The Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1931-1934

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French born novelist, passionate eroticist and short story writer, who gained international fame with her journals Spanning the years from 1931 to 1974, they give an account of one woman s voyage of self discovery It s all right for a woman to be, above all, human I am a woman first of all from The Diary of Ana s Nin, vol I, 1966 Ana s Nin was largely ignored until the 1960s Today she is

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    What a diary Definitely nothing like any diary I ve ever read or written Anais Nin is truly engaging Each diary entry is so candid and shows her deeply introspective and artistic nature For the most part I d say nothing truly remarkable happens in the diary yet Nin is the kind of person who could turn a normal, everyday event into something magical and profound This is a woman who really lived, who really experienced life, who aimed to fully understand human relationships, both edifying and destructive ones This is a flawed woman who recognizes her imperfections but does not apologize for them In Nin s world we enter the world of the Bohemian artist in Paris, where everyone and everything can be a subject We enter the circles she moved about in, including lots of famous literary people and doctors.It was also interesting to find out how D.H Lawrence inspired her Nin s writing style, as always, is very elegant, lyrical and articulate Her adeptness at describing relationships and personality is wonderful Reading her diary definitely caused me to be reflective The most interesting part of the book for me was Nin s fascinatingly weird relationship with Henry and June Miller I still can t quite wrap my head around the intensity of this unconventional relationship A couple of parts were not very pleasant to read but I do respect her frankness and willingness to share all parts of her life, pleasant or not.To end with one of my favourite quotes from this volume Introspection does not need to be a still life It can be an active alchemy Links to my other Nin diary reviews Volume 2 3 Volume 4 6 Volume 7

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    Taste shmaste She is real A real woman, who lead a free life The fashion of hating her is as lame as the knee jerk love of Wilco It is like putting on a pair of Ugg boots in the city Though there is certainly plausible cause for doing so snow , it is generally a blind and embarrassing act of striving There are several nuanced alternatives to her, yes And certainly, there are legitimate reasons to dislike her her appetite for such words as ensorcellment and elixers being among them but the elite fashion of loathing her has to do with the age old resentment accorded to unapologetic women and a residual American Puritanism masquerading as refinement than with the real human and linguistic value of her impassioned, fraught, obfuscated, and well laid life in words This talk about her narcissism and the dishonesty of the expurgated journal there is an unexpurgated version, published much later, that is much juicier only reinforces the point It is called literature Other than trains of words stapled together with narcissism and lies, what the fuck is it This is a woman who, uncoerced, had sex with her own father, and wrote about it As with Harriet Jacobs, you either call her a liar to her face, or you carry the weight Emotionally, the incentives argue for disbelief But no one questions Henry Miller in his confession of rape Possibly because men want to rape than they want to believe that a free woman could go Electra at least in part for the sake of the story.Those of us who have fled the academy shrieking and nearly ruined, never to return, are in best position to immolate its assiduous blowhards You are likely in suede elbow patches or a chunky bracelet, possessed of better cheeses than books This one could do you some good Because it is as you say bad.

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    Annnnnnaaaaaaiiiiiiisssss pronounce Anna eeeeeees Dear Anais,So far I have read Volumes 1 and 2 of your diary, Henry June and that diminutive book of racy short stories, Little Birds I ordered 11 of your works online used and am compiling a library that will contain everything you ve ever written, and then expand to include the books of authors you mention reading in your diary and or befriended in life I guess it s no secret I love you Anais Because of you I started writing again Because of you I feel re inspired to live life to the fullest Realizing I am master of my own destiny Etc So lovely and small, but such a dynamic personality Your description of expat life in Paris, your affair with Henry Miller, the artistic community that YOU fostered and maintained, working as an analyst in New YorkRight now I m up to the part vol 2 where you must leave Paris and return to America War has sunk its dirty claws into Europe and rent asunder the perfect world you dreamed and in dreaming made real.I ve started underlining phrases in your books that I find inspiring, but also parts where you seem to be articulating a concept that half hides in my own muddled thoughts. Here are a few I really love I feel the need to swing away from constant explanations I want to run away from too much consciousness, too much awareness At night, I seek dancing, friendships, nature, forgetfulness, music, or sleep The I explore neurosis the I become aware that it is a modern form of romanticism It stems from the same source, a hunger for perfection, an obsession with living out what one has imagined The body is an instrument which only gives off music when it is used as a body What makes people despair is that they try to find a universal meaning to the whole of life, and then end up by saying it is absurd, illogical, empty of meaning There is not one big cosmic meaning for all, there is only the meaning we each give to our life, and individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person It seemed that by living by my feelings and impulses I was happier Men think they live and die for ideas What a divine joke They live and die for emotional, personal errors, just as women do Limitations, restrictions, defeats, come from within I am fully responsible for my own restrictions Too much awareness, without accompanying experience, is a skeleton without the flesh of life Love attracts love.

