The Devil's Right Hand (Dante Valentine, #3)

The Devil's Right Hand (Dante Valentine, #3) Dante Valentine, Necromancer And Bounty Hunter, Just Wants To Be Left Alone But The Devil Has Other Ideas The Prince Wants Dante And He Wants Her Now And Dante And Her Lover, Japhrimel, Have No Choice But To Answer The Prince S Summons And To Fulfill A Seemingly Simple Task Become The Devil S Right Hand, Hunt Down Four Demons That Have Escaped From Hell, And Earn His Gratitude It S A Shame That Nothing Is Ever Easy When It Comes To The Devil Because Of Course, He Doesn T Tell Dante The Whole Truth There Is A Rebellion Brewing In Hell And There Is A Good Chance That Lucifer Is About To Be Pushed Off The Throne But Dante Is Getting Really Tired Of Being Pushed Around And This Time, She Might Be Angry Enough To Take On The Devil Himself

Lilith Saintcrow was born in New Mexico, bounced around the world as a child, and fell in love with writing when she was ten years old She and her library co habitate in Vancouver, Washington.

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    These books are hitting a lot of my feel good buttons Fantastic action, overpowered characters, and a world so chock full of tech and magic that it feels like Blade Runner had a love child with Kim Harrison s Hollows A human turned half demon necromancer bounty hunter with demon lover gets mixed up in a plot of Lucifer s Sound good Add trust issues between her and her demon lover and throw in some immolations, boss battles, and impossible demon hunting action and a lot of miscommunication and play acting, and we ve got ourselves a fun novel Do I like how her lover is back Yes Do I appreciate that Dante is whining less Yes Do I like how the trust issues keep popping up sort of It seems realistic but not all that pleasant I want action and intrigue and big developments, not this kind of drag ass But it ain t bad Not saying it was bad I just can t deal with than one novel s worth Trust your man, Dante Even if he is a fallen demon.

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    Ok, so apparently Dante has to grieve over someone in each book else Saintcrow won t be happy Book two over Japh, and now over Jace Yay Dante.I don t know what s wrong with me I touch The Devil s Right Hand, and I feel like yawning I touch it again, just to make sure, and I yawn again I open the book Chapter 1 It s for you, Japhrimel said diffidently, his eyes flaring with green fire in angular runic patterns for just a moment before returning to almost human darkness My vision gets blurry I yawn again I feel like the ground is pulling my body towards it.I drink some coffee.Chapter 2 I woke from a trance deeper than sleep, a dreamless well of darkness I had been unable to sleep for almost a year while My vision is still blurry I bring a blanket to keep me warm since the ground is too cold I drink coffee.Chapter 7 No time for a quote Made a pillow out of my slippers A bit uncomfortable Running out of coffee.Chapter 15. Must Not Close Eyes Coffee Please several days later Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Wait a second This is getting good Could this be Could this really be Chapter 20 Frustration Frustration FRUSTRATION.Plus Dante is a dick.Chapter 22 Chapter 29 or something I lost track Japh is a total sonovabitch and I completely hate him I really really hate him I can never look at him the same way ever again.Chapter 40 something And now he made up to her by saying Omg Dante Dick, I only did this in order to protect you because I love you and I could never hurt you Unless you behave like a bitch, then I can bruise you all I want because why the hell not No I will not forgive you Ever YOU HEAR ME Conclusion Half of the book was a snoozefest, the other half was pretty good Saintcrow sure knows how to write her climaxes.ScoreFirst half 2 starsSecond half 4 starsAverage score 3 starsReview also posted on

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    I definitely enjoyed The Devil s Right Hand than Dead Man Rising, the second book in the series Book three definitely felt much like what I loved about Working for the Devil It s good having Japhrimel back on the scene He has a lot of great scenes with Dante I will need to continue on with this series with Saint City Sinners.

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    I m not sure if I ve ever read a series quite as frustrating as this one When it s good, it s OMG can t stop must keep reading this is A MAZING good, but when it s bad, it s plodding tedious we ve been over this a bajillion times ugh shoot me now bad And it s such a shame, because it could have been so freakin awesome Now, the repetative elements aren t the author s fault Editors often suggest each book in a series is written as a standalone Because of the nature of publishing, people will often pick up books in the middle of a series and they obviously want to be able to read it with all the facts This is something I don t think happens as much now, with places such as Goodreads helping us organise what book goes where in a series, but anyway But, when binge reading this series, OMG, it s like we wading through treacle And the author clearly has her favorite descriptive sentences I get it It s tough to keep a series fresh and describe things in new and interesting ways but keep the same meaning Still, Saintcrow has a lovely way with words sometimes straying into purple prose I just wish she d flex her wordy muscles a bit But not too much, Trailer Park Fae just, no.I just wish Dante would punch a certain demon in the face, tell him where he can shove his view spoiler Oh, but I am Fallen, ooh you have no idea what it means, and I fell for you, curious one BS Don t get me wrong, I actually love to hate Japh, and I certainly appreciate the game the author is playing here, but it s Dante s damn whining that sets my teeth on edge And Dante, after what he did FFS, put the abusive SOB in his place don t fawn all over him again argh He s a f cking demon Listen to your gut I m so convinced he s playing her for a fool hide spoiler

