The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop?

The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop? Bishop Juan Gerardi, Guatemala S Leading Human Rights Activist, Was Bludgeoned To Death In His Garage On A Sunday Night In , Two Days After The Presentation Of A Groundbreaking Church Sponsored Report Implicating The Military In The Murders And Disappearances Of Some Two Hundred Thousand Civilians Realizing That It Could Not Rely On Police Investigators Or The Legal System To Solve The Murder, The Church Formed Its Own Investigative Team, A Group Of Secular Young Men In Their Twenties Who Called Themselves Los Intocables The Untouchables Known In Guatemala As The Crime Of The Century, The Bishop Gerardi Murder Case, With Its Unexpectedly Outlandish Scenarios And Sensational Developments, Confounded Observers And Generated Extraordinary Controversy In His First Nonfiction Book, Acclaimed Novelist Francisco Goldman Has Spoken To Witnesses No Other Reporter Has Reached, And Observed Firsthand Some Of The Most Crucial Developments In The Case Now He Has Produced The Art Of Political Murder , A Tense And Astonishing True Detective Story That Opens A Window On The New Latin American Reality Of Mara Youth Gangs And Organized Crime, And Tells The Story Of A Remarkable Group Of Engaging, Courageous Young People, And Of Their Remarkable Fight For Justice


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  • Hardcover
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  • The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop?
  • Francisco Goldman
  • English
  • 10 April 2019
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    1a lectura Es brutal la cantidad de informaci n volcada por este libro, pero m s brutal y revelador es el hecho de c mo la impunidad se ha instaurado en todo el sistema de justicia guatemalteco 2a lectura La primera vez que lo le me pareci un libro impresionante, por su contenido como por su realizaci n Pero al releerlo tuvo otro impacto, menos dram tico y morboso, m s anal tico, al volver a repasar las estructuras de poder instaladas en el gobierno, c mo se protegen a favor de la impunidad, a n a costa de realizar cr menes terribles y acciones de lo m s inhumanas Es una lectura emocionalmente fuerte, de narraci n cruda, pero necesaria para poder entender, aunque sea una parte, la pol tica actual guatemalteca.

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    Three stars isn t really accurate, though I d give this one between a 2.5 3 for the writing it felt cumbersome and overwritten if I were Goldman s editor, red ink would be bleeding through these pages It s a complicated story line and Goldman didn t do the best job of narrating in a way that made it any less complicated He jumped from character to character, story arc to story arc, in ways that just made it even difficult to follow And holy crap, the characters in this book He did provide a summary at the end, but I couldn t keep the players straight most of the time I felt like I was reading One Hundred Years of Solitude.However, I ll give this book between a 4 and a 4.5 for the content, because I learned a whole hell of a lot about how throughly corrupt Guatemala is, and how much the US has aided that corruption throughout history I can t stop thinking about specific images, gruesome images, of violence so horrible it s hard to comprehend As someone who generally thinks that most people in the world are good, I have to admit that reading this book makes me question that and my naivety.

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    Oscar Romero wasn t the only bishop of the Roman Catholic Church murdered by those most likely working for the entrenched oligarchy in modern Central America But while Romero was killed while saying Mass in San Salvador, a shocking event that drew headlines around the world, Bishop Juan Gerardi was beaten and left for dead on the floor of his garage A group of dedicated and courageous young men and women, realizing that the crime would go not only unpunished but would be barely investigated by the police, decided to solve it themselves This lead them into a shadowy world of vicious street gangs, corrupt police and military leadership and shocking revelations about how post civil war Guatemala is really run.

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    Be forewarned The Art of Political Murder is a thinking man s page turner Although author Frank Goldman s novel has a plot too thick for some readers, that is the point the nature of crime in Guatemala, especially politically motivated crime, is complicated and opaque This is why whodunits are interesting for their descriptions of the intellectual authors of murders instead of the guy who pulled the trigger And nothing could ring true when it concerns murder in Guatemala The Art of Political Murder is a template for understanding similarly motivated crimes, whether in Central America or elsewhere It is also a cautionary tale for those naive enough to believe that the rule of law prevails there.

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    Es uno de los mejores libros de investigaci n que he le do Yo estaba en Guatemala cuando asesinaron a Gerardi y recuerdo muy bien los comentarios en los peri dicos al respecto de este caso, tal y como lo describe F Goldman Hab an algunas dudas que me hab an quedado al principio del libro que se resolvieron de manera sutil al final del mismo Me gust mucho la descripci n y narrativa del mismo Se nota que es un libro de investigaci n seria Adem s, es realmente desolador darse cuenta lo que sucede tras bambalinas en un asesinato pol tico en especial en un pa s como Guatemala Lo recomiendo leer.

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    Thoroughly researched and insightful, this is, by far, the best book that I have read on contemporary Guatemala Beyond the analysis of the case itself, it is a window into the structures of corruption, deception and power that continue to hold the country hostage to this day Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of reading this account is, for me, walking the streets of Guatemala and seeing some of the most powerful characters represented as leading candidates for the upcoming elections That the process can tolerate their presence is a measure of how deeply rooted Guatemala s problems are, and how much work is still needed if it is to become a truly free and democratic country.However, there is a hopeful aspect to this story as well it is heartening to read about the truly courageous young Guatemalan activists, lawyers, judges and journalists who risk everything in the pursuit of truth and justice It is with individuals like these that hope for the future rests.This is an absolute must read for anyone attempting to make sense of the patterns of violence that surround those of us living here.

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    I have really admired this author ever since I read his first novel, The Long Night of the White Chicken He writes compassionately and intelligently about Guatemala, his mother s homeland, but always with a tremendous sense of the injustice and abuse that has visited that country for far too many years This book investigates the 1998 murder of one of Guatemala s prominent Catholic bishops, a human rights defender, directly after a report documenting the abuses of the past two decades was published by a church human rights office which he directed The cast of characters can be confusing, and I was halfway through the book before I realized that there was an appendix listing the characters names and affiliations I read this book just before visiting Guatemala again for the 3rd time, and I must say it spooked me a bit But it is moving and wrenching account of the awful history of this beautiful country.

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    The Guatemalan army killed a Catholic bishop in retaliation for his work against the criminal army Difficult to imagine how to live in such a corrupt country.

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    Author Francisco Goldman s courageous nine year study of the murder of Guatemala s Human Rights Activist Bishop Juan Gerardi shows the refusal of power addicts, terrified of their own vast emptiness, to harness their avarice This is a detailed study of planned, orchestrated evil made possible only because of the obedient co operation of the groomed, the passive and the threatened It s always like that A strong reminder to me to speak up when I see injustice or abuse any time, anywhere Otherwise, my silence is their permission Thank you so much, Mr Goldman.Eleanor Cowan, author of A History of a Pedophile s Wife Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer

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    Very overwritten, as other reviews have said Offers a decent insight into aspects of recent Guatemalan political history but was really bogged down with unnecessary, confusing detail.

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