The Dukes Refuge (The Leeward Islands, #1)

The Dukes Refuge (The Leeward Islands, #1) This has been a wonderful story that captured my attention right away I loved how the author makes her characters come to life It is easy to see how Georgia could be considered a handful She does have an attitude of always wanting what she can t have Her father who left years ago has grabbed her attention again I know it was hard for her to come to see her father after he walked away from his family There is goodness within Georgia as she worries about his health The color pink is significant in the story and I can t wait for readers to discover its meaning.I loved Harrison and how much of a gentleman he is The bickering between him and Georgia are priceless He see a beautiful woman who has been rejected for many years Sometimes, for God to rebuild us into His image, we too first have to be broken Those words hit Georgia and I think right then she must have felt God stirring within her The story shows how Georgia thinks she needs to marry someone with wealth and a title She can t see past all she has been taught by her mother to appreciate a person for who they are inside The lesson on forgiveness is very well written and shows how pride gets in the way We want to hold on to bitterness because someone hurt us Georgia is a good example of her pride holding her back from forgiving her father Will her stubbornness cost her a renewed relationship with her father Time is precious and we are not guaranteed a second on this earth.From the unforgiving sea to the countryside is a story filled with redemption, forgiveness and blessings from God Will anyone be able to break down the wall Georgia has built around her heart Can she become the woman God designed her to be instead of an angry woman Anger can fuel you, but it won t ever fill you The author has written a story rich in history and allows readers to be swept away by the emotional story of a woman searching for acceptance and unconditional love God is looking for a heart change before he changes your circumstances I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit The review is my own opinion. Sometimes, for God to rebuild us into his image, we too first have to be broken God isn t concerned about your comfort as he is concerned about your character Family and societal expectations got Georgia in a bunch, made her build walls around herself to block out pain and rejection and sadly it blocked out love until she was summoned to an Island where her ill father lived.I loved reading about her transformation, her strong willed spirit and fire She had a mind of her own and wasn t afraid until some point of being herself Not many people could get under her skin until she met the delightful Harrison.Their first time meeting was very eventful and humorous.I admired Harrison s heart for his family At some point in the story I mourned with him but the lenghts he was ready to go through for those he loved was his most admirable virtue He had his own story and this books was woven around his and Georgia s.This story will educate you on the injustice of slave trade, the beauty of patience and prayers and the benefit when we allow Jesus lead.I received a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion. When Love Comes In A Tempest, Who Knew It Would Wear PinkGeorgia Lennox Has Traded In Her Boyish Ways For Pink Gowns And A Coy Smile To Capture The Eye Of The Earl Of Claremont However, On The Day She S Convinced The Earl Will Propose, Georgia Is Shipped Off To The Leeward Islands To Care For Her Ailing Father But When She Arrives On Nevis, The Last Thing She Expects Is To Learn That Her Abrupt Departure Was Not At Her Father S Bidding But That Of The Infuriating, Yet Captivating, Island Schoolmaster And Now Her Plans May Well Be ShipwreckedHarrison Wells Is Haunted By The Memories Of His Deceased Wife And Hunted By The Subsequent Women Who Aspire To Be The Next Duchess Of Linton Desiring Anonymity, He Finds Sanctuary In The Leeward Island Of Nevis He S Willing To Sacrifice His Ducal Title For A Schoolmaster S Life And The Solace The Island Provides That Is Until Unrest Finds Its Way To Nevis In A Storm Of Pink Chiffon Miss Georgia LennoxAs Georgia And Harrison S Aspirations Break Apart Like A Ship Cast Upon The Rocks, A New Love Surfaces, But Secrets And Circumstances Drag Them Into Rough Waters Can They Surrender Their Hearts To A Love That Defies Their Expectations Right away I felt as though I had jumped into the 19th century, and was experiencing Georgia s aristocratic lifestyle and pressure to conform to please society, and even her own parents I immediately bonded with and embodied the main character, Georgia She seemed desperate for approval and yet stifled by expectations limited to experiences due to her gender and social class My heart ached for her unwavering need to be accepted and lack of identity as she fought to portray who she thought society wanted her to be Georgia is summoned to the island of Nevis to be with her ill father There is an encounter with a likable, even lovable, character named Harry He is hud by her need to be prim and proper, and yet cannot keep himself from needing of her The relationship was full of twists and turns, and my anticipation built upon every page Georgia discovers her true identity as she struggles to fit a mold that she was never created to fit This book moved me and changed me I saw myself as Georgia but through an outside lens I saw my need for approval and my damaged relationship This romantic story gave me hope that God will one day restore it I was reminded throughout the book that my Heavenly Father deeply loves me without any conformity or expectations, and how He forgives Praise God for this book and the journey it took me on I really enjoyed reading this book I love a good romance novel and this did not disappoint It was really well written and the characters were great Couldn t put it down. The Duke s Refuge Georgia has received a letter to come take care of father He is sick but he is not the one that sent for her She meets Harrison after getting off the ship Harrison is a widower with a young son His son and Georgia become fast friends I enjoyed their adventures together Harrison cannot help but fall in love with Georgia This was such a fun book to read.I loved Georgia and her determination She was such a fun character to read about.I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher through Celebrate Lit This book review is my own opinion. What a great story once I started I didn t want to put it down and I didn t I finished the book within a few days Who Is Your Refuge When All Goes Wrong I don t think I ve ever disliked a character as instantly or thoroughly as I disliked Georgia Lennox Insipid, shallow, manipulative, and frankly without a thing about her to interest me, I didn t know how I d get through the book Exactly what the author wanted, by the way.Don t get me wrong I had no doubt that somewhere around the middle, I d be given a reason to be sympathetic to her, and all would be well It s one of the troubles of reading a bunch and learning writing craft You just tend to know when what will happen.The problem was, I really liked Harrison Wells, and I wanted better for him even knowing that I d like Georgia by the end Or rather, knowing I