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    The main arc plot was an interesting idea Dante and Jeph are forced into making a deal with the devil They ll hunt 4 top flight demons and otherwise be hunters for him for seven years, during which time Dante will have his protection Japh will get his full demon powers back and they ll have access to the devil s intelligence network.The problem was that all of that is vastly overshadowed by the relationship between Dante and Japh and I found that relationship highly problematic, enough so that if it isn t better by the next book I think I m done with the series Japh treats Dante like a child, then acts angry when she acts like one He s changed her on a genetic level without her informed consent and still refuses to tell her what exactly that means He doesn t stop her from looking, but he doesn t help her search either and I suspect the missing oragami notes contain things that are important so I wouldn t be surprised if he s actually hindering her search That s bad enough What s worse is that he treats her like a slave for her own protection He doesn t tell her anything because he doesn t want to worry her even though not having information has led to her nearly getting killed on multiple occasions At one point he uses his greater strength against her, lifting her against the wall so high her feet can t touch the ground and terrifying her It s abundantly clear that he doesn t think of her or treat her as an equal or even someone he respects He humors her in a very condescending manner He keeps talking about how she needs to just trust him, but he shows absolutely no trust in her He doesn t trust her to take care of herself, he doesn t trust her to make her own mistakes and find her own solutions he s nauseatingly paternalistic and I fail to see why she still loves him.Apparently he s sworn to protect her because of the relationship between them, but it s clear that means only physical protection He doesn t seem to care if by physically protecting her he destroys her emotionally and psychologically and kills everything that make her who she is.For a while Dante seems to get that, but when she learns he didn t take the devil up on his offer to kill her to regain what he was suddenly all is forgiven.It seems to me that those are two very separate issues and I was than a little frustrated and angry that Dante conflated them.What Japh is doing isn t love.They talked about it a little but it s too soon to say if it makes a difference or even if Japh gets the problem Trust is a two way street that has to be earned The book seemed to end with the idea that since he never agreed to kill her for the devil and has saved her life on numerous occasions, somehow it s all okay when it s clearly not You can t keep a person wrapped in cotton all her life, it s not fair and eventually she ll suffocate.

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    Please Be AWARE, this may contain SPOILERS I have never read a book that disappointed in quite the same way as this one First, I was already familiar with the fact that Lilith Saintcrow can t seem to make it through a paragraph with out having her main character repeat themselves at least three times However, if that were the only problem with this book, then I could happily go on ignoring it as a writer s quirk until the end of the five book series, but as it stand this book has so many points of absolute failure to contemplate The first place I ll start is that Saintcrow gives absolutely no information to anyone at all, except small little piss ant details that are either redundant from actions already previously seen through out the other books and the beginning of this one, or make absolutely no sense OR mean absolutely nothing at all Japh tells Dante absolutely nothing, will not answer her questions, tells her to do something and expects her to comply with no reason why she should do these things Dante on the other hand tells him everything, shows him everything and trusts him because she LOVES him.Second, Japh is a manipulative, abusive, psychopathic asshole demon with no redeeming qualities what so ever How Saintcrow seems to think that he makes a great leading man character for Dante makes no sense How is this someone to fall in love with He picks Dante up in the middle of a transport station and shakes the shit out of her to show her just how much stronger he is than she is, and proceeds to tell her that she will do what he says, whether she wants to or not and there is nothing she can do about it She can either tow the line by choice or he s going to make her do it AND HE TELLS HER SHE DOESN T NEED TO KNOW WHY, FOR HER OWN GOOD Oh, and she might be mad now, but she will grow out of it , after all she is acting like she is still human I can t even put into words how deceived Saintcrow has made me feel about Japh, someone who obviously is not a good being And yes, I know the guys a demon, but I was hoping she was going to go bring something new to everything, rather than create a completely stereotypical demon character Instead she tries to make us, the reader, feel like it s okay to stick with an abusive asshole because you love him and he is doing all of this for your own good.

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    The beginning of this story takes place awhile in the future apparently Dante has quietly snapped from her last ordeal The ordeal was focused on in the first book and brought to glaring light in the second, it would have broken almost anybody She is back with Japh and he has slowly been healing her, but also sheltering and protecting her without her knowledge.Now they have no choice but to get back into the meat of things as Lucifer tries to be creative in tricking and destroying them both Once they leave their safe haven together, Dante grows suspicious, hostile, and downright difficult This is the point in the series for me where I really started disliking the character She is ungrateful, quick to jump to conclusion, can t trust anyone, refuses to listen to reason, says cruel things to those who care about her, and is a little too Unfeeling about killing.She is a necromancer but again little is done with this power The author prefers focusing on her transformation and the mystery with it rather than her supernatural ability More focus is spent on her with swords and fighting than anything else I still really dig Japh he didn t reveal everything to her, sure, and he has flaws, sure, but he s still than she deserves the way she starts acting to people.There s a lot of action in this short novel, like the others, so it s a quick read There s a lot of personal angst that started getting on my nerves and the struggle is focused on that than anything else, but action scenes when present are fierce and exhilarating.This dark series is gritty and complex with its unusual hierarchy of demons Not many of supernatural creatures or people exist Overall another great book in the series, but not as enjoyable in some ways as the other two on the other hands, parts of it are enjoyable than the other two Go figure.

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    If I read the phrase molecule drip nail polish one time I m going to burn the book.

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    I thought my love for ass kicking femme fatales would be enough for this book to mildly entertain me, but alas, no The writing is awful and the main character is of a whiny girl than a female James Bond which is what the cover and synopsis both suggest Rarely do I stop reading a book halfway through but the only things that kept me going were the fight scenes and those were too few and far between to keep me interested Overall it was pretty disappointing.

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    I guess this book in the series was okay.I m a little put off by the writing now, the constant repeating of thought and dialogue is annoying The stories are just eh for me right now, but I ll finish them out.

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