn t give them up until the law was passed he had to and still has forced sex with them because they don t know they can refuse, plus he was part of slave ship business, knowing this then add the fact Darcy was schooled a little in delivering S M, instead of her making this man pay large sums just for the privilege of conversation to say for a game with him, he gets to paw over her just about every night he is there Finally, the S M part is crazy she seems to only be a dominant with the Baron yet she wins all the time but wears threadbare dresses another irritation All in all Georgette Brown is a good author, but it s like some of this book pages was written down some where besides the portion that got printed WARNING 19 Up SEXUAL CONTENT YES Sexual Intercourse, Bondage other Radcliff Barrington learned that his cousin loses the Brayten Estate, through gambling, he immediately searches to whom he would buy back the title Darcy Sherwood would do anything for her family, she gambles just to be able to support them Not only that she s on top of her game, Darcy is a beauty that captures every man s attention Her biggest win was the Brayten estate, coincidentally owned by the person who mistreated her sister, and she wants revenge.When Radcliff first met Darcy, he insulted and belittles her Much to her annoyance, Darcy didn t give in to Radcliff s monetary offer in exchange for the deed What Darcy did was to offer a challenge to RadcliffYou will submit to being my suitor an ardent suitor for a period of six months You will tend to my every wish and command Only then, upon your satisfactory and unconditional submission, will I relinquish the deed to Brayten.Once he accepted it, will he have the patience to be at the beck and call of Darcy Radcliff is known to be a ladies man, will Darcy succumbed to his undeniably good looks and charm It s been a while since I read a book from this genre and glad I picked this one, it captivates me from beginning to end I immensely enjoyed reading this short story Georgette Brown is a new author to me and I ll definitely read of her work in days to come. TWH began with the Radcliff in bed with his mistress thinking about how she was sleeping with someone else and he should have dropped her a while ago I closed it and was going to DNF but I decided that since the Darcy was probably doing the same thing across town and we didn t get him mid act I would continue.I read this book because I thought from the blurb it would be different The only differences between this and most Regency romances are that Darcy is biracial prepare for the expected racism and she is sexually experienced prepare for the sexism and name calling Rad is every alpha playboy jackass ever I tried to see things from his POV when it came to her being a seductive gambler but I couldn t get passed him calling her names thankfully never anything racist and never apologizing Or his forced seduction techniques she always comes around but yeah.Darcy was actually pretty interesting and I really enjoyed how confident she was I was hoping they would have a good rivalry going but she quickly lost what little leverage she had and she was betrayed by desire too many times.I loved how she was with her sister and best friend but hated the jealous back and forth with his old mistress Ditto her almost hooking up with someone else over a bet.The ending was an HEA and I believed it but it was rushed I wish the author had spent time showing us how they fell in love and less time on describing parties and clothing.Safety Gang not even kind of safe, lol view spoiler Aforementioned OW scene, the h nearly hooks up with bet guy during their separation the H interrupts , they both think about how much better the other is compared to other lovers They even get a surprise pregnancy at the end the h is pregnant by the H hide spoiler

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