The Clergymans Wife

The Clergymans Wife This book is a must read for Pride and Prejudice fans It has the same atmosphere, it s beautifully written and I really enjoyed that the author decided not focusing so much on the Bennet family I ve always liked Charlotte, she s a good friend to Elizabeth and I enjoyed that the author focused the story on her.In Pride and Prejudice, Charlotte ends up marrying Mr Collins, the awkward cousin that got rejected by Elizabeth Bennet The story takes place a few years after Pride and Prejudice Charlotte and Mr Collins had a daughter, they live a pretty good life and Charlotte kept her friendship with Elizabeth by sending letters telling each other how their lives were Charlotte realizes how hollow her life is She has a good marriage, yes But does she feel passionate for her husband Does he show enough affection for her Besides, she often puts up with Mr Collin s patroness, the horrible Lady Catherine de Bourgh She is a rancorous rich old woman who often criticizes Charlotte and Mr Collins agrees with anything she says.Lady Catherine sends Mr Tyler, a meritorious farmer to plant some roses at Charlotte s garden Mr Tyler is a nice, polite man and every time Charlotte talks to him, he is courteous For the first time, she feels like she s not invisible and someone thinks she s interesting and fun to talk to But the story takes place in another century when it would be considered outrageous for women to be so close to a man who is not your husband The story is than I thought it would be It s about friendship and rethinking one s happiness I really liked reading about the beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice and the author did not disappoint me. The only classics I really loved are Jane Austen s books and I ve read them many many times, so these days it s much exciting for me to find contemporary authors reimagining her books or characters And this book fascinated me right from the time I saw it on Edelweiss, because when have we ever thought about Charlotte s life after her marriage to Mr Collins I was very happy when I received this advance copy and I devoured this in just a few hours This is the author s debut novel but you probably wouldn t be able to guess that because the prose is absolutely beautiful and lyrical and so many other adjectives which I don t even know While I couldn t put the book down at all, it is by no means a fast paced novel It s slow and languid and has a melancholic aesthetic to it, and you can feel every single feeling that the author wants you to Days go by and the seasons change and that atmosphere is so perfectly captured that it amazed me I also thought the author wrote about Charlotte s loneliness in a way that deeply resonated with me.It also helps that the author knows her PP characters well and even though she is writing her own backstory and future story for them, you feel that these are the same people whom you have known since you first read the original and you are just getting to know them better now I think it s difficult to create a new story with familiar characters without being too disruptive, and I love that the author managed to create a perfect balance I m pretty sure most of us pitied Charlotte for choosing marry Mr Collins, maybe even looked down on her for compromising but she knows what she did and why she had to make those choices We get to know her so much better in this book her childhood dreams, the moment she realized she was never going to be a catch, and her decision to choose comfort and security over love She is a very kind hearted woman who is trying to make the best of her life, but there are also moments of self reflection, pain and loneliness, of thinking about what ifs and wondering what she can do And the time when she realizes what emotional intimacy can feel like, what does it feel like to be seen and heard her heartache and confusion was very poignant and beautifully written I have to say I really empathized with her a lot and only wanted her to be happy Mr Collins is the same person we know, giving his long winding opinions on everything and being extra deferential towards Lady Catherine And while he can be annoying as ever, seeing him through Charlotte s eyes brings a certain humanity to his character He is not someone who is expressive or good at communicating true feelings, but she manages to get little glimpses of his true self and I thought that was done so sensitively Lady Catherine is her usual obnoxious self and I don t think anyone can make her seem sympathetic I loved the two newly added characters Mr Travis and Mrs Fitzgibbon and the lovely friendship and companionship they brought to Charlotte, who was so starved for affection And I was totally delighted to see her daughter Louisa grow up within the pages of the book And I won t deny that getting to meet Lizzy and Mr Darcy was amazing, even