The Best Is Yet to Come (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes Super Special, #1)

The Best Is Yet to Come (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes Super Special, #1)Abby is a very curious girl I liked this book, but I dropped a star purely for Laurie and Wynter yes, wwith a y My gods lady, you are a stuck up b tch, and your daughter is a little bratty monster I am sorry for those sorts of words, but it s true. After Thirteen Books, Abby Is Finally Graduating From Fifth Grade There S A Lot To Do Before The Big Event, Including Finding The Perfect Graduation Outfit Once The Ceremony Is Over, Abby Plans To Spend A Quiet Summer Preparing For Sixth Grade Then Abby S Mother College Friend, Laurie, And Her Young Daughter, Wynter, Arrive For An Extended Stay Laurie A Musician Is Trying To Get Her Career Back On Track She Expects Abby To Care For Wynter While She S Out Before Long, Abby Gets Fed Up Abby S Mom Confronts Laurie, And Abby Is Able To Reclaim Her Pre Middle School Summer Abby Hayes is a fifth grader who is graduating and is excited about her summer She finds out thought that she needs to babysit her mom s friends daughter I liked the book because it was interesting. GREAT graduating is FUN 3.5 Good book It even comes with Abby s year book. This was a cute story about a girl, Abby, who decides to take the summer off No plans for her normally over scheduled days When her mom s friend comes to stay Abby finds her summer turning into something she was not expecting Heidi, my 7 year old, picked this book because it says it s 1 and she wanted to start at the beginning so she knew who was who I found the character development to be very weak so I did a quicksearch and learned this was book 1 in the summer series and something like book 25 overall With this information I am able to forgive the poor character development Heidi loved the book and I enjoyed reading it with her I recommend this to anyone first grade and up. Previously I had read Ann Mazer s The Salamander Room but this is my first Abby Hayes book I made the mistake of seeing a 1 on the cover and thought it was the first book in the series but really it was number 13 and Abby was getting ready to graduate from 5th grade Thus I probably didn t really appreciate Abby s Fifth Grade Yearbook but I followed the story just fine I can imagine that this would be a popular series with young girls as it is realistic and deal with the thoughts, feelings, and concerns of 10 and 11 year olds My favorite parts of this book were the calendar quotes, Abby s journal entries, and the use of humor.

Quite a lot of Anne Mazer s writing education took place while she was unconscious Her parents wanted desperately to become writers and made themselves get up at 4 00 a.m Every morning in order to have writing time before their three young children awoke The first thing Anne heard every day was two big, noisy electric typewriters The furious sound of typing was her childhood wake up music Dur

❮Ebook❯ ➮ The Best Is Yet to Come (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes Super Special, #1) ➯ Author Anne Mazer –
  • Library Binding
  • 144 pages
  • The Best Is Yet to Come (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes Super Special, #1)
  • Anne Mazer
  • English
  • 10 April 2017
  • 9781417629756

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