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The Coffee TraderThe Edgar Award Winning Novel A Conspiracy Of Paper Was One Of The Most Acclaimed Debuts Of In His Richly Suspenseful Second Novel, Author David Liss Once Again Travels Back In Time To A Crucial Moment In Cultural And Financial History His Destination Amsterdam, A Mysterious World Of Trade Populated By Schemers And Rogues, Where Deception Rules The DayOn The World S First Commodities Exchange, Fortunes Are Won And Lost In An Instant Miguel Lienzo, A Sharp Witted Trader In The City S Close Knit Community Of Portuguese Jews, Knows This Only Too Well Once Among The City S Most Envied Merchants, Miguel Has Lost Everything In A Sudden Shift In The Sugar Markets Now, Impoverished And Humiliated, Living On The Charity Of His Petty Younger Brother, Miguel Must Find A Way To Restore His Wealth And ReputationMiguel Enters Into A Partnership With A Seductive Dutchwoman Who Offers Him One Last Chance At Success A Daring Plot To Corner The Market Of An Astonishing New Commodity Called Coffee To Succeed, Miguel Must Risk Everything He Values And Test The Limits Of His Commercial Guile, Facing Not Only The Chaos Of The Markets And The Greed Of His Competitors, But Also A Powerful Enemy Who Will Stop At Nothing To See Him Ruined Miguel Will Learn That Among Amsterdam S Ruthless Businessmen, Betrayal Lurks Everywhere, And Even Friends Hide Secret AgendasWith Humor, Imagination, And Mystery, David Liss Depicts A World Of Subterfuge, Danger, And Repressed Longing, Where Religious And Cultural Traditions Clash With The Demands Of A New And Exciting Way Of Doing Business Readers Of Historical Suspense And Lovers Of Coffee Even Decaf Will Be Up All Night With This Beguiling Novel Otherwise, if you are interested in my books, or just want to talk about books in general, please add me as a friend.

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Coffee Trader
  • David Liss
  • English
  • 03 October 2017
  • 9780375760907

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    Surprising depth and very entertaining The complexity of the group dynamics and of what was undoubtedly a well researched book was impressive Liss creates a setting wherein he draws the reader and his sometimes complicated characterizations are spot on and approachable Set in 17th century Amsterdam, this is also a fascinating historical fiction and the author crafts for the reader a time and place of exceptional detail We also see the distinctions drawn between various cultures and religions and the often overwhelming rigidity of class and religious boundaries.This finishes with an unsettled denouement and with some questions left unanswered, but overall a very enjoyable story.

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    Sometimes I m wrong about a book though I hate to admit it I was almost 100 pages into The Coffee Trader and moaning that I wasn t enjoying the read but had to finish it as it was a book group choice I knuckled down finally and was pleasantly surprised when very quickly the story just popped off the pages When all was said and done I thoroughly relished the book, even going back to re read parts of the beginning I honestly think what threw me is that The Coffee Trader is about commodity trading This concept muddles my mind Don t ask me how the stock exchange works cause it blows my mind The Coffee Trader takes place in an exchange, albeit in mid 1600 s in Amsterdam, and its coffee, not cash, but trading none the less The main character, Miquel is seeking to make his fortune in a scheme to corner the market on this new wondrous product of coffee He enters into partnership with a mysterious woman, Geertruid and tries to keep the venture secret from his brother, Daniel and the villain of the story, Solomon Parido, a wealthy member of the Amsterdam Jewish community and the Ma Maad, The Portuguese Jewish community plays a large role in the whole and brings about happenings that would otherwise not be if not for the religion and culture Though there are other vivid characters, none appealed to as much as Joachim Waagenaar, a gentile and Dutchman who loses all, his money, standing, face, in a deal with Miquel There are twists and turns in abundance and the outcome tickled me except for one aspect I enjoyed reading the author s note that explains his use of coffee vs tulips or art to set the tone of trading in Dutch commerce of the mid 1600 s Also, I love this quote by character Miquel He loved the money that came with success, but loved the power How true of many powerful persons I m so glad our group chose The Coffee Trader for this month s discussion and I m really glad I stuck with it A solid historical read Now it s time for a cup of coffee.