if just for a couple of scenes To conclude, if you love Austen retellings or spinoffs, you should definitely try this book It s beautiful and evocative and completely captured my heart I was probably in a fragile emotional state while reading it and needed some catharsis it looks like because I wept and wept through most of the second half It s not a sad book per se, but it does have a bit of that feeling permeating throughout and while it made me cry, I don t think it ll elicit the same reaction in everyone I m so glad that I got the opportunity to read this book and I m very much looking forward to see what the author writes next. For Everyone Who Loved Pride And Prejudice And Legions Of Historical Fiction Lovers An Inspired Debut Novel Set In Austen S WorldCharlotte Collins, Nee Lucas, Is The Respectable Wife Of Hunsford S Vicar, And Sees To Her Duties By Rote Keeping House, Caring For Their Adorable Daughter, Visiting Parishioners, And Patiently Tolerating The Lectures Of Her Awkward Husband And His Condescending Patroness, Lady Catherine De Bourgh Intelligent, Pragmatic, And Anxious To Escape The Shame Of Spinsterhood, Charlotte Chose This Life, An Inevitable One So Socially Acceptable That Its Quietness Threatens To Overwhelm Her Then She Makes The Acquaintance Of Mr Travis, A Local Farmer And Tenant Of Lady CatherineIn Mr Travis Company, Charlotte Feels Appreciated, Heard, And Seen For The First Time In Her Life, Charlotte Begins To Understand Emotional Intimacy And Its Effect On The Heart And How Breakable That Heart Can Be With Her Sensible Nature Confronted, And Her Own Future About To Take A Turn, Charlotte Must Now Question The Role Of Love And Passion In A Woman S Life, And Whether They Truly Matter For A Clergyman S Wife When spinster Charlotte Lucas, Jane Austen s most unromantic, pragmatic character, settled for the odious Mr Collins, we were quite certain of her connubial un bliss Molly Greeley s continuation of her story after the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice sensitively reveals her wedded life with heartbreak and humor Austen fans will revel in her lyrical prose and reverence to the canon, while historical fiction readers will appreciate her atmospheric Regency world and historical accuracy The Clergyman s Wife is a poignant, pensive, and brilliant exploration of women s lot in early nineteenth century England and how one woman rose to make a silk purse out of a sow s ear Laurel Ann Nattress, editor of Jane Austen Made Me Do It. Many thanks to AllenUnwin for this Advanced reading copy.I had great pleasure in reading this book It is written from the one characters perspective throughout which I quite enjoyed as it was simple to follow Charlotte Collins marries a vicar, not for love but to ensure her position in society and her future In this role she meets a farmer who she becomes very fond of and he of her and she discovers what could of been for her had she not chosen the path she has Being a respectable lady she does the right thing but makes promises to herself that her daughter will not follow the same fate.I recommend this book as an easy to read book by the author Molly Greeley I will endeavor to find of her work in the future. I LONG AGO determined to live my life not in noisy discontentment but in quiet acceptance Since Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813, this classic novel has seen many remakes and spin offs Author Molly Greeley has released her debut novel about Charlotte Lucas, a secondary character in Pride and Prejudice The Clergyman s Wife is a story of love, life choices, pride, security, duty, family and entitlement It is a gentle side accompaniment to one of our most beloved classics.Charlotte Lucas has married for a sense of security, not true love She is now known as Charlotte Collins, the clergyman s wife Charlotte is dedicated to her role as the vicar of Hunsford s wife She puts the needs of her parishioners above her own Charlotte is also a hardworking housekeeper and a loving mother Mrs Collins is a giving, patient and tolerant woman Charlotte is also very accepting her husband s shortcomings, as well as the pressures placed on her by the formidable Lady Catherine de Burgh Charlotte knows that this is the life that she chose, despite the awkward relations she shares with her husband When a local farmer befriends Charlotte and her daughter, Charlotte s eyes are opened to friendly conversation, a natural connection and mutual respect, but also a sense of longing Charlotte knows her duty to both her husband and her parish, but she can t help but consider what life would be like if she had passion in her life Charlotte s spirit is tested in this affable story of the life of a dutiful clergyman s wife.When I cast my mind back to Charlotte Lucas in Pride and Prejudice, a book I adore, I consider this fairly minor character from