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    I have always believed in Andre Breton s freedom, to write as one thinks, in the order and disorder in which one feels and thinks, to follow sensations and absurd correlations of events and images, to trust to the new realms they lead one into I have always believed in a writer s choice to write about the mundane affairs of life, and by so doing, turn it inward out, so that the reader sees the world through her mirror After all, the greatest tool available to a biographer, are the letters of his or her subject, so imagine the depths that one can explore when one has the words from a subject s daily recordings Through lyrical synapses and storytelling, Ana s Nin tells her story in this first volume of her diaries she never really knew her father intimately her mother tried to kill her when she was a child though it was her mother who raised her and taught her most of what she knew all she wanted to be was a writer surrounded by other writers she was timid, insecure, and most likely because of this, her friendships were peculiar What is the so what, the literati asks nonfiction is supposed to have an indication of what makes it different, a story Enter this laboratory of the soul where incidents are refracted into a diary, dissected to prove that everyone of us carries a deforming mirror where he sees himself too small or too large, too fat or too thin Enter her world and you ll ask yourself can diaries really answer this nonfiction so what demand If the self is a fragment, and the diary records these fragmentary moments in real time, can the self be expected to understand the story even while discovery still unfolds After all, the beauty of a diary resides in the vulnerability of soul Curse my image, the image of me which faces me every day with the same over fineness, over delicacy, the pride, the vulnerability which makes people want to preserve me, treat me with care Curse my eyes which are sad, and deep, and my hands which are delicate, and my walk which is a glide, my voice which is a whisper, all that can be used for a poem It was easy to become one with Ana s as I read along, to know that her thoughts were not too different from mine She is a perceptive writer who, through self, gives birth to a reader s introspection and still manages to insert prosaic imagery of place Besides, who can t help but admire a woman who appreciated D H Lawrence s works enough to see his feministic approach, even when in her day, his writing was controversial I am aware of being in a beautiful prison, from which I can only escape by writing So I have written a book about D H Lawrence out of gratitude, because it was he who awakened me Sure, I read her diary wishing I had less of Henry her self consumed friend , but when she bid me enter her world in the beginning, I couldn t help but follow and towards the end, when she bared her soul in that dark and doomed birthing room, it was frightening and compelling enough to keep me wanting to read of this person who makes life lucid through articulate prose.

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    I feel kind of cheated I m fascinated with Nin s writing and ideas I m interested in her work I can forgive the solipsism of the diary, since it is, after all, a diary But I read this collection of writing feeling like I was getting only half the story Because of legal constraints, the book has been so heavily edited that it makes literally no mention of the man who was her husband for this entire period Not only does it make for jarring reading you find yourself reading a gutwrenching miscarriage story when you have no idea about the circumstances of her pregnancy , but it made me feel like I was ultimately being misled about the details of her life If I m reading something as intimate as a diary, I d like the whole story, please.

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    I am not certain exactly what I found so compelling about this book but it sucked me right in It is very dense but I could not put it down and breezed thru it in about a week There were times when I wanted to yell at Anais to not be so full of herselfbut then I remember this is a journalshe s supposed to write her innermost secrets here I will never think about journaling the same way again.Spring day Walking home from the market with the weeks s greens tucked in my canvas bag I stopped by a yard sale There were several boxes of old books, 50 cents each I fought and clawed my way through the boxes with others and pulled out Ntozake Shange, Pynchon, Checkov and this book The cover is creased and the spine is cracked The pages are sepia toned with age The sides of the pages are worn and feel as soft as velvet from countless fingers turning the pages Sentences underlined Paragraphs blocked out It is ugly with age but it is a book that has been well loved I think it is beautiful The woman in a pink t shirt, a baggy black shorts, tevas, wants to know which books I am purchasingshe parts with old friends and I leave with new ones.Note to self Read Henry and June soon rather than later.

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    This was my introduction to the work of Anais Nin the very first volume that fell into my adolescent hands Anais, with her house in the suburbs of Paris in which every room was painted a different color, and she lived with her husband, and met a man named Henry Miller In which she investigated the possibility of being a woman writer, of writing things that she knew as a woman, a voice which she had not yet seen in print, completely subjective, Piscean, mutable, veiled the unexpurgated diaries have also been printed now, but I have not yet returned to them because the self censoring of these diaries was part of their art, their veiled magic But having read these, yes, I would like to go back and see names named, to unlock of this story.Yet this is the book which will always be dearest to me, just as it is.

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    It s her diary It s all about her Get over it.

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    I had to stop reading this book, though i did thoroughly enjoy Nin s lengthy ruminations about life and its general contents It was not helping me take the giant leap of faith necessary to live my artist life The woman never had to have a job, all she did was roam around doing things she wanted to do all the time, then writing up beautiful philosophical commentary Certainly not helpful in boosting my morale as I m leaping off a cliff, living like Henry.

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    I used to sit in coffee shops with my friends while living in Berkeley in the 70s I often brought this book along with me to read as I found her journal writing and her life fascinating I got as far as finishing volume 2 before finally becoming bored.

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