d have no reason to dislike her Still, although she is written to become a sympathetic character due to childhood hurts and losses and written well, I might add , she just comes off as ridiculous Yes, she changes or rather well, I can t actually say without creating spoilers I ll just say this.Georgia, by the end of the book, became someone I d enjoy knowing, but who she was until the end of the book was so annoying and shallow that I m not sure I would have allowed myself to be in her company enough to realize there had been a change.Knowing that the original dress on the cover of the book had been blue had me watching out for clues as to whether it was a design or a story choice, and I was happy to know how it plays in the book Further, it was a well done bit of showing characterization in a different way than we re accustomed to.I dreaded the slavery angle.Look, I know it happened I also know that pretending it didn t or ignoring that fact is not the way to handle such a disgusting part of human history It s been an ugly part of humanity almost from the beginning, and I suspect it ll be a horrible one until the last man leaves earth But I don t like reading about it How Lorri Dudley handled the slavery issue on the island was nothing short of brilliant She showed the ugliness without overshadowing the rest of the story with it The book wasn t about slavery, so that was good However, it took place in an area where it was a big part of life Ignoring it would have been ridiculous and insulting Her balanced approach with a Biblical but not preachy addressing of it seriously I said it before Saying it again now Brilliant.The primary plots and subplots wove together very nicely I did find the jumps back in time jarring I don t think there was a single one that I needed to understand where the story was going and why That said, they were also some of the most well written sections Most likely, this is a personal thing that others would disagree with I usually LIKE and , so feeling like they re not necessary is kind of odd for me.I had a few small problems with The Duke s Refuge nothing major.Some points were a little repetitive I know at least once I said aloud and scared myself in the silence of the place where I was reading , Okay we get it You made sure of that Still, it really wasn t that bad as much as I wanted to get past it to find out if what I thought would happen next would or not So it s a thing, but nothing most people would have a problem with The inconsistencies, though There weren t many, but one, in particular, jumped out because it was in the same scene In one sentence, we re told Georgia can hardly remember her father s hugs The next paragraph or maybe two later, we re treated to a detailed, vivid memory I went back up and reread the other part several times, trying to figure out if she just didn t remember but then once she had the hug she remembered but it didn t read that way to me.And for those who are really bothered by small typos, I purchased the book last night so most recent version as of posting this , and recall two very clearly and have a vague recollection of a few Add to those a few anachronistic phrases several of which probably FEEL anachronistic than really are , and there s a bit that will jar a picky reader, but not many.Aaah and then there s the spiritual content.I just want to thank Lorri Dudley right now for putting something in The Duke s Refuge that will keep my mind thinking about Scripture, my faith, what the Lord wants of me, what He s done for and doing for me Thank you.I found the conversion scenes a little modern, but you know what Like pink being a girl color which Ms Dudley discusses at the end of the book , sometimes you do what is best for the story or the reader rather than what is 100% accurate Some of it did jerk me out of the story, but I used those instances to focus on the spiritual side rather than the story and just let it go Let s face it We all do it with every book to some degree.Although I requested a review copy of The Duke s Refuge and think I have it somewhere, I actually purchased this one to read and am glad I did I ll be reading the next one, too I strongly suspect I ll like it even.Recommended for lovers of Regency novels that aren t just ballrooms and beauties, lovers of second chances, and lovers of reminders about Who is our true Refuge. This debut novel looked interesting to me, and I am really glad I took a chance on a new author I found a well polished story with characters I could root for, set in a location that is unusual and interesting but not outside the realm of possibility for the time period, with an enjoyable and engaging plot The two main characters clashed from the moment they began interacting To be truthful, I felt bad for both of them Georgia, is having one of the most difficult days in her life and is understandably distraught Harrison is trying to save her from herself, and gets thanked for it with physical blows and harsh words Not exactly an ideal first impression in either case But there is beneath the surface in the case of both characters, and I really enjoyed reading about their getting to know each other, even as they learn about themselves The setting is unique in the Regency books I have read as it takes place away from London, even outside England itself, on the Leeward Islands This provides an interesting dynamic because all the usual strictures are still in place, but certain rules of decorum are greatly relaxed due to both environment and even distance from the main characters home country Over it all is a theme of unconditional love of how we treat others when we ve been wronged, of how we love even when it hurts us to do so Our example is Christ, how he gave Himself for each us and for the people we don t want to forgive I highly recommend this story to fans of Regency romance The writing it good, the story moves along at a nice pace, and the characters are both infuriating and endearing This is an author to watch, and I will be expecting great stories from her in the future I received a review copy of this book through Celebrate Lit but was under no obligation to post a positive review The opinions expressed are both honest and my own. This was such a cute book I loved the characters, the setting, and the message Every character was precious and I connected with them well Max was adorable and probably made this book I love regency era books and I love how this one was set in the Caribbean Besides pirate book set during this time, I feel like I hardly see books set in the Caribbean during the 1800s The message and the Christian themes throughout made me love it even It did get a little preachy at times, but honestly it was a good form a preachy, at least in my opinion The message was beautiful and about finding your in Jesus and how He is the only one who can fully fulfill you There also was a huge theme on forgiveness I LOVE that I also loved one of the ending scenes Ugh I really just forced the whole forgiveness theme and it was amazing Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I definitely think I ll be checking of this authors books in the future I received this book from the author through Celebrate Lit All thoughts are my own I was not required to write a positive review.

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