Austen s book to be a loyal friend to Elizabeth, but rather plain and accepting Molly Greeley has managed to take a secondary character of little impression and flesh her story out into a full length companion story I am sure fans of Austen and historical fiction novels will find much to appreciate in The Clergyman s Wife.What immediately struck me about this novel was the clear depiction of the time period and setting in which The Clergyman s Wife is set We are made inherently aware of the lack of choice, restrictions, sense of duty, moral codes, marital rules and societal expectations of the time Elizabeth and Jane Bennet managed to marry for love, rather than expectation or duty, which was rare for the time In Charlotte Lucas, we a see a woman fearing spinsterhood and wishing to establish her own household, marriage and family This leads Charlotte to accept the hand of marriage offered by Mr Collins This act makes us see that for many women of this time period, love and passion was cast aside for duty.Charlotte is an agreeable character, sometimes a little lacklustre, but ultimately I respected her decisions and movements She comes to life thanks to the writing of Molly Greeley, who approaches her story with a sense of creativity, thoughtfulness and historical flair The book is told from Charlotte s sole point of view, so we bear witness to her inner thoughts and feelings I was moved by pressure placed on Charlotte to marry for security, rather than true love I was also emotionally drawn to an upsetting life event that occurs in Charlotte s married life Greeley approached this aspect of Charlotte s life with sensitivity and insight.Familiar characters from Austen s classic make reappearance in The Clergyman s Wife I really appreciated getting to know Elizabeth, Darcy, the Bennet family and Lady Catherine de Burgh once again, from an altered perspective It was like greeting an old set of friends in this reunion and continuation of the events of the original book Mr Collins is just as irritating, awkward and embarrassing on the pages of this novel I liked the addition of new characters, such as Mr Travis, who becomes a significant part of Charlotte s journey in this story.Greeley devotes a good deal of the novel to illuminating the role of a clergyman s wife, a position I feel Charlotte performs with care, dedication and effort, she seems suited to this role Following Charlotte s story as a clergyman s wife made me appreciate the selfless nature, sacrifices and goodwill that goes hand in hand with this position But there was a sort of longing, melancholy, regret and isolation that shrouds Charlotte, which Greeley captures within the pages of this novel There is definitely a strong touch of realism in this novel, which I admired.The Clergyman s Wife is a touching tribute to the rousing classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Meditative, authentic and beguiling, I appreciated the opportunity to be further acquainted with Charlotte Collins The Clergyman s Wife will sit well with Austen devotees, along with those who read historical fiction Thanks extended to Allen Unwin for providing a free copy of this book for review purposes. This is a pleasant, enjoyable book, notable for its lovely writing and its consideration of the real financial challenges facing women in Jane Austen s day, as well as by its empathy for its characters especially, and perhaps surprisingly, Mr Collins In Molly Greeley s hands Mr Collins s flaws are not softened not in the least but possible explanations are provided and he is made into a human and nuanced character than he appears in Pride and Prejudice Overall, it is a pleasure throughout the book to behold the author demonstrating compassion for the characters without letting them off the hook for their moral choices Frankly, I m a sucker for anything Jane Austen I ll admit that much of my enjoyment of this book is due to that fact Still, The Clergyman s Wife is among the better selections of the Austen world sub genre Clearly, the author is not all about profiting off a cash cow she is, with wisdom and care, exploring questions that provide a richer understanding of both history and our own lives.My one nitpick is that, although the author mostly seems to take care to use period vocabulary, I was jolted out of the story by a couple of words which were coined decades after the story takes place My guess is that most readers may not even notice, or care In general, Greeley s writing is gently evocative, clear, and lyrical without going overboard.This book is not a six course meal, it s not a rich dessert, it s not junk food, and it s not wild game It s like a very nice homemade fruit salad, tasty and light, wholesome and flavorful, and just substantial enough to make you feel pleasantly fed In other words, I felt improved by the book without having to work hard I m glad I read