El diario de Frida Kahlo: Un íntimo autorretrato

El diario de Frida Kahlo: Un íntimo autorretrato Published Here In Its Entirety, Frida Kahlo S Amazing Illustrated Journal Documents The Last Ten Years Of Her Turbulent Life This Passionate, Often Surprising, Intimate Record, Kept Under Lock And Key For Some Forty Years In Mexico, Reveals Many New Dimensions In The Complex Persona Of This Remarkable Mexican ArtistCovering The Years , The Page Journal Contains Frida S Thoughts, Poems, And Dreams, And Reflects Her Stormy Relationship With Her Husband, Diego Rivera, Mexico S Famous Artist The Seventy Watercolor Illustrations In The Journal Some Lively Sketches, Several Elegant Self Portraits, Others Complete Paintings Offer Insights Into Her Creative Process, And Show Her Frequently Using The Journal To Work Out Pictorial Ideas For Her CanvasesThe Text Entries, Written In Frida S Round, Full Script In Brightly Colored Inks, Add An Almost Decorative Quality, Making The Journal As Captivating To Look At As It Is To Read Frida S Childhood, Her Political Sensibilities, And Her Obsession With Diego Are All Illuminated In Witty Phrases And Haunting ImagesAlthough Much Has Been Written Recently About This Extraordinary Woman, Frida Kahlo S Art And Life Continue To Fascinate The World This Personal Document, Published In A Complete Full Color Facsimile Edition, Will Add Greatly To The Understanding Of Her Unique And Powerful Vision And Her Enormous Courage In The Face Of Than Thirty Five Operations To Correct Injuries She Had Sustained In An Accident At The Age Of Eighteen The Facsimile Is Accompanied By An Introduction By The World Renowned Mexican Man Of Letters Carlos Fuentes And A Complete Translation Of The Diary S Text An Essay On The Place Of The Diary In Frida S Work And In Art History At Large, As Well As Commentaries On The Images, Is Provided By Sarah M Lowe

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calder n was a Mexican painter, who has achieved great international popularity She painted using vibrant colors in a style that was influenced by indigenous cultures of M xico as well as by European influences that include Realism, Symbolism, and Surrealism Many of her works are self portraits that symbolically express her own pain and sexuality.In 1929 Kahlo marrie

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  • 296 pages
  • El diario de Frida Kahlo: Un íntimo autorretrato
  • Frida Kahlo
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
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    i took my time with frida s diary one because the emotion she reached inside of mefelt raw and sometimes heavybuttwo because i didn t want to come to its finish.i m slightly obsessed proudly with this womanand find myself moved in ways that enrich my soulevery time i spend time with frida.her love for lifeher passion for love and connectionher desires for both the men and womenin her lifestrike me in such a familiar waythat guide me in embracing my true nature.her vulnerability created passion equaling a force few knew how to handle she s a sisterfrom another time.

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    If you re about to read this expecting a traditional what I did today diary, you re in for a big surprise Then again, if you already know Frida Kahlo you wouldn t really expect that, would you Originally not intended to be published, through Kahlo s diary you get inside her head in the form of letters, notes, automatic writing and sketches So much so, that you feel a bit rude for invading her thoughts I don t claim to understand automatic writing, and even though Frida isn t a Surrealist, she occasionally seems to be using the same technique in her writings I m so far only visually into Surrealism, so for me those passages were the most difficult and confusing.But in the whole, is the diary really meant to be understood by someone other than her Frida s writings and pictures together create a beautiful chaos, that helps you get a little bit closer to her art Even you didn t understand everything, you can still feel the emotions that Frida went through when her health slowly deteriorated, and the love she had for Diego and pre Columbian symbolism and culture If you already admire Frida s art, this is a must read and a real gem of a companion piece to her paintings I don t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.The book itself had a little problematic layout, because the explanations and translations are all stuffed into the back of the book, forcing you to flip through the pages The Finnish translation also had quite a bit of problems in terms of spelling Not a huge thing, but stuff like that always sticks out when it s repeated a few times.

