L'écume de la terre

L'écume de la terre Well Over A Century After Darwin Gave Biology Its Unifying Theory Of Evolution, The Earth Sciences Experienced A Similar Revolution And The Theory Of Plate Tectonics Took Hold Plate Tectonics Posed The Idea That The Earth S Crust Is Divided Into A Number Of Large, Thin Plates Always In Motion Relative To One Another In The Behavior Of The Earth, World Renowned Earth Scientist Claude Allegre Sets Forth The Exciting Events In This Contemporary Revolution From Its First Stirrings In The Nineteenth Century And Alfred Wegener S Original Model Of Continental Drift Through The Development Of Its Full Potential In Modern Plate Tectonic Theory Few Scientific Theories Have Been So All Encompassing, And None Has Surpassed Plate Tectonics In Explaining Such A Wide Variety Of Geological Phenomena, From The Origins Of Mountain Building To The Formation Of The Ocean Floor As It Integrated Our Knowledge Of The Earth S Surface With The Investigation Of Its Interior, Plate Tectonics Fused Two Previously Autonomous Strains Of Scientific Inquiry Continental Mobility Changed For All Time Our View Of The Earth From A Static Globe To An Evolving, Living Planet, And Allowed Us To See That Changes In The Earth S Surface Are But Exterior Manifestations Of A Dynamic Interplay Of Forces Within The Crust And The Mantle Allegre Casts His Lucid Exposition Of This Scientific Theory Within The Historical Context Of Its Struggle For Acceptance As He Introduces Us To The Huge Cast Of Personalities And Researchers Who Contributed To The Theory, He Illuminates The Complex Role That The Scientific Community Plays In The Proliferation And Acceptance Of New Ideas Allegre Is As Insightful In Discussing The Human Motivation For Scientific Endeavor As He Is Skillful In Presenting The Science That Results From This Effort Richly Illustrated And Including A Glossary, This Book Offers The Reader Rare Access Both To The Central Theory Of Plate Tectonics And To The Constellation Of Problems And Possibilities That Preoccupy Earth Scientists Today

The main scientific area of Claude Jean All gre is geochemistry Claude All gre is formally retired, but is an emeritus professor at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris Institute of Geophysics in Paris.A former member of the French Socialist Party, All gre has also served as Minister of Education of France in the Jospin cabinet from 4 June 1997 to March 2000, when he was replaced by Jack

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  • Hardcover
  • L'écume de la terre
  • Claude Allègre
  • English
  • 06 March 2017
  • 9780674064577

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