The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady: A Facsimile Reproduction of a Naturalist's Diary

The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady: A Facsimile Reproduction of a Naturalist's Diary Holden, Edith S The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady, And The Nature Notes Of An Edwardian Lady Have Been A Marketing Sensation In Europe Persisting Throughout The Years As A Perennial Bestseller In The Gift And Book Markets In The Form Of Stationery, Address Books, Craft Books, And Calendars We Are Very Pleased To Be The First US Publisher To Offer Ediths Timeless Watercolors

Edith Blackwell Holden September 26, 1871 March 16, 1920 was born at Kings Norton, Worcester, in 1871, one of seven children of a Midlands paint manufacturer The family lived in the small village of Olton in Warwickshire and it was there that she wrote and illustrated her book, The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady After attending art school, she worked as an illustrator, with her drawings

[Epub] ➟ The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady: A Facsimile Reproduction of a Naturalist's Diary By Edith Holden –
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady: A Facsimile Reproduction of a Naturalist's Diary
  • Edith Holden
  • English
  • 11 June 2017
  • 9781846660153

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    This book changed the way I look at the world I found it years ago, on a table in front of an old church, at a community garage sale.Edith Holden s nature journal from 1906 with beautiful illustrations, weather lore and field notes.What I found so interesting was her introduction of each month and the history of the months name I hadn t known where the name January came from Had never even thought about it.This prompted an interest in Roman history, Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology and on and on as far back as I could go Research into Christianity taking over from paganism and Gods overtaking Goddesses Every holiday we celebrate has the strangest origins The calendar and it s history is fascinating and I have this book to thank for introducing me to it all.Besides all that, it s an absolutely charming book.

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    Throughout this year, I have been reading my hard copy of Edith Holden s THE COUNTRY DIARY OF AN EDWARDIAN LADY None of her books are available on Kindle and I am glad You need to look at her published album in the flesh feel the smoothness of the pages, notice her handwriting and appreciate, first hand, her artwork She was a big fan of birds with their nests and eggs, native plants in bloom, and mushrooms and moss.Like the format of Ms Holden s diary, I did not feel rushed I enjoyed reading her notes from 1906 at random times Beginning with January, she quoted poetry from her favorite favourite authors Also, she painted beautiful watercolors watercolours with warm browns, cool blues, muted greens and rich tints of purple Then, with no rhyme or reason, she opened her room with a view and shared with the reader the happenstances of a particular day Sometimes it was just a sentence at other times she included a paragraph She wrote about the weather, what she witnessed while out on her walks or, simply, she just expressed her feelings.Her door to the garden in back was left open and a toad walked into her home She visited a spinney covered with golden catkins that lit up the area like little fairy lamps She gathered hemp from a slope on an upland field and witnessed hedgerows haunted by Thrushes She watched the sun set with a deep crimson color colour it appeared to be a huge fire balloon suspended against a curtain of grey cloud .If nothing else, this book was a reminder to move at a slower pace and appreciate what is right in front of you Take a walk by your home and see what you have missed, ride a bicycle and wave to your neighbors neighbours or visit a park and observe nature in all its glory And, you might have noticed, I purposely did not Americanize the words in my review that she used in her memoir It was a fitting tribute to this sweetly written journal.

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    Country Diary was originally published in 1906 Is it any wonder that reading this book makes me feel like I m stepping back in time One flip of a page and I m instantly in Edwardian accouterment, sitting in a beautiful field atop a quilt on a breezy summer day, with my pen and journal in hand.Elegant and absolutely beautiful, this book is a visual banquet that I will continue to enjoy whenever I open its pages Its amazingly detailed drawings and paintings of nature are coupled with the author s notes and poetry of the time.It has encouraged me to dig out my own art journal now and then, even when I think I have nothing worthy to write about or draw Sometimes it s the little things that mean the most, and the journey not the destination that counts.

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    The diary itself got repetitive and dull, so I actually started skimming through it very early on.The rating is mostly due to the stunning, colorful and vivid watercolor illustrations.

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    This is a pleasant snapshot of a year, 1906, and the observations of a naturalist, Edith Holden, as she records the days from January to December, along with her walks in the countryside Olton, Warwickshire, which apparently was still rural then The book is in facsimile, so it s her careful handwriting, and her watercolor illustrations of plants and animals she sees, with quotes from poetry and literature interspersed Her observations of weather and nature are clear and vivid, to include the plants and animals scientific names, and the watercolor drawings are exquisite in detail, color and beauty.In all, it s a leisurely visit to a time and place since mostly gone a check of Google street view shows it now to be built up, albeit as a pleasant suburb She seems to have had the means and leisure to pass her days in this quiet, observant way, and to record her observations in this diary, through her eyes although she says little of her own life For the reader, it s a visit, with her as a guide, to a distant time and place that is still green in her hand.

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    This is quite the beautiful book It s the diary an English girl keeps of the various plants and birds that she finds throughout the year While this would be far interesting to someone who knows and has an interest in the subject, it was still interesting for me to read because of the absolutely beautiful drawings she includes, as well as the poems and information about the various months Also, and this may sound a little strange, but the book smells wonderful D The pictures are beautiful, and it s an easy book to pick up and read at short intervals A gift from Katie

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    I think this book it s simply wonderful The careful drawings, the short notes, the poetry of it I loved the splendid elegant writing and everything of it It s years that I have it, and it never went back in the library I keep it open on a page of the month I m in, as a wonderful calendar Every time I look at it, I read a couple of phrases in it, it seems like I can taste the love and patience it took to write it It reminds me to keep my eyes open, to not hurry around in my life, but stop and look around and see the magic of nature and little living things that I meet in my everyday life.

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    I just picked up a hard copy of the 1977 edition in beautiful condition at a local antiques shop for 3.00 I am already blown away by its beauty and can t wait to read it I plan to savor it and in a few month read it early in the morning on our new screened porch.

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    This book is a delight Lavishly illustrated with Edith Holden s superb watercolour drawings and packed with information on the fauna and flora of over a hundred years ago Many of the plants that were common place in Edith Holden s day are now rarely seen, and the variety of birds that are featured reflect the different environment and agricultural practices of the early part of the 20th century It is thoughtfully reproduced in it s original diary form which adds authenticity to this charming, historical and informative book.

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