it and I would read from this author. Lucky to receive an advance reading copy of THE CLERGYMAN S WIFE forthcoming from William Morrow, December 2019 , I was both very entertained and moved by Molly Greeley s debut novel about one of Jane Austen s relatable and enigmatic characters, Charlotte Lucas from Pride and Prejudice Having always enjoyed both Charlotte s pragmatism and her friendship with Austen s heroine Elizabeth Bennet, it was particularly satisfying to read this wholly new and creative work of fiction Greeley s writing style is exquisite and lyrical, and through strong and measured control of her prose, she captures perfectly the interior emotional landscape of a woman who has compromised significantly in some areas of life romance, physical attraction, companionship in order to forge a life and home and family of her own Although a stand alone story in many ways, the book also works on another level, building on the familiar reader s notions of Charlotte s husband s quirks and follies, his patron Lady Catherine de Bourgh s selfish arrogance, and her sickly daughter s lack of social energy at the same time brand new secondary characters, whether baby Louisa or the attractive Mr Travis or the lonely neighbour Mrs Fitzgibbon, are equally memorable This is a book to savour, like the seasons and the emotions it so skillfully draws, and Greeley is a wonderful new talent to discover. Charlotte married Mr Collins, not out of love but out of a need for security This story picks up on these characters from Pride and Prejudice and tells us what happened next I never usually pick up book written by another author that features an established author s characters like Jane Austen, but something about this one called to me I was not disappointed I quickly settled into the tenor of the story and became absorbed in the story I enjoyed catching up with the characters I enjoyed getting to know Charlotte Her husband, William, is still very much under deferential thrall to Lady Catherine, who is her pompous, arrogant and interfering self When she goes to talk to Mr Collins about him his last sermon she tells him it was uninspiring I clearly heard her voice and the tone it was said in and had a little chuckle.There are many amusing moments and equally poignant moments as Charlotte relates to the local people and gets to know Mr Travis and his elderly father, who take a shine to Charlotte and William s baby Louisa I really liked the careful friendship that evolves between Charlotte and Mrs Fitzgibbon This is a gentle and charming read that reflects and build on the original period and characters, even to the fleeting appearance of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy As the relationship between Charlotte and Mr Travis progressed I did wonder how it would play out The ending perfectly complimented the chracters and the genre My heartfelt thanks to Allen and Unwin for my uncorrected proof copy to read and review The whole story is lyrical I loved it Fans of Jane Austen will definitely not be disappointed What a charming debut novel Molly Greeley has given us to enjoy It is new and fresh yet still manages to retain the essence of the original Along with the well rounded characters, the period and the setting, the little details so beautifully rendered make this a delight to read. The Clergyman s Wife by Molly GreeleyThis was a light and charmingly delightful read It s a story inspired by the Pride and Prejudice novel Respectable spinster Charlotte Lucus marries Hunsford s vicar, the awkward Mr William Collins Charlotte doesn t love him but she bows to the social expectation and security of marriage She knows she s not an attractive woman and cannot wait for love to find her.The story has perfectly captured Charlotte s loveless marriage, she s forfeited her dreams of romance, physical attraction and desire in order to make a home and family of her own.She patiently tolerates her husband s lectures, annoying mannerisms and his frantic energy and goes about her duties Charlotte leads a good life but without any passion.Mr Travis, a farmer is enlisted to plant some roses at the parsonage, a gift from Lady Catherine the patroness Charlotte feels a connection to him and they slowly build a friendship, she begins to understand how breakable the heart can be.A thoughtful and entertaining read Thank you to Allen Unwin for an ARC in return for an honest review

Molly Greeley was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where her addiction to books was spurred by her parents floor to ceiling bookshelves A graduate of Michigan State University, she began as an Education major, but switched to English and Creative Writing after deciding that gainful employment was not as important to her as being able to spend several years reading books and writing stories and

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