The Enormous Egg

The Enormous EggA piece on NPR on guilty reading pleasures led me to re read The Enormous Egg As with so many things aimed at children, much of Butterworth s commentary is way over their little heads On the surface, this is a simple, very funny story about a farm family in Freedom, New Hampshire One of their hens lays an enormous, funny looking egg Nate is determined to do whatever it takes to hatch the egg Since it is too big for the bemused hen to turn, he goes out to the barn every three hours to turn the egg for her When the egg finally hatches, everyone is surprised to find that it looks just like a very small dinosaur A paleontologist happens to be vacationing at a farm down the road and is very interested in the hatchling Nate takes good care of Uncle Beazley, as they name the little guy, but he soon grows out of his pen and even out of the barn A plan is formed to take the triceratops to Washington DC and Nate gets to go along to see him settled in What happens when Congress finds out about Uncle Beazley is where the grown up part of the story kicks in At Senate hearings Senator Granderson fulminates He is not an American animal, and our National Zoo is no place for him We must not maintain foreign freaks at the public expense Lions, tigers, giraffes all the proper animals, yes But no un American, outmoded creatures from foreign places The dinosaurs are extinct, aren t they Do you want people to get the false idea that such things still exist, right here in America At this point, I checked, and sure enough, the book was written in 1956 I think the phrase un American was a clue Anyway, the things those Senators say and do are simply amazing, and not in a good way This was a fun book to re read and enjoy as I did when I was young, and also had some interesting things to say about politics, politicians and Washington DC in general. Here s a fun read When Nate goes out to the chicken coop early one morning, he is startled at seeing one of the hens perched atop an unusually enormous egg What will be even shocking is what hatches out of it And boy, is Nate excited A kid hasn t had this kind of a pet in well, a really, really long time Sprinkled with humor and funny characters throughout, kids will enjoy imagining what it would be like to have such a pet themselves Ages 10 Cleanliness Gosh, Gee, Golly and the like are used throughout the book A man, without thinking, offers a kid a cigarette and then changes his mind Whiskey is mentioned Millions and millions of years in the earth s history is mentioned Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website Young Nate Twitchell Is Surprised When One Of The Hens On His Family Farm Lays A Giant Egg After A Painstaking Wait, Nate Is Even Surprised When It Hatches And Out Pops A Baby Triceratops That He Names Uncle Beazley But When Nate Decides To Keep The Dino And Raise It On His Own, He Has No Idea What He S Getting Himself Into As Uncle Beazley Grows, Nate And His Family Realize They Are Not Equipped To Take Care Of A Full Sized Dinosaur, And So With The Help Of Their Scientist Friend, Nate And Uncle Beazley Set Off For The National Museum In Washington, DC On The Hunt For The Perfect Home For A Modern Day Dinosaur Then The Real Trouble Begins The Enormous Egg Was Originally Published In And Has Been A Classic In Children S Literature Ever Since This Brand New Edition Features Amazing New Illustrations From Eisner Award Winning Graphic Novelist Mark Crilley Creator Of Akiko And Miki Falls How I love Oliver Butterworth A childhood favorite illustrated by another fav Louis Darling A wonderfully written, classic and fun story. This is not one of those classics that stands the test of time It is full of weird gender stuff girls do not like dinosaurs, only want to become telephone operators or homemakers and old white scientists who smoke too much The premise seems interesting, but the story is boring, takes too long to go anywhere and while the idea of a dinosaur is neat, there is no emotional attachment to the creature by Nate, only a sense of entitled ownership I quit boo. My friend Mary Kate kept telling me this was a great book and she was right The ending was the best a dinosaur hatches out of the egg and they end up moving him to the National Zoo in Washington, DC Well a committee of congressmen find out and decide that keeping a dinosaur is too expensive The speeches of the politicians about protecting American children and saving taxpayer money are very funny, and heartbreaking in that they sound just as sensible as our current representives This animal does not belong in our National Zoological Park He is not an American animal, and our national Zoo is no place for him We must not maintain foreignfreaks at the public expense Lions, tigers, giraffes all the proper animals yes But no un American, outmoded creatures from foreign places Dinosaurs are extinct, aren t they Do you want people to get the false idea that such things still exist right here in America I see my duty Today in the Senate I shall propose legislation to make it unlawful to keep any out of date, unusual, or unlikely animals in the National Sorr or in the National Parks or anywhere within the borders of the United States or its possessions p 154 5 I always feel so helpless when I get tangled up with Congress, I just don t understand how their minds work I know an Archaeopteryx when I see one, and I can tell an Ichthyosaur from a Plesiosaur, or a Trilobite from a Grapolite, but I don t know anything about Senators Dr Ziemer on p 156 There is also a great NH description toward the end of the book when Nate returns home It was one of those terrific days that you get sometimes up here in October The sky was so blue you could hardly believe it, and everywhere you looked you could see all those bright red and yellow leaves against the sky It looked as if Nature had put everything she had into making one really perfect day Even the smells were perfect a mixture of smoke from across the street, and that dry smell of leaves on the ground, and the smell of warm grass and dirt in the sunshine, and just on the edge of it all, the faintest whiff of sweet cider p 185 6 3.5 stars, probably Fun fantasy for any kid to own a dinosaur, but what I loved was how this dinosaur becomes a matter of federal policy Democracy springs into action How will Uncle Beasley fare You ll have to read to find out. like the book interesting story. I love this book it s one of my all time favorites, childhood or otherwise As this story begins, Nate Twitchell, a nine year old boy living with his family in the small rural town of Franconia Notch, notices that one of the family s hens seems to be swelling up like a balloon One morning, Nate goes out to the henhouse and finds the hen, now normal sized, pacing up and down in front of her nest in a kind of daze Small wonder this perfectly ordinary chicken has just laid an egg the size of a cantaloupe Baffled by the size of the egg and its peculiar leathery shell, the Twitchells report the strange incident to the local newspaper, and Nate and his egg wind up on the front page A week later, a paleontologist from the Smithsonian Institution, who s vacationing in Franconia Notch to do a little fishing, asks to see the enormous egg Upon closely examining the egg, and determining that its contents are very much alive, the scientist without revealing his guess as to what s inside it entreats the Twitchells to keep a close guard on the egg, protecting it carefully from predators or anything else that might harm it Puzzled by the scientist s controlled but obvious excitement, the Twitchells oblige without quite understanding what the fuss is all about One early morning several weeks later, what the fuss is all about is spelled out to them in no uncertain terms as Nate, on his usual crack of dawn visit to check the egg, discovers a newborn triceratops in the nest The lovable descriptions of Nate s first experiences with his astonishing new pet, and the inevitable media circus it brings to the ordinarily sleepy little town, make for absolutely wonderful reading I ve always wanted to have Uncle Beazley as a pet I ve gone back to read this story many times, and each time the tale of the world s only living dinosaur is just as good as the first time I read it Not to be missed I remember reading this book when I was younger and thinking, Holy Crap You mean this is all I have to do to get a pet dinosaur And then I learned the definition of fiction I hate books.Update 1 2013 Re read this last week, and it s still fun Also surprised to see that the Dinosaurs Birds thing was around in the 1950s.

Butterworth was born in Hartford, Connecticut and spent much of his life as a teacher, teaching at Kent School in Kent, Connecticut from 1937 to 1947 and Junior School in West Hartford, Connecticut from 1947 to 1949 Additionally, beginning in 1947, he taught English at Hartford College for Women in Hartford, Connecticut until the late 1980s.Butterworth was an author of many children s books, most

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