The boke of Margerie Kempe of Lynn

The boke of Margerie Kempe of LynnMy then roommate and I had a class together in which we read this book When a stray cat turned up at our house and insisted on moving in with us, we named her Margery because she whined so much. The Book Of Margery Kempe C Is The Extraordinary Account Of A Medieval Wife, Mother, And Mystic Known As The Earliest Autobiography Written In The English Language, Kempe S Book Describes The Dramatic Transformation Of Its Heroine From Failed Businesswoman And Lustful Young Wife To Devout And Chaste Pilgrim She Vividly Describes Her Prayers And Visions, As Well As The Temptations In Daily Life To Which She Succumbed Before Dedicating Herself To Her Spiritual Calling She Travelled To The Most Holy Sites Of The Medieval World, Including Rome And JerusalemIn Her Life And Her Boisterous Devotion, Kempe Antagonized Many Of Those Around Her Yet She Also Garnered Friends And Supporters Who Helped To Record Her Experiences Her Book Opens A Window On To The Medieval World, And Provides A Fascinating Portrait Of One Woman S Life, Aspirations, And Prayers Well that was a bit strange.The second thing I would say is avoid this older edition with it s old translation The editor in fact suggests that the English was only slightly modernised, my general impression, as maybe you can tell from the updates, is the translator produced a weird sounding Tudorbethan style that often comes over as a pastiche It has neither the pleasures of the original, nor the clarity of a modern translation The passages about lice or Margery tormented by visions of naked men and being told by the devil that all she has to to make it stop is to select which one she will be intimate with first, are rendered particularly obscurely, no doubt out of respect for a 1950s readership who wouldn t want to read such filth But the 50s are over know and we ought to be able to read about people stripping off their clothes on pilgrimage to attack each other s lice freely the fifteenth century wasn t just about the battle of Agincourt after all.The third point is that this is simply a deeply odd book view spoiler the forth point, in the manner of the crooked man who walked a crooked mile view spoiler who found a crooked sixpence against a crooked style he bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,and they all lived together in a little crooked house hide spoiler One of the oldest autobiographies in the English language, should you choose to believe the illiterate Margery Kempe truly dictated it, is bitterly funny today Kempe recounts her marriage, failures in business, curiously kinky religious visions, and spuriously selfish pilgrimmage It is at once a window into the biases of a bygone age, and a thinly humorous commentary on the human condition Was she driven mad by trouble childbirth, lying to get ahead in the world, or truly touched The Church had its opinion, which is why the book went missing between the 15th and 20th centuries She was a heretic, an entrepreneur, and worst of all for her time, a woman It s hard not to have sympathy for her, or for the people she dragged around.Penguin books translated this edition into modern English to be accessible for modern readers, and good on them it makes it easier to breeze through if you are so inclined. I would have been blessfully ignorant of this book if not the remarkable book Sex Before Sexuality A Premodern History that I read earlier Having read The Book of Margery Kempe, I ought to admit that Sex Before Sexuality summed up everything that might be of interest for you in this book in a couple of words, relieveing you from whimpering, sobbing, crying, weeping, moaning, suffering, endless narrative offered by Margery and those who wrote for her. After having to read this for my Lit class, and reading a book by St Theresa of Avila two years ago for a history class, I have come to the following conclusion Female mystics are the single most boring, long winded people on the planet Margery Kempe s life had all the potential to be a well made, expensive, but ultimately poorly received religious film from the Mel Gibson canon She had visions, was psychic, and spent most of her adult life traveling across Europe and the Middle East while refusing to have sex with her husband At the same time, she traveled with a colorful variety of men, and if she slept with any of them she s certainly not going to tell us God punished her for twelve days by making her see visions of naked men prancing back and forth in front of her with the devil telling her she had to fuck all of them, and all she had to do was pick who would be first I make it sound kind of interesting, or at least readable It is not Here s my summary of Margery s book blah blah blah blah blah blah i m not worthy blah blah jesus blah blah blah god is awesome blah blah blah blah self righteous blah blah blah blah jesus blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh jesus blah Amen.Read for Women in Early British Literature Review will follow I just need to write my essay first. This book is notable as being the first autobiography in the English Language But that s where the debate begins Margery Kempe was a remarkable woman who would have stood out in any age As a Carmelite familiar with the mystical life, I find that Margery Kempe is authentic Although there are many who would argue that That is because they are unfamiliar with the contemplative and meditative life And I must admit that Margery had her share of gifts She had an extraordinary sense of prayer and dedication to God and Christ And although she excelled in these and many other gifts, there was one gift that many could not accept Her gift of tears I have heard of this gift but Margery annoyed everyone with her gift even with those who were her friends Margery s story is remarkable, because she traveled extensively and knew many of the key players in her age She even spent some time in her travels with Dame Julian of Norwich, who authored Revelations of Divine Love But even if you do not agree with Margery s authentic religious life, her book is recommended as an inside look at the Middle Ages and an introduction to the famous people in her world. What a hoot this book is Margery Kempe was a real person, someone who, after having a bunch of children and many years of marriage, decided that she wanted to be a nun So she traveled to Rome from England to get a papal annulment, and discovered that she enjoyed traveling so much that she went on Jerusalem Her adventures are told with a certain tongue in cheek and also some self righteous indignation that are both edifying and hilarious Even hearing only her side of things, the reader is glad not to have known her I ve recently bought a companion book to this because I m eager to read it again, only with all the references to what else was going on at the time and what certain catholic isms mean. margery kempe is an unmistakably physical presence, a voice that rings clear over the centuries, a body that she reinstates ownership over again and again, a soul that she lays bare to the world there is something very lonely in the story of a woman who must exist in the liminal space between layperson and saint, aspiring to one and shunning the other but never quite belonging to either despite her own surety that earthly scorn will be heavenly joy, that her distance from the people around her will bring her closer to christ, that her current pain is as deserved as her future release, i m left with a kind of sadness that i can t quite shake.

The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life and history of Margery Kempe, a famous Medieval character Nationality EnglishLifespan c1373 c1438Time Reference Lived during the reign of the English kings Edward III, Richard II and Henry IVDate of Birth She was born Margery Brunham at King s Lynn, Norfolk then called Bishop s Lynn in approximately 137

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