The Borrowers Afield

The Borrowers AfieldDriven Out Of Their Cozy House By The Rat Catcher, The Borrowers Find Themselves Homeless Worse, They Are Lost And Alone In A Frightening New World The Outdoors Nearly Everything Outside Cows, Moths, Field Mice, Cold Weather Is A Life Threatening Danger For The Borrowers But As They Bravely Journey Across Country In Search Of A New Home And Learn How To Survive In The Wild, Pod, Homily, And Their Daughter, Arrietty, Discover That The World Beyond Their Old Home Has Joy, Drama, And People Than They D Ever Imagined

Mary Norton n e Pearson was an English children s author She was the daughter of a physician, and was raised in a Georgian house at the end of the High Street in Leighton Buzzard The house now consists of part of Leighton Middle School, known within the school as The Old House, and was reportedly the setting of her novel The Borrowers She married Robert C Norton in 1927 and had four children

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  • The Borrowers Afield
  • Mary Norton
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  • 03 October 2019
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    It s so awful and sad, she once admitted to Tom Goodenough, to belong to a race that no sane person believes in Arrietty and her family of Borrowers have escaped from their cozy home and are now afield They find a temporary shelter inside an old booth, and spend some weeks in the wilderness There, they will meet a lot of curious characters some new, some long missed.I am enjoying this series very much I find it a very relaxing read, and it feels like reading an old childhood classic I was also curious to know how the story goes on after the anime I found out though, that the anime adaptation is quite different and often takes inspiration from events that take place in all the books in the series.

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    It s too bad that this series of books about little people is in such danger of being dismissed as a cute or trite children s fairy story They certainly shouldn t be described in that way Once you can suspend your disbelief in the existence of small people living in and amongst normal humans, the books becomes adventure stories in the best sense kind of a Robinson Crusoe story but with much likable and subtly depicted characters.

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    In the second book of The Borrowers series, Pod, Homily and Arrietty are on the run after escaping from the terrible Mrs Driver and the ferret No long able to live snugly beneath the kitchen in the big house, they are forced to run, hide from field mice and insects, and sleep in ditches.Finally they take up residence in an abandoned boot and adopt a vegetarian diet Homily tries to be brave but is miserably out of her element Pod is his usual resourceful self Arrietty however is thrilled to be in the great outdoors She ventures far and wide and when she meets Spiller, a mysterious and feral Borrower youth, she sets in motion the family s salvation.I read this one as a child but didn t remember it as well It is just as delightful and imaginative as the first book I did not read the other two in the series because by the time The Borrowers Afloat was published in 1959, I was twelve years old and had moved on as a reader I will be reading Afloat and Aloft soon though thanks to my Big Fat Reading Project See entry in Writing by going to my profile.

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    I love the way these books have such an awareness of unreliable narrators, and of oral stories, for all that they re written down First of all The Boy through Mrs May through Kate, and then Arriety through Tom Goodenough through Kate There s so much uncertainty about whether it is or isn t a story I imagine that frustrates some people, but I do like it.I remember, all of a sudden, as a child, carefully leaving things on the lower shelves, for Borrowers They never did take it, but maybe I was overestimating them Or maybe they knew what I was doing, and never wanted to let on to a giant girl like me that they really were there Who knows Anyway, I remembered The Borrowers Afield very fondly It suffered than the first book, I think, from my nostalgia for it it just wasn t as good as I remembered, as the image the years of thinking about the Borrowers had made Not enough really happens until the very end of the book.Still, it s still wonderful to revisit this world, and there s also something satisfying about the way normal human feelings still play out in the books, as large as life Homily s insistence that she s teetotal until it s a matter of life and death, for example, and her bristling up at the Hendrearies having some of her furniture, etc.Really, really happy I bought these again.

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    I have been reading this to Seth in our morning time It took a while to get into, but we did really enjoy the last half of the book.

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    This book was great, the families adventure in the out doors kept my attention very well and was full of humourous situations that had me laughing It was quite the adventure they had, made even better by the illustrations Those brilliant line drawings that captured the events of the book so well.We now need the Borrowers Afloat for our collection I can t wait for my wife to read them so we can talk about these adventures together.

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    Every bit as charming as the first installment I found on rereading this one decades later that I hadn t remembered the story at all, nor the fantastically described new character, Spiller I suspect this is due to my imagination being engaged at the idea of borrowers living indoors without humans suspecting their presence I was never very outdoorsy, so Arrietty s fearless embrace of her new circumstances and her precocious willingness to wander off exploring is drenched, for me, in a feeling of impending disaster The book justifies this anxiety by delivering plenty of peril, so for an impressionable young child already prone to view the unpredictability of the outside world with some skepticism, this book tends to confirm such views.Some other nice touches in this installment Four chapters of frame story at the beginning that build anticipation for the continuation of the Arrietty focused narrative, and very cheeky use of epigraphs for all the chapters, hinting obliquely at events to come and also potentially piquing the interest of the child reading them about the historical events or figures mentioned.

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    Not as charming as the first book The trio of borrowers neurotic Homily, stuffy Pod and the wanderlusty Arriety tramp about afield, hence the title, searching for borrower relatives, and end up living in a boot We meet Spiller here for the first time, and at the end of the book, the rest of the little borrower nutcases More childish than book one I suddenly feel like trampling on them all.

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    I m really so impressed with these books.

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