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    I guess I ll read this one It can t possibly be as good as his other two It s about coffee Who can write this much about coffee Ugggggghhhh it s about stocks in coffee It s not even about coffee coffee It takes place in Amsterdam Weed So far this is better than I thought it would be This main character is kind of a douche So is everyone else in this book How the hell does one pronounce Oude Kerk Is Dutch hard Think I could learn it Do I want to learn it I heard the Netherlands is nice Should I move there Would I have to learn Dutch Is Dutch hard Dude, this guy has gotten himself in some real trouble with money I hope he gets out of it Dude, this guy is a tool He keeps borrowing money he doesn t have I hope he goes to jail Yikes, I m glad my name isn t Gertruid I m going to read this one until I m done with it I can t focus on any of the other books Dammit, boyfriend, leave me alone, I m trying to read Wait, so is Gertruid betraying Miguel Is Alfonso Is Parido Is Miguel going to do it with his brother s wife or not Is that servant going to get bitchsmacked like she should So many questions I can hardly stand it Well I sure hope this ass doesn t win in the end he is NOT a good guy But then again neither are these other people I don t know who to root for, the good guy or the bad guy But wait, who is the good guy Is there a good guy Is anyone truly good or bad Is Dutch hard

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    This isn t quite on a par with A Conspiracy of Paper his first book , but it very nearly is The action focuses on the grandfather of Benjamin Weaver the central character in the aforementioned novel , Miguel Lienzo, a Portuguese Jew living in Amsterdam At the opening of the novel May 1659 he is seemingly on the verge of ruin and survives only because of the charity of his brother Daniel, in whose cellar he lodges But then he gets wind of a wondrous new drink called coffee and it seems as if his luck may be about to changeLiss shows that his talent for plotting has not diminished since his debut and, likewise, that he is still able to create a cast of wonderful characters to enjoy The atmosphere of the time was very well evoked as far as I could tell not being wholly conversant with the history of 17th Century Holland and the suspense never let up Just who was in league with whom and what the truth was appeared to be in a constant state of flux Yet Liss brought it to a satisfactory and logical conclusion.I found this a swift, enjoyable read and recommend it wholeheartedly.

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    I m going to go against the tide here I did not enjoy this book which I found to be an endless series of basically the same conversation over and over again who is lying everyone who is actually accomplishing something no one what character could I relate to or root for none it sounded like a vicious junior high school locker room where every student is jealous of and hates all the others it s hard to imagine Dutch commercial prowess if this is how they actually behaved

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    review in english below H j algum tempo que tinha curiosidade em ler alguma coisa do David Liss e quando vi este livro na estante de uma amiga, n o desperdicei a oportunidade.Infelizmente, foi uma decep o Li, algures, que a partir da p gina 100 a hist ria ganhava vida, mas comigo isso n o aconteceu N o gostei da escrita, nem dos personagens, nem da hist ria quero l saber se o Miguel consegue fazer fortuna com o caf , ou se tem um romance com a cunhada Acho que estou a ficar mais exigente deve ser da idade e sem paci ncia para perder preciosas horas a tentar interessar me por um livro que n o me agarrou, sobretudo quando tenho dezenas de livros seguramente melhores que este minha espera.Assim, fico por aqui p g 129 , sem arrependimentos e entusiasmada por ir come ar uma nova aventura liter ria I d been curious to read something from David Liss for some time now, so when I spotted this book on a friend s bookcase, I took the opportunity.Unfortunately, it was a letdown I d read somewhere that the story picked up after page 100, but it didn t happen for me.I didn t like the writing, the characters or the story I couldn t care less if Miguel makes a fortune from coffee trading, or if he gets involved with his sister in lawI think I m turning picky as I get older and I don t want to lose precious hours of my time trying to get interested in a book that didn t grab me, specially when I have dozens of books waiting for me, that are undoubtedly better that this one.So, I ll leave it to that page 129 , with no regrets and excited to begin a new literary adventure.