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    I really didn t enjoy this book I thought it was going to be a basic translated version of Frida Kahlo s diary with a brief introduction of some kind about her and her life, It isn t This book begins with a long larbourious introduction which, I felt, at times strays completely from Kahlo and can be very hard to follow And then there is a full essay on the contents and format of Kahlo s diary So before you get to view any of her work or her thoughts you ve already been pounded with what two other people think about her and the diary itself Then you have the diary which is in full colour and detail the only good bit of this book But the way the translation have been done is really awkward in as much as all the translation are grouped together at the end of the book with the commenttary of the person who did the introduction So intead of having the diary on one page and the translation on the opposite page so that you could glance and compare between the two with ease, you have to flick back and forth to find the right translation for the right page while also figuring out what is the direct translation of Kahlo s word and what are actually the opinions and thoughts of someone else that have been put in there already I felt like I had no space reading this book I didn t enjoy it there is a relatively simple timeline at the end of the book which I though was interesting but other then that not much else The book disects every part of Frida Kahlo leaving no space for you have have your own thoughts, feelings or discoveries Love Frida, Hated the book.

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    ALAS ROTAS p.156

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    This is a facsimile of Frida Kahlo s diary, so of course it is awesome 4 instead of 5 stars for bad layout decisions I can kind of understand why, for example, all of the translation is at the end of the book, so as not to interrupt the flow of the diary itself, but it could have been done elegantly so that it s not so hard to find the translation of the page you re looking at A better option might have been to have all the commentary and translation in a separate volume, and or make some kind of online component to go with the diary now that we live in the future Color coded page edges Really, anything would be better than how it s laid out now But, when you get down to it, complaining about having to flip pages back and forth is what I think some might call a first world problem It doesn t ruin the experience, just makes it clunky.

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    Lendo este di rio pude entender porque alguns s o relutantes em aceitar Kahlo como cone feminista, o caso que a rela o dela com Diego Rivera beirava patologia, quer dizer, o tipo de paix o que ela sentia e demonstrava por Diego s o comuns em garotas de 20 anos e aqui ela estava por volta dos 40 e soa como uma depend ncia emocional particularmente doentia partindo de uma mulher adulta.Por outro lado, tirando essa quest o desconcertante, ela ainda um cone feminista por sua resili ncia perante tantas intemp ries da ordem f sica e emocional, e a partir de todo esse sofrimento ela soube transform lo em arte, esta imensamente bem representada neste di rio que teve toda sua magnitude editorial preservada nessa linda edi o brasileira.

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    in prep for my trip to Casa Azul.and because Frida isFrida.

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    PAREJA EXTRA A DEL PA S DEL PUNTO Y LA RAYA Halagos sobran para este magnifico libro, es toda una obra de arte hecha por la incre ble Frida.Empezando por la bell sima edici n esa imagen en la sobrecubierta, sa que tanto significo para su autora, igualmente hermosa la portada, forrada en tela roja, una edici n digna de un libro tan magn fico.La entra able introducci n hecha por Carlos Fuentes te transporta al mundo de la pintora, te muestra un poco de su historia, sus logros, as y desas.En seguida, el facs mil del ntimo diario de Frida, en el cual se puede apreciar su incre ble mentalidad surrealista, mediante dibujos, pinturas, cartas, poemas o palabras escritas sin ning n sentido, pero con gran significado para ella.Personalmente, puedo decir que es el libro m s inspirador que han tocado mis manos, pues al leer las cartas que ella hac a para Diego, su amado Diego, es inevitable sentir la necesidad de escribir, adem s, que gracias a la forma de pensar de Frida, que es muy clara a lo largo de las p ginas, ella misma parece que te alienta a hacerlo.Si, este libro es hermoso, perfecto, pero m s que eso, al menos a mi me dej un gran mensaje, empezando por el amor poco correspondido hacia Diego, sus ideales, y la despreocupaci n de lo que pudiesen opinar de ella, creo que cinco estrellas no reflejan la maravilla que es este diario ste libro no es para acabarlo y ponerlo en el librero, es para aquellos d as de tristeza, de soledad, de reflexi n, tomarlo, abrirlo leerlo, y sentir, s lo sentir.

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    Frida Kahlo s diary is worth the read It contains sketches that thematically connect to her paintings that are far well know, however the texture and raw quality is quite different You see her process and even for an artist who was so revealing in her work, there is to see here Reading this diary in the context of todays art world, where a sketch can be considered fine art, shows how timeless and relevant her work is.

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