The Day After Yesterday

The Day After Yesterday Along a stretch of Hwy 101 in California, a straggling collection of people linger in a diner, while the rains pound ruthlessly and the few customers are reluctant to breach the torrents of the outside world A rain drenched and soaked man enters, looking battered and beaten by much than the rains.Thus begins our story, and as the prologue reveals, life has changed dramatically for this man we soon learn that his name is Daniel Whitman, and that horrific things have happened to him.Flash back five months, and we see his life before And what tragedy led Daniel to this place We know before the story begins that his family is taken away from him a wife and a son What we learn now, slowly, is what his journey will look like now And how he, inexplicably, or so it seemed to those he left behind, walked out of his life The Day After Yesterday is the tale of that journey, but it reveals much after the events of Daniel s life following his tragedy, people and events reshape his life view and even his choices And eventually he does go home, but everything is different.The story alternates between Daniel s journey and what happens to those he seemingly abandoned.Then later, the story moves ahead and shows us what this newly reshaped life looks like We meet new characters, we see miraculous events unfoldand in the end, we are left filled with a wide range of emotions.At least that s what I felt for the first 300 or so pages But then the pace quickened and moved ahead years and suddenly it wasn t just about Daniel any, but a metaphorical discovery of life and how we are pummeled by it at timesand how we can choose to let it batter us Or we can accept it and move on.A very philosophical story that had moments of sheer joy mixed with the darkest angst The story took a lot out of me and in the end, I knew I would think of it for a long while My only issue with it was the pace and the pages and pages that felt unnecessary However, they did skewer the point about life and how it gives us a beating sometimes For me, however, this one earned four stars. Daniel is happily married with a son named Jake He is a musician that has a love for music and plays the piano purely for his entertainment When he has to go away there is a tragedy that will hurt a lot of people Daniel feels he cannot cope with his life any so goes away He doesn t know where he is going but just keeps walking He nearly loses his life than once and after spending time in a hospital finds music again to help his recovery He finally returns home and starts to rebuild his life again This story was truly touching There is a lot of heartbreak but there is also a lot of happiness The author goes into so much detail and you feel that you really know the characters I was hooked from the very first page and read it whenever I was sat down, even if it was for 5 minutes I needed to find out what was going to happen next I could never have predicted the ending and found tears in my eyes Kelly Cozy has a beautiful way with words It is not my usual kind of book but I really did love it. The healing that follows a personal tragedy is a well worn subject in literature It s a tricky subject to handle successfully, to avoid being clinical on one side and mawkish on the other It took me until I was about halfway through the book to decide that Ms Cozy manages to walk this tightrope This realization came when I found myself thinking about the main characters there are several in this book during breaks at work Indeed, the main strength of the book is the vividness of its characters, a liveliness which sustains the reader through the somewhat slow pace of the book This is not to say the book drags it s meditative in tone, appreciated best by stepping back and viewing it much as you might the work of an Impressionist. Sad story Expect to cry Daniel fell in love with Sarah and married her They had a son Jake Life was good until a freak Santa Ana wind storm caused a tree to fall on their house and kill Sarah and Jake Daniel was away on business at the time and was emotionally crushed He blames himself for their death After all, if he were at home he could have prevented the accident How He even thinks everyone else blames him too This all happens in the first few chapters of the book What follows is his descent into the abyss of grief He becomes a ghost and eventually leaves his family, friends, and hometown A wanderer He is so despondent that he considers suicide The dark loneliness enshrouds him Fortunately, there are good people, strangers who watched out for him.This story is about his recovery and his friends recovery from Sarah Jakes s death as well as the missing months of his wandering Everyone handles grief differently I didn t care for the writing style Often, the author would write incomplete sentences Sometimes this was okay and other times not For a moment, had trouble remembering who he was was one of the incomplete sentences but it made sense to me I had to re read some sentences several times to get a grasp of what was intended Poor Daniel. While it wasn t a novel I would have normally picked up, I found this to be a pretty decent read I enjoyed the author s writing style and her descriptions, as well as her down to earth relatable characters and well constructed dialogue The book, on the whole, was a little bit average joe for me But admittedly, I am normally a fantasy nerd and I enjoy high adventure stories filled with barons and royalty and whatnot The Day After Yesterday was pretty much what I expected it to be, and I would recommend it to anyone who has tastes that fall within this genre. I would love to rate this book highly, because it had a lot of things going for it Lots of fairly believable characters, strong story line I liked the central character, Daniel, and his friend, Mick I liked that it was set in a musical, arty world in California The descriptive passages were properly vivid I did enjoy it in parts Trouble was, for me, I kept coming up against things I didn t like Basic things too like the way his friends reacted when Daniel disappeared I found Elaine pathetic There was too much clich when they first had sex, we very nearly had waves crashing on the beach Ending was both predictable and unlikely My main criticism which others have mentioned is an inability to stop It goes on past the point where the ending could should have been.To summarise I wanted to like it I felt it had writing of considerable skill, but was let down in several areas Maybe a tougher editor The Events Of A Single Night Can Change A Life Forever, As Musician Daniel Whitman Discovers When He Loses His Family And Home Overwhelmed By Grief, Unable To Find Solace In His Music Or Accept Comfort From His Friends, He Flees Up The California Coast Daniel Thinks He S Leaving Everything Behind, But His Journey Will Take Him To The Places And People That Will Help Him Find His Way Back The Day After Yesterday Is A Story Of Hope, Friendship, And The Redemptive Power Of Music. I had a free copy A couple of episodes were well thought out and well written, but mostly is was a miasma of misery and too long by about 200 pages. The Day After Yesterday has the best descriptions of the feelings of grieving and deep depression I have ever read People should read this book for this, if nothing else, to help them understand themselves and others a little bit better Kelly Cozy also does a great job of connecting adult feelings to what has happened to shape them when they were kids I know people who are still stuck in the anger of their childhood and will probably stay this way forever, because the pain of unwinding these emotions, layer by layer, is very intense and most people lack the proper healthcare, time, money, and stamina to accomplish this task I appreciate the many layered plot and the well developed characters There are no easy solutions, and love miraculously does not conquer all I gave the book four stars, instead of five The story itself deserves a five However, because this book is about music of all kinds, the discordance of the author continuously hitting the same ungrammatical note throughout e.g Something happening to I and them instead of me and them grated on me. I SO wanted to like this book it had so much potential, but something was missing It should have been good, it really should have, but I was underwhelmed The characters seemed so flat even though I don t think they really were and I didn t fall in love with any of them There was something slightly sterile and cold throughout I know most other reviewers would disagree with me, but thats how I felt like I was watching all of this happen from a distance rather than experiencing the grief, love, music, loss with them I pushed myself to finish just so I could be done.

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