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    I waited a long time to read this book It sat on my to read list for a year or so and I took it off, put it back on, never quite sure if I wanted to fit it into my reading schedule While I am pleased to have finally conquered the book, finally got it read, I was bitterly disappointed by it.I don t know if it was the great cover or not as I have always regarded the cover of this edition as one of my favourites even before meeting the book in the flesh , but I really expected much poetry in the writing style A much better prose work offering than what I got.Perhaps even passion and animation in the writing too And yet, having read this book as a Group Read with others, I discovered that not everyone felt the same as I about the boring nature of the book, so I certainly would not ever discourage anyone from reading it.I did give it 3 stars of 5 and to me that means I liked it and nearly enjoyed it which I kind of didn t so I should be giving it 2 However, after giving it much thought, I decided that 3 stars because I liked it enough to get through it and not give up on it I found a story within its pages that was mildly entertaining So 3 star it is.The day I started this book I brewed myself a pot of coffee, wanting to make the reading experience broader than just the act of reading words on pages And it worked for a while as the book gets off early with your protagonist, Miguel, a broke, womanising, sex obsessed don t expect lots of sex scenes though, just references to women he sees and women he has done trader being introduced to coffee for the first time.It takes a while to come back to the Coffee as the story moves into character developments and the strange and the unexpected presence of a memoir called The Factual and Revealing Memoirs of Alonzo Alferonda I was ambling along, quite liking the story early on Getting my head into this Amsterdam world, when hold the bus, everything stops and the book completely changes style to include a first person narrative from the memoir mentioned above I honestly think that if I had known they were coming I would have been better prepared and I would not have lost my connection with the book.Not everyone has trouble with sudden changes like that Where there is actually two books in the one Others I read this book with did not have the issue I had and they admit to finding the Memoir was the best part of the book Whereas I regarded them as the worst They got in my way Shattered the Amsterdam world I had been building in my head.The book goes on to be full of bitter, twisted plots and back stabbing Manipulations and ulterior motives It all got a little much for me and I started craving some pleasantness Some smiling faces and well meaning interactions But that is not what this book is about Think a book full of Edmund Dantes in Count of Monte Cristo and you might be close to what was going on here All the characters are plotting and planning and scheming But I guess when you have an environment where there is big overnight profit to be made Where people can be filthy rich in a matter of days on the backs of others, you will always have this kind of atmosphere and they are atmospheres that I am not comfortable with.I have to tell you not to base your choice to read The Coffee Trader off my opinion People s opinions on this book are so diverse that I honestly believe that you must ignore others to a certain degree and try it for yourself with a mind totally unobstructed by other peoples opinions.Which is how we should go into every book that we read I suppose, only where would be the fun in that

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    I enjoyed this historical fiction It doubles as a mystery thriller, though that didn t kick in until the latter half David Liss does a fine job with the setting of 1659 Amsterdam The main character, Miguel Lienzo, is a Portuguese Jew He and the others in his community fled their country and the Inquisition The presentation of the story is somewhat unusual Most fiction is told in the third person, and so is most of this However, many of the chapters conclude with a section from The Factual and Revealing Memoirs of Alonzo Alferonda and, being a purported memoir, is told in the first person Alonzo knows things that the other characters do not and it is with Alonzo that we are privy to some of the intrigue The beginning drew me in immediately, but then seemed a bit flat Then it picked up, an then again was flat In other novels, I might call this uneven, but I have decided this was just the nature of this story Not every person s life can be exciting every moment Miguel had to take time to think, and it was the thinking that drove the thriller rather than the villain as in most thrillers He is not the villain of the piece and the story is never told from the perspective of the villain.I am happy I have purchased another David Liss when it was a sale item for my Kindle I don t know how soon I ll get to it, but it won t lie languishing for years, I think This one slips into the 4 star bracket from 3 because of the last 75 pages It has neither the superb prose nor characterizations which I want for my 5 star reads.

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    It wasn t great It wasn t terrible If you find you want to read this book, I won t stop you but I will warn you there are other books out there Books that are probably deserving of your time The characters in this book were blah They were just there because a story requires people I didn t care what happened to them They could have all tragically died at the end and I don t think it would have really bothered me What did save this book was the obvious knowledge the author has of 17th century Amsterdam The look at how the stock market worked before Wall Street was excellent but it wasn t enough to make a great book.

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    This book was fantastic on so many levels Liss does an excellent job portraying 17th century Amsterdam, providing a view of a culture that has been considered famously tolerant and shows the limit of that tolerance This is an issue that has been famously re examined recently, about how the Dutch really behaved during The War And in the past decade, that famous tolerance has been stretched to the limit with the wave of Arab Muslim immigrants It s an issue that the Dutch have had to deal with for at least 500 years.Liss also depicts a nascent commodities exchange, which would lead ultimately to the stock markets that are in use today By choosing the coffee market, a new commodity, he is able to weave the vagaries of trade into the tale Fortunes rise and stereotypically fall on the hint of a rumour Liss shows the stress that these prospects bring.The plight of the Jews, so recently evicted from the Iberian peninsula, is the crux of it all Looking for a homeland, looking for a place to simply rest their heads, the Jews found tolerant Amsterdam a refuge from Spain and Portugal Yet the Dutch are not all open armed, and Amsterdam s Jews needed to tread lightly Worse still, it s not the Dutch that are the worst enemies If you enjoy financial history, Jewish history, Dutch history or just a good story that weaves all that together, this is the book for you.

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