The Body Politic

The Body Politic From CWA Diamond Dagger Winner Catherine Aird Caught Between An Angry Government And His Employer S Profits, An Engineer Conveniently Dies Can Calleshire S Greatest Detective Bring The Guilty To Justice What S The Value Of One British Engineer When Stacked Against The Exclusive Mining Rights To A Rare, Strategically Important, And Extremely Valuable Mineral The British Based Anglo Lassertan Mineral Company Finds Itself In Hot Water When One Of Its Engineers, Alan Ottershaw, Hits And Kills A Pedestrian While Driving In A Foreign Country A Nation That Happens To Be On The Sunny Side Of The Iron Curtain, With Thick Veins Of The Strategically Important Mineral Querremitte This Particular Country Has Draconian Laws About Killings, So Ottershaw Is Relieved When He S Whisked Back To Calleshire Before The Foreign Police Can Throw Him In Jail But Now That The Lassertan Government Is Threatening To Strip The Mining Company Of Its Most Valuable Contract, Poor Mr Ottershaw Begins To Worry About His Safety And When He Dies Suddenly In A War Reenactment, It Looks Like A Very Convenient Solution To Everyone S Problem A Little Too Convenient, If You Ask Calleshire Detective C D Sloan, Who, Along With His Bumbling Sidekick, Constable Crosby, Must Investigate The Death It Seems That Nearly Everyone In Town Would Prefer To Forget That The Lassertan Debacle Ever Happened But Why Has A Man Been Following Around The Calleshire MP Dressed As The Grim Reaper Who Has Been Sending Death Threats And Live Scorpions Via Post Detective Sloan Is On The Case Alan Ottershaw is a mining engineer working in Lasserta, a small Middle Eastern country which has deposits of a particular ore needed for a secret weapon of great importance to the British government Relationships with Lasserta are tricky and when Alan knocks down and kills someone in a road accident it looks like becoming an international incident and threatens the mining interests of his employer Alan is sent home to Calleshire and no one is relieved than he is.When the re enactment of the Battle of Lewes results in a real death Sloan and Crosby are presented with one of their most complex cases yet In addition they have to try and find out who is threatening local MPs Are the two things connected I found this book engrossing reading and I didn t work out who the murderer was until almost the same time that Sloan and Crosby did This is an excellent portrait of village life and I loved the characters and the trade mark wry and ironic humour I can thoroughly recommend this excellent series If you want graphic violence, gritty inner city realism and detectives with complex private lives you want find those here just an interesting mystery and two all too human detectives trying to bring a murderer to justice. Another enjoyable tale featuring inspector Sloan. 3 1 2 to 4 stars My problem with this book is not that it isn t well written or a well constructed mystery It very well might be My problem is that I have no idea The whole thing hinges on a re enactment of some British civil war battle that I ve never heard of I don t know who any of the people are So the whole time I just felt lost If you are an anglophile, you may have better luck. Catherine Aird always delivers a delightful read Even if you can figure out whodunit I still very much enjoy the journey to the end The detective sergeant has the greatest lines, blink and you miss them and it s worth going back to savor them The author inspires one to start writing at any age Thank you Miss Aird. Was totally lost not my type of writer. abandoned Enjoyed the wit Would have liked it better had I known about English history, I think, as the solution to the crime hinges on that knowledge.

K.H McIntosh She was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and is the author of than twenty crime fiction novels and story collections Her writings are similar to those of Vivien Armstrong, M C Beaton and Pauline Bell.Aird is creator of the Sloan and Crosby novels, set in the CID department of the fictional Berebury, West Calleshire, England She served as Chairman of the Crime Writers Association from 1990 91 She holds an honorary M A from the University of Kent and received the M.B.E for her services to the Girl Guide Association She lives in England.Apart from writing the successful Chronicles of Calleshire she has also written and edited a series of village histories and is active in village life She is also an editor and contributing author on works regarding other writers and the art of writing.

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  • Paperback
  • The Body Politic
  • Catherine Aird
  • English
  • 08 December 2017
  • 